2019 U.S. National Championships: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap


Thursday morning prelims heat sheets.

Day 2 of the 2019 U.S. National Championships includes prelims of three events: the 200 freestyle, 200 breaststroke, and 200 backstroke. Prelims will swim heats of 10, but finals only heats of 8. The top 24 advance through to ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ finals, while the 8-fastest 18-and-unders that place 25th or lower will advance to the 18-under ‘D’ final.

With so many swimmers absent following the World Championships in South Korea last week, and with others who did swim at Worlds but want to swim new events in California, not a single event on today’s schedule is going to be defended by the 2018 U.S. National Champion in that event.

Women’s 200 freestyle Prelims

  • World Record: Federica Pellegrini (Italy), 1:52.98, 2009
  • American Record: Allison Schmitt, 1:53.61, 2012
  • Championship Record: Allison Schmitt (United States), 1:54.40, 2012
  • U.S. Open Record: Allison Schmitt (United States), 1:54.40, 2012
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:01.69

Erin Gemmell flipped in 58.18 at the 100-meter turn in heat 7 of the women’s 200 freestyle. Gemmell was leading by nearly a body length at 150, but Dakota Luther in lane 8 was beginning to reel her in. Gemmell got the win and posted the top time of the morning to that point with a 2:00.49. Luther touched 2nd in 2:01.03.

Kylee Alons took the race out fast in heat 8, flipping at 27.18 at 50 meters. Alons kept the lead through 100 at 57.46, but Claire Tuggle had come up to just .07 behind Alons. Tuggle surpassed the field at 150 and pulled away down the home stretch. Tuggle touched 1st in 1:58.21, the fastest time of the morning, while Drabot finished 2nd in 1:59.51. Alons faded to 4th in 2:01.25.

Regan Smith hit the water in heat 9 and took it out fast, flipping first in 27.86. Smith’s lead was relinquished at 100 and Elyse Woods flipped first in 57.99. Gabby DeLoof flipped first at 150 meters, then pulled away in the final 50 to touch first in 1:59.46. Smith ended up 2nd in the penultimate heat in 2:00.07.

Allison Schmitt had the early lead in heat 10 with a 27.89 on the first 50. Schmitt pulled away further to flip at 57.23 for the first 100. Down the third 50 meters Schmitt conceded some ground to Paige Madden but still flipped first at 1:27.67. Madden ended up pulling ahead in the final 50 to get her hand on the wall first in 1:58.69. Stanford’s Brooke Forde charged over the final 50 to touch in a tie for 2nd in 1:58.75 with Schmitt.

Regan Smith finished 9th overall in 2:00.07.

Top 8 Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Claire Tuggle, 1:58.21
  2. Paige Madden, 1:58.69
  3. Brooke Forde/Allison Schmitt, 1:58.75
  4. Cierra Runge, 1:59.36
  5. Gabby DeLoof, 1:59.46
  6. Katie Drabot, 1:59.51
  7. Erica Laning, 1:59.97

18-Under Final Qualifiers:

  1. Olivia McMurray, 2:01.56
  2. Justina Kozan, 2:01.61
  3. Abbey Webb, 2:01.67
  4. Lindsay Looney, 2:01.92
  5. Kelly Pash, 2:01.96
  6. Addison Smith, 2:02.01
  7. Tristen Ulett, 2:02.03
  8. Natalie Mannion, 2:02.08

Men’s 200 freestyle Prelims

  • World Record: Paul Biedermann (Germany), 1:42.00, 2009
  • American Record: Michael Phelps, 1:42.96, 2009
  • Championship Record: Michael Phelps (United States), 1:44.10, 2008
  • U.S. Open Record: Michael Phelps (United States), 1:44.10, 2008
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 1:50.79

Mark Theall started fast in lane 1, establishing a lead over the rest of the field within the first 30 meters. Theall finished in a 1:47.93 to win the heat by over two seconds. Ryan Lochte touched 2nd in 1:50.25.

Theall’s time held up through heat 9, but two more men joined him under 1:50 with Destin Lasco winning heat 9 in 1:49.58 and Colton Paulson touching 2nd in 1:59.74. Lochte will not advance to the ‘A’ final in the 200 freestyle.

