2019 NC State Invite Day 2 Finals Live Recap

by Robert Gibbs 3

November 23rd, 2019 College, News


  • Thursday, November 21 – Saturday, November 23, 2019
  • Greensboro Aquatic Center – Greensboro, NC
  • Prelims 9:30 AM / Finals 5:30 PM (U.S. Eastern Time)
  • Short course yards (SCY) format
  • Live results
  • Results also on Meet Mobile as “NC State GAC Invitational”
  • Full Day 2 Results

We’ve already seen a handful of nation-leading times over the first three sessions of the meet, and we could very well be poised for more tonight. This morning, Wisconsin’s Beata Nelson dropped 50-point times in the 100 back and fly, so it wouldn’t surprising to see her drop a 49 in either event.

NC State’s Coleman Stewart could also be in line for a big day. He was 46.29 in the 100 fly this morning, but went 44.8 leading off NC State’s medley relay last night, so he could be in line for a nation-leading time in the 100 fly tonight.

The relays should be fun this evening as well. NC State was arguably upset in both 200 free relays last night, but will be dangerous in the medleys once again. The 800 free relay should be a fun race, especially on the men’s side, where NC State is historically strong in this event, but Arizona State looked good this morning in the individual 200 free.


  • 2020 NCAA Invite Time – 1:36.40
  • 2020 NCAA Provisional Time – 1:37.05
  1. NC State – 1:35.92
  2. Duke – 1:36.66
  3. Wisconsin – 1:38.92

NC State got out of the gate strong, dipping well below the NCAA Automatic Invite time with a 1:35.92. Katharine Berkoff led off in 24.26, Sophie Hansson split a very strong 26.73 on breast, and Sirena Rowe and Kylee Alons brought things home with 22.95 and 21.98 splits on fly and free, respectively.

Duke came in 2nd with a 1:36.66, just a quarter of a second off o the NCAA auto time standard. Emma Shuppert kept things close with a 24.42 leadoff before handing things over to Halle Morris, who split 27.65.

The big split came on fly, though. Assuming the results are accurate, Alyssa Marsh threw down a 22.14, only two-tenths off the fastest split ever, and faster than Duke’s anchor leg of 22.45 by Sarah Snyder.

Those were the only two schools under either NCAA cut, as Wisconsins took 3rd with a 1:38.92, with Beata Nelson‘s 23.98 leadoff leg the highlight for the Badgers.


  • 2020 NCAA Invite Time – 1:24.30
  • 2020 NCAA Provisional Time – 1:24.97
  1. Arizona State – 1:24.66
  2. NC State – 1:24.85
  3. Auburn – 1:26.75

Arizona State led off with a relay win for the second straight night, taking the 200 medley relay tonight to go with their 200 free relay win last night.

Zachary Poti led off in 21.47, followed by strong splits by Elijah Warren (23.99) and Cody Bybee (20.26), before Evan Carlson anchored in 18.84.

NC State had taken the lead with Coleman Stewart‘s 21.11 leadoff, but faded a bit after Rafal Kusto and Luke Sobolewski went 24.37/20.44 on the middle two legs. Nyls Korstanje anchored in 18.93, keeping the Wolfpack in it right till the end, but ultimately coming up just short and touching 2nd in 1:24.85.

Both ASU and NC State finished under the NCAA provisional cut.

Auburn battled Wisconsin to take 3rd in 1:26.75 as both teams had fairly similar split across the board.


  • NCAA Zone Qualifying Standard –


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 4:03.62
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 4:17.30
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 4:10.00
  1. Emma Muzzy, NC State, 4:07.71
  2. Makayla Sargent, NC State, 4:08.57
  3. Connie Dean, Duke, 4:11.97

NC State teammates Emma Muzzy and Makayla Sargent stayed close to each other through the first 300 yards of the race, but Muzzy dropped the hammer on the free leg, bringing it home in 56.2 to Sargent’s 57.5, to win in 4:07.71. Sargent took 2nd in 4:08.57, with both women well under the time it took to earn a NCAA invite last season.

The next three finishers touched within just over a second of each other, with Duke’s Connie Dean stopping the clock in 4:11.97.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 3:39.16
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 3:51.46
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 3:43.42
  1. Benjamin Olszewski, Arizona State, 3:49.47
  2. Michael Milinovich, Wisconsin, 3:50.93
  3. Ross Dant, NC State, 3:51.05

Arizona State senior Benjamin Olszewski won by almost a second and a half over Wisconsin’s Michael Milinovich, 3:49.47 to 3:50.93. Both men were under the NCAA ‘B’ cut, although neither was close to a time that’s likely to earn an invite. NC State freshman Ross Dant was close on Milinovich’s heels, but ultimately ran out of room, settling for 3rd with a time of 3:51.05.

