3 days until the Fastest Man and Woman In Texas SHOOTOUT!

Courtesy of Fastest Man and Woman In Texas SHOOTOUT!

Matt GreversSix Olympians and Olympic hopefuls who have gone 18 seconds in the 50 yard free and two of the fastest women of all time will have a SHOOTOUT! in San Antonio, TX at the Josh Davis Swim Center.

31 racers in all will do 3 heats of 50 yard free to determine who will be crowned FASTEST MAN and FASTEST WOMAN IN TEXAS at High Noon on Sat. Nov. 1st and win $5000!

Third place will receive $500, second place $2000 and the grand prize for the winner of the 3rd and final round is $5000 and, just as important, bragging rights as the FASTEST!

Will it be a sprinter from the south like Auburn, Texas, Arizona or some Yankee from Minnesota or Ohio?

Which ever commentator accurately predicts top 3 with the closest times wins a signed t-shirt by all the Gunslingers.

Fastest Man in Texas Gunslingers

Jimmy Feigen (courtesy of Tim Binning, theswimpictures.com)1. Adam Brown :18.72 Auburn
2. Jimmy Feigen :18.84 Texas
3. Marcelo Cheirgini :18.85 Auburn
4. Derek Toomey :18.85 Minnesota
5. Matt Grevers :18.88 Arizona
6. Josh Schneider :18.93 Cincinnati
7. David Walters :19.06 Texas
8. Ian Crocker :19.15 Texas
9. Karl Krug :19.27 Auburn
10. Bruno Fratus :19.40 Auburn
11. Caleb Weir :19.53 Texas
12. Josh Davis :19.77 Texas
13. Stephen Culberson :20.27
14. Alex Brouwer INCARNATE WORD (IWC)
15. Scott Jonsson IWC
16. Ben Brouwer IWC
17. Mehdi El Hazzaz IWC
18. Jorge Escarcega IWC
19. Kaulen Applin IWC
20. Daniel Torres IWC
21. Andrii Nikishenko IWC
22. Thiago Parravicini IWC

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace by Mike Lewis-2Fastest Woman in Texas Outlaws

1. Lara Jackson :21.27 Arizona
2. Ariana Vanderpool-Wallace :21.34 Auburn
3. Lisa Boyce :22.07 Princeton/Texas
4. Nina Rangelova :22.67 SMU
5. Annie Chandler Grevers :22.82 Arizona
6. Celeste Morgen IWC
7. Lana Nguyen IWC
8. Adrienne Morrow IWC
9. Mariana Olguin IWC

Make your predictions before Saturday morning at 10am CST Nov. 1st to be eligible for signed shirts.

fastest man in texas, logoSat. Nov 1st schedule

10:45am 1st round – all advance
11:30am 2nd round – top 16 for men and top 8 for women advance
12:15pm Shootout! – consol for men, final for women, final for men
12:30pm presentation of checks

Tickets are $10 at door.

For more info, photos and comments head to:
Fastest Man in Texas


http://twitter.com/JoshDavis_USA #FMTX

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9 years ago

Where can we see who won this?

9 years ago

1. Derek Toomey. 18.92
2. Jimmy Feigen. 19.01
3. Matt Grevers. 19.08

1. Vanderpool. 21.56
2. Jackson. 21.75
3. Boyce. 21.98

9 years ago

1.adam brown -18.94
2. feigen – 19.07
and i’m going to go with
3. Schneider at a 19.15

for women
1. vanderpool – 21.6
2 Jackson 21.7
3. boyce at a 22.3

if i’m the only commenter do I win anyways?

9 years ago

1- Adam Brown
2- Matt Grevers
3- Jimmy Feigen

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