Dare Rose looked relaxed throughout heat 11; flippling at 150 in 1:20.60, Rose was a body length in front of his next closest competitor, splitting a 28.0. Rose finished with a total time of 1:49.26, barely out-touching Cody Bybee who charged home to touch in 1:49.31.

Maxime Rooney won heat 12 in 1:47.32, a nice follow-up to his 47.6 in the 100 last night, which earned him the silver medal.

France’s Jordan Pothain pulled off the win in heat 13, touching in 1:47.63, just ahead of Trenton Julian who finished in 1:47.73. Trenton played a vital role in Team USA’s gold-medal effort at the World University games in the 4 x 200 free relay.

Dean Farris 51.50 was out fast, flipping in 51.50 at 100 meters, but did not maintain the lead through 150. Kieran Smith overtook Farris and the entire field, storming to the final wall in 1:46.21, the fastest time of the morning and firs sub-1:47 on the day. Australian Elijah Winnington touched 2nd in the heat in 1:47.21, and Patrick Callan 3rd in 1:47.68. Farris placed 4th in the heat in 1:47.76, good for 7th overall. Caeleb Dressel did not swim the race today, though he did not officially scratch either. This might suggest he will be out the entire competition.

Junior standouts Luca Urlando (last night’s champion in the 200 fly), Carson Foster, and Jack Magahey will battle in the ‘B’ final.

Ryan Lochte finished 37th overall with a 1:50.25.

Top 8 Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Kieran Smith, 1:46.21
  2. Elijah Winnington, 1:47.21 (Australia)
  3. Maxime Rooney, 1:47.32
  4. Jordan Pothain, 1:47.63 (France)
  5. Patrick Callan, 1:47.68
  6. Trenton Julian, 1:47.73
  7. Dean Farris, 1:47. 76
  8. Mitch D’Arrigo, 1:47.79

18-Under Final Qualifiers:

  1. Colton Paulson, 1:49.74
  2. Jack Dolan, 1:49.97
  3. Wyatt Davis, 1:50.01
  4. Coby Carrozza, 1:50.53
  5. Jake Mitchell, 1:50.56
  6. Lukas Miller, 1:50.66
  7. Julian Hill, 1:50.81
  8. Blake Manoff, 1:51.00

Women’s 200 Breaststroke Prelims

  • World Record: Rikke Pedersen (Denmark), 2:19.11, 2013
  • American Record: Rebecca Soni, 2:19.59, 2012
  • Championship Record: Rebecca Soni (United States), 2:20.38, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Rebecca Soni (United States), 2:20.38, 2009
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:33.29

Lindsey Kozelsky had the early lead in 5, but Madisyn Cox got her hands on the wall first at the 100-meter turn. Cox pulled further ahead at 150, turning in 1:48.09. Cox won the heat in 2:26.67, though Abbey Arens closed with incredible speed in the final 50 meters, but ran out of room and touched 2nd in 2:27.37.

Australian Jenna Strauch led start to finish in the final heat of the women’s 200 breaststroke, turning .80 in front of Vanessa Pearl at 150 meters, finishing in 2:27.39. Kate Douglass finished 2nd in 2:28.17, and Pearl 3rd in 2:28.97.

Top 8 Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Madisyn Cox, 2:26.67
  2. Gillian Davey, 2:27.31
  3. Abby Arens, 2:27.37
  4. Jenna Strauch, 2:27.39 (Australia)
  5. Kate Douglass, 2:28.17
  6. Miranda Tucker, 2:28.19
  7. Ellie Andrews, 2:28.48
  8. Anna Keating, 2:28.56

18-Under Final Qualifiers:

  1. Sarah Foley, 2:33.21
  2. Lilly Higgs, 2:33.34
  3. Kaitlyn Dobler, 2:33.51
  4. Meghan Lynch, 2:33.82
  5. Janessa Mathews, 2:33.88
  6. Hanna Newby, 2:34.10
  7. Hannah Bailey, 2:34.46
  8. Samantha Tadder, 2:34.76

Men’s 200 Breaststroke Prelims

  • World Record: Anton Chupkov (Russia), 2:06.12, 2019
  • American Record: Josh Prenot, 2:07.17, 2016
  • Championship Record: Josh Prenot (United States), 2:07.17, 2016
  • U.S. Open Record: Josh Prenot (United States), 2:07.17, 2016
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:17.89

Keefer Barnum kicked off heat 5 showing some serious speed–half-a-second under World Record pace at 50 meters–then turned in 1:03.14 at 100 meters, then above WR pace but still in the lead. Barnum maintained his lead through 150, trailed by Ben Dillard. Barnum was clearly in control of the final 50, getting to the wall in 2:13.18, the top time of the morning. Josh Bottelberghe touched 2nd in 2:13.88 and Dillard 3rd in 2:14.54.