NC State’s Eric Knowles was the top qualifier in this morning’s prelims with a 3:47.80, but does not appear to have swam in tonight’s final.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 50.92
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 53.76
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 52.34
  1. Alyssa Marsh, Duke, 51.25
  2. Kylee Alons, NC State, 52.27
  3. Kylie Jordan, Duke, 52.28

It was all about the Research Triangle in this event tonight, as the schools from the Raleigh-Durham area swept the top three spots.

Leading the way was Duke’s Alyssa Marsh, whose time of 51.25 was just a bit slower than her 51.05 from this morning, but still a quarter of a second faster than she’d ever been before today. She touched over a second ahead of the rest of the field, but there was a spirited battle for 2nd, as NC State’s Kylee Alons edged Duke’s Kylie Jordan by the closest of margins, 52.27 to 52.28.

All three times are well under last year’s NCAA invite time, although Alons and Jordan would probably want to drop a few more tenths to feel safe.

Wisconsin’s Beata Nelson didn’t swim, despite going sub-51 this morning, and will apparently focus on the 100 back tonight.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 45.05
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 47.43
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 45.90
  1. Cody Bybee, Arizona State, 45.99
  2. Nyls Korstanje, NC State, 46.08
  3. Coleman Stewart, NC State, 46.40

Cody Bybee outsplit Nyls Korstanje just enough on the second 50 to earn the win with a 45.99, becoming one of just a handful of men to go under 46 so far this season. Korstanje took 2nd in 46.08, with NC State teammate Coleman Stewart nabbing 3rd in 46.40.

None of those times were under last year’s NCAA invite time, but Korstanje and Stewart have punched their tickets with their times in the 50 free and 100 back (leadoff) yesterday.

That’s the second new personal record in this event today for Bybee, who will be swimming the 200 free in just a few minutes, as will Stewart.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 1:42.98
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 1:47.12
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 1:45.12
  1. Cierra Runge, Arizona State, 1:44.57
  2. Julia Poole, NC State, 1:45.04
  3. Clair Fisch, Auburn, 1:45.16

Cierra Runge won her second race in as many days, winning the 200 free here tonight in 1:44.57 to go with her victory in the 500 free yesterday.

Runge finished about a half second ahead of the field, but it was another tight battle for 2nd behind her, with NC State’s Julia Poole winning that race-within-a-race with a 1:45.04, a new personal best for her by roughly half a second.

Claire Fisch knocked over two seconds off her lifetime best in this event, just touching out ASU’s Erica Laning for 3rd, 1:45.16 to 1:45.17.

It took a 1:45.12 to earn an invite in this event last year, so the three swimmers bunched up around 1:45.1 will probably need a little more improvement at their conference meets if they’re looking to use this event to secure a NCAA invite.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 1:32.05
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 1:36.32
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 1:34.21
  1. Jack Dolan, Arizona State, 1:34.65
  2. Eric Knowles, NC State, 1:35.74
  3. Carter Swift, Arizona State, 1:36.01

Arizona State took four of the five top spots, led by freshman Jack Dolan‘s 1:34.65 performance, a lifetime best by 0.13s. NC State’s Eric Knowles opted for this event despite qualifying first in the 400 IM, and he also earned a new personal best, going 1:35.74 tonight to improve on his previous best of 1:36.73 from last year’s mid-season invite.

Carter Swift led a Sun Devil sweep of the #3-5 spots with 1:36.01, while NC State underclassmen took 6th and 7th, setting up what could be a good battle in the 800 free relay later this evening.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 58.60
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 1:01.84
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 59.93
  1. Sophie Hansson, NC State, 58.90
  2. Silja Kansakoski, Arizona State, 59.66
  3. Olivia Calegan, NC State, 1:00.20

Sophie Hansson came within three-tenths of a NCAA ‘A’ cut as the only woman to break 59 tonight. Arizona State’s Silja Kansakoski took 2nd in 59.66, about a quarter of a second under last year’s invite time, while Olivia Calegan led another three NC State swimmers with a 1:00.20 time, good for 3rd.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 51.67
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 54.27
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 52.52
  1. MJ Mao, Wisconsin, 52.71
  2. Spencer Rowe, Auburn, 54.07
  3. Rafal Kusto, NC State, 54.11

Wisconsin’s MJ Mao held his position as top seed from this morning, dominating this race as he won by over a second, in 52.71. That’s the 2nd-fastest swim of Mao’s career, coming in only behind his 52.28 from last season’s B1G Championships.

