3-on-3 Basketball Expected to Be New Addition to Olympic Program

According to the Associated Press, 3-on-3 basketball is expected to be added to the Olympic program. The sport is one of 60 proposals for additions to the Olympic schedule, and it is a favorite to be selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) next Friday at an executive board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland. The AP concluded that 3-on-3 was a selection favorite “after all [sports] were analyzed by an International Olympic Committee advisory panel.”

Decisions on which (if any) sports to add to the Olympic program are due at the meeting on Friday, which was called initally to discuss potentially awarding both the 2024 and 2028 Olympic bids to Paris and Los Angeles, respectively, at the same time later this year.

The 3-on-3 basketball games would be played half-court, just like most pickup games are played. According to the AP, the sport looked ready to be added to the 2016 Rio Games, until organizers were too busy preparing for the already-set sports to plan out space and scheduling for 3-on-3.

“Now there is an urban cluster that has been created,” FIBA secretary general Patrick Baumann told The Associated Press. “The best urban team sport is 3-on-3 street basketball. It would certainly be a perfect fit.”

The AP says that adding 3-on-3 to the Summer Games would bring in 96 more athletes to the Olympics, which is important in the IOC’s decision, as they need to have enough space for housing and training/competition spaces for the athletes.

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what else are they adding?


I’ll take Lebron, Durant, and Kawhi Leonard for my three.


No way. Split up best players. And maybe even have 3 man teams with players that come from the same NBA team.

Lebron + Kyrie on same team

Curry + Durant


Could substitute Curry in for any of my 3, but I think speed and size would be key in a tournament like that. Durant and Kawhi can shoot 3’s and get to the hoop easily. Lebron can get to the hoop and be the distributor. Big centers are too slow, and point guards have trouble getting to the hoop against big guys


Centers are pretty much obsolete on 3v3.

I’d like to see Harden, Westbrook, Durant be stuck on a team lol

tea rex

How are centers obsolete on 3-v-3? It’s easier to get them the ball for a high-percentage shot, and they don’t have to lumber across a full court.


That would be a string team, if gianis is an American citizen he would be good too.

But in all honesty I want to see AI the black mamba and another old legend.


Those two could probably still throw down a nasty 3v3 game. Kobe for sure…And 3v3 was made for AI. AI, Kobe, James…Three best players of the last decade at their best (though AI’s window was much smaller than the other two). I honestly wouldn’t be worried about his conditioning..he never worked out during his pro career anyway.. Practice?


Please, someone correct me if I’m just being an ignorant ‘Merican, but it seems to me that this means another gold for the US.

The question that comes to mind is: How far could you go down the list of best basketball players in the US (1-3, 4-6, etc.) before you have a team that *wouldn’t* win?


It depends who is going to play. This is a sport right now and the USA team is 3 no name college guys with only college experience. It depends if the NBA guys will buy into it or not.

Steve Nolan

Really far. I assume we’d still put our best guys on the 5 on 5 team, then the best of whatever’s left on this.

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