Australia’s Daniel Cave put up a 2:10.38 to win the first circle-seeded heat by nearly 2 seconds. Caspar Corbeau touched 2nd in 2:12.15.

Reece Whitley was out in 1:01.96 at the 100-meter turn in heat 8–under World Record pace. Whitley kept a long and smooth stroke to turn first in 1:36.01 at the 150, now about 1.5 seconds over WR pace. Whitley held the lead to finish first in 2:10.18. Joshua Matheny was 2nd in 2:11.43, while U.S. National Teamer Devon Nowicki finished 7th in the heat in 2:16.33.

Jonathan Tyber was out .04 under WR pace at the 100-meter turn, though he was passed by Daniel Roy on the third 50. Roy finished in 2:09.87, the first and only sub-2:10

Top 8 Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Daniel Roy, 2:09.87
  2. Reese Whitley, 2:10.18
  3. Daniel Cave, 2:10.38
  4. Joshua Matheny, 2:11.43
  5. Caspar Corbeau, 2:12.16
  6. Craig Benson, 2:12.43
  7. Nicholas Quinn, 2:12.54

18-Under Final Qualifiers:

  1. Derek Mass, 2:15.31
  2. Maxwell Reich, 2:15.79
  3. Jason Louser, 2:16.02
  4. Dillon Hillis, 2:16.79
  5. Paul Degrado, 2:17.14
  6. Jason Schreiber, 2:17.22
  7. Brayden Rudd, 2:17.59
  8. Sean Faikish, 2:18.15

Women’s 200 Backstroke Prelims

  • World Record: Regan Smith (United States), 2019, 2:03.35
  • World Junior Record: Regan Smith (United States), 2019, 2:03.35
  • Championship Record: Missy Franklin (United States), 2:05.68, 2013
  • U.S. Open Record: Missy Franklin, 2:05.68 (United States), 2013
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:14.69

Abi Wilder blew away the field to win heat 6 of the women’s 200 backstroke by 2.5 seconds, touching 2:11.76.

Swimming in heat 8, Michigan’s Chloe Hicks tied Wilder’s top time with a 2:11.76, looking quite happy with her time. A couple of familiar names–kind of–touched next as Sherridon Dressel placed 2nd in the heat in 2:12.03, and Cassie Kalisz 3rd in 2:13.11.

Erin Voss took heat 9 in 2:10.57, establishing a new top time for the day. Natalie Mannion came 2nd in 2:11.25, and Rye Ulett 3rd in 2:11.98.

Sophie Sorenson and Lucie Nordmann commanded the middle and back-end of heat 10, with Sorenson leading by over a second at 100, but Sorenson ultimately winning the heat in 2:10.55. Sorenson finished 2nd in 2:11.98 and Beata Nelson 3rd in 2:12.68.

Claire Curzan turned 1st at 50 meters, and then led by a body length at 100, flipping 1:02.18. Asia Seidt and Emma Atkinson made up most of that ground over the 3rd 50. Seidt pulled off the win with a 2:10.51, just ahead of Atkinson who finished 2nd in 2:10.75, and Curzan faded to 4th in 2:12.31.

Top 8 Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Asia Seidt, 2:10.51
  2. Lucie Nordmann, 2:10.55
  3. Erin Voss, 2:10.57
  4. Emma Atkinson, 2:10.75
  5. Emma Seiberlich, 2:11.07
  6. Natalie Mannion, 2:11.25
  7. Abi Wilder/Chloe Hicks, 2:11.76

18-Under Final Qualifiers:

  1. Alexandra Crisera, 2:13.92
  2. Emma Muzzy, 2:14.30
  3. Noelle Kaufmann, 2:14.50
  4. Ellie Waldrep, 2:14.56
  5. Jessica Davis, 2:15.03
  6. Zoe Cosgrove, 2:15.39
  7. Katie Mack, 2:15.48
  8. Summer Smith, 2:16.26