It took a 52.52 to qualify for NCAAs in this event last year, so Mao’s not quite there yet this season, but he was about half a second faster than he was at this point last year, so that looks promising for the Badger junior.

Behind Mao, the next four finishers all touched within 0.27s of each other, with Auburn’s Spencer Rowe (54.07) and NC State’s Rafal Kusto (54.11) taking the top two spots of that group.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 50.93
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 53.94
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 52.46
  1. Beata Nelson, Wisconsin, 50.05
  2. Katharine Berkoff, NC State, 51.97
  3. Alyssa Marsh, Duke, 52.65

There weren’t any huge drops from this morning, but swim fans still got treated to a 50.0, courtesy of Beata Nelson. That’s her 7th-fastest swim ever, and her fastest time in November, except for the 49.67 she put up at last season’s Texas Invite.

NC State freshman Katharine Berkoff took 2nd in 51.97, about a second off of her lifetime best, while Alyssa Marsh took 3rd in 52.65 after winning the 100 fly earlier this session.


  • 2020 NCAA “A” Cut – 44.95
  • 2020 NCAA “B” Cut – 47.77
  • 2019 NCAA Invited Time – 46.06
  1. Zachary Poti, Arizona State, 46.40
  2. Cameron Tysoe, Wisconsin, 47.02
  3. Noah Hensley, NC State, 47.21

Arizona State earned its 6th win of the evening courtesy of Zachary Poti, whose 46.40 was the fastest time in the final by over half a second. Wisconsin senior Cameron Tysoe took 2nd in 47.02, while NC State’s Noah Hensley just touched out Wisconsin’s Matt Novinski for 3rd, 47.21 to 47.22.


  • NCAA Zone Qualifying Standard –


  • 2020 NCAA Invite Time – 7:00.86
  • 2020 NCAA Provisional Time – 7:05.88
  1. Arizona State, 7:01.31
  2. NC State, 7:01.74
  3. Wisconsin, 7:09.81

Nelson had the fastest leadoff leg in the field at 1:45.15, but Runge (1:45.34) and Kate Moore (1:45.46) were close behind. Arizona State and NC State stayed neck-and-neck on the second leg, where Erica Laning split 1:45.28 for Wisconsin and NC State got a 1:44.91 from Alons. NC State pulled as Poole outsplit Kendall Dawson 1:45.55 to 1:46.86, but Berkoff’s 1:45.72 wasn’t quite enough to hold off Emma Nordin’s scorching 1:43.83 anchor leg, as the Sun Devils won 7:01.31 to 7:01.74. Both of those times are well under the NCAA ‘Provisional’ time.


  • 2020 NCAA Invite Time – 6:17.18
  • 2020 NCAA Provisional Time – 6:21.85
  1. NC State, 6:19.32
  2. Arizona State, 6:19.69
  3. Arizona State (B), 6:26.22

Just like on the women’s side, this 800 yard race came down to the final strokes, but this time the Wolfpack came out on the top.

Cody Bybee put the Sun Devils in the lead early on with a 1:33.87 leadoff leg, faster than the winning time in the individual race tonight, while Stewart led off in 1:34.50 for the Wolfpack. Eric Knowles (1:34.27), Hunter Tapp (1:35.54) and Noah Hensley (1:35.01) pulled ahead, and then held on to the lead, as NC State won in 6:19.32.

NC State is essentially rebuilding this relay from scratch this year after graduating three of the four legs from last year’s relay, which earned 2nd place at NCAAs.

ASU’s remaining swimmers all had splits within a few tenths of their respective NC State counterparts. Dolan split 1:34.80, a tad slower than his individual time tonight, then Liam Bresette (1:35.86) and Swift (1:35.16) handled the back half, as ASU finished in 6:19.69.

Both of those times were under the NCAA ‘Provisional’ cut.

ASU actually had two of the top three teams, with their ‘B’ relay taking 3rd in 6:26.22, highlighted by Ethan Luc‘s 1:35.70 anchor leg.

Team Scores Through Day 2


  1. NC State – 1174.5
  2. Auburn – 1050
  3. ASU – 934
  4. Duke – 848.5
  5. Wisconsin – 687
  6. Louisville (diving) – 106


  1. NC State – 1287
  2. ASU – 1244
  3. Auburn – 785
  4. Wisconsin – 759
  5. Duke – 685
  6. Louisville (diving) – 84
  7. George Washington (diving) – 14

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