3 Meet Records In Less Than An Hour For Sjostrom In Monaco


Although the Monaco stop of the Mare Nostrum tour concluded today with several swimmers racking up impressive outings, we nicknamed the meet the ‘Sarah Sjostrom Show’ due to that particular Swede’s impressive ability to maintain full throttle, raw speed through multiple closely-timed events over the two-day affair.

Sjostrom competed in the women’s 100m butterfly on day 1 and the 100m freestyle on day 2, but interspersed between traditional prelims and finals of those events were elimination-type rounds of the 50m fly and 50m free, with the field narrowing down with each. Day 1 saw the field reduced to 8, then the top 4, while Sunday filtered out competitors to arrive at the final 2. The final pair then headed to the one-on-one duel. Even with the high-octane action persistent on both days for Sjostrom, she managed to fire off incredible speed off little rest, collecting meet records and world ranking slots in the process.

Just what did Sjostrom’s schedule look like over the weekend? Below is an estimated play-by-play based on the event schedule and when results were available, along with Sjostrom’s times from each splash.

Saturday, June 10th

9:00am Start of Prelims
9:54am 100m butterfly Prelim (57.50)
11:25am 50m butterfly – Round 1 (26.50)
12:00pm 50m freestyle – Round 1 (25.09)

4:30pm 50m butterfly – Round 2 (25.43)
4:50pm 50m freestyle – Round 2 (24.49)

5pm Start of Finals
5:55pm 100m butterfly Final – (56.20, Meet Record, New #1 time in the world this season, 13th fastest performance of all-time)
6:42pm 50m butterfly – Round 3 (25.70)
6:59pm 50m freestyle – Round 3 (24.49)

Sunday, June 11th

9:00am Start of Prelims
10:14am 100m freestyle Prelim – (53.30, Meet Record)

4:31pm 50m butterfly – Round 4 (25.26, Meet Record)
4:40pm 50m freestyle – Round 4 (24.28, Meet Record)

5pm Start of Finals
6:08pm 100m freestyle final -(52.60, Meet Record, 14th fastest performance of all-time)
6:24pm 50m butterfly – FINAL ROUND (24.90 Meet Record, New #1 time in the world this season)
6:48pm 50m freestyle – FINAL ROUND (23.95 Meet Record)

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4 years ago


Coach Mike 1952
4 years ago


4 years ago

What a beast, much like a certain Iron Lady…

Reply to  mbl
4 years ago

I think that Hosszu will be flattered to be compared to Sarah Sjostrom. Not the other way.

Reply to  Prickle
4 years ago

Are you kidding me. Hozzu and Sarah are both great, but Hozzu is the iron lady.

Reply to  Swimmer?
4 years ago

“Iron”? Should you have quantitative measure of “ironness” it will be immediately clear to you how wrong you are with your statement.
Performance? Hosszu is just above average in some strokes. Sjostrom is world leader in fly and freestyle.
Greatness? I don’t know how to measure it.
Money? I think Sarah will get much more. And she doesn’t need to swim bunch of junk meets for that.

Cayley Guimarães
4 years ago

24.9 fly and 23.9 free are very impressive.

bobo gigi
4 years ago

She’s always fast in season but these performances are crazy. Hopefully for her she doesn’t peak too early. Very good decision from her to drop the 200 free from her line-up of events.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Yea, I don’t think she can control the 200 now with improvements from Ledecky and other swimmers.

4 years ago

Due to award ceremonies her chances for warm up and warm down were reduced a lot, especially on Sunday.

4 years ago

The James Gibson EFFECT. Can’t wait to see his other charges, VDB, Le CLos, Phelps, Thorpe race this summer. He coaches them all ya?

Coach John
Reply to  FightingIrish
4 years ago

phelps and thorpe? no….

Reply to  FightingIrish
4 years ago

James Gibson effect? She is training with Johan Wallberg, as far as I know…

Reply to  Jorge
4 years ago

Correct. He is Therese Alshammar’s former coach and husband for those that didn’t know. Has improved Sjostrom’s starts leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time.

4 years ago

As we all predicted, dropping that 200 is paying dividends already. She won’t be far away for WRs in 3 events this summer. I think she’ll be hard pushed to break her 24.43 50BU – Looking at PBs in that outdoor race, conditions were rather helpful.

Predictions for Worlds: 23.7/52.3 & 24.7/55.4

Reply to  Dee
4 years ago

Speaking of 50 fly, the Swedish Nationals are hosted at that same outdoor venue this year, only a few weeks before the Worlds. If not WR I could at least see 24.5-24.6.

I don’t expect her to break any fly record this summer. She’s got more enough to ensure gold medals but without any fly focus the times are hard to beat. If she does it will be thanks to improved starts and turns.

I think you are right about the freestyles though, I see those times happening.

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