Men’s 200 Backstroke Prelims

  • World Record: Aaron Peirsol (United States), 1:51.92, 2009
  • American Record: Aaron Peirsol, 1:51.92, 2009
  • Championship Record: Aaron Peirsol (United States), 1:53.08, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Aaron Peirsol (United States), 1:53.08, 2009
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:02.99

Clark Beach and Zachary Poti were neck-and-neck at 150 meters, but Poti accelerated over the final 50 to get the touch in 1:57.72. Beach was 2nd in 1:58.06, and Carson Foster, also with a strong back-half, 3rd in 1:58.45.

Bryce Mefford was 56.95 at 100 meters, the first sub-57 split of the day in the 200 back. By 150 meters, Mefford led by nearly a body length, with a 29.9 on his 3rd 50. Mefford ended up producing the fastest time of the day to that point with a 1:57.59 to easily win the heat. Brodie Williams was 2nd in 1:59.37, and Joey Reilman 3rd in 1:59.80.

Austin Katz, 2018 Pan Pacs bronze medalist, led start to finish to close out the final heat of the men’s 200 backstroke. Katz flipped at 100 meters in 56.73, then rounded the 150 in 1:26.68, though Nicolas Albiero was gaining ground. Katz was right up against the lane line for the final 50, and finished the race in 1:56.23, the fastest time by nearly a second.

Total results for the men’s 200 backstroke remain unofficial pending the outcome of a re-swim, though we can tentatively build the ‘A’ Final as follows: Katz, Casas, Mefford, Poti, Beach, Foster, Albiero, Davis.

Top 8 Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Austin Katz, 1:56.23
  2. Shane Casas, 1:57.09
  3. Bryce Mefford, 1:57.59
  4. Zachary Poti, 1:57.72
  5. Clark Beach, 1:58.06
  6. Carson Foster, 1:58.45
  7. Nicolas Albiero, 1:58.57
  8. Wyatt Davis, 1:58.89

18-Under Final Qualifiers:

  1. Josh Zuchowski, 2:00.92
  2. Tim Gallagher, 2:01.13
  3. Harrison Lierz, 2:01.66
  4. Sean Conway, 2:01.86
  5. Michael Moore, 2:02.63
  6. Paige Dacosta, 2:03.12
  7. Colby Mefford, 2:03.44
  8. Hunter Tapp, 2:04.50

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Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

Dressel 146 in prelims and 144 in finals

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

Interesting username

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

It depends how he responds to the time change, some people responded well (Grothe, Weitzeil), some not as well (Drabot, Smith – hard to tell, the 200 Fly was a PB but I know she’s capable of 2:05 high/2:06 low so I think it’s affecting her). I think pulling out of the 100 was the best thing for him yesterday – an extra day of rest and adaptation to the time change

Daniel Carr
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

Farris 1.41.99 NWR in heats with no breath on the last length

Reply to  Daniel Carr
1 year ago

no breath the whole thing just to show off!

Reply to  anonymoose
1 year ago

Swims it 200 breaststroke and still breaks the 200 free record

Daniel Carr
Reply to  Daniel Carr
1 year ago

Saving himself for the final I see

Wheel Snipe Seli
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago


Michael Schwartz
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

And he’s a no-show for the 200…lame

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

Should be Biggest/Only.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn Biggest Fan
1 year ago

Caeleb Dressel is eating “pizza” & playing “Uno”. On Instagram.

Reply to  Pablo
1 year ago

my guy 🤜

Davvie c
1 year ago

The pool looks sooo nice

Davvie c
Reply to  Davvie c
1 year ago

*on camera

Reply to  Davvie c
1 year ago

its a nice pool

Reply to  Davvie c
1 year ago


Reply to  Davvie c
1 year ago

I’m swimming there next week. So excited to swim in that pool.

1 year ago

its Tuggle time

Reply to  Taa
1 year ago

Great swim by Tuggle. So glad to see her drop a time like that in prelims, hard to live up to years of high level hype but that certainly does it!

Reply to  Taa
1 year ago

Top qualifier

Reply to  Taa
1 year ago

Team USA desperately needs some young blood in the women’s 200 m freestyle.

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
1 year ago

And 100.

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