2018 Men’s NCAA Championships: Day 3 Pick’em Update

by Andrew Mering 5

March 23rd, 2018 College, News




Summary of everyone’s entries

There were some surprises on day 3 of the men’s NCAA championships, but for the most part, the favorites came through.

The 400 IM was won by Abrahm Devine who was picked to win by only 2 entries out of over 600 (well done Brewsterscratt and Jimswim22). He only appeared in 10% of people’s top 4’s. Second place Nick Thorne was picked by only one person anywhere in the top 4 (no1swimfreak had him 4th).

Caeleb Dressel was no surprise in first place (picked by 76%), but behind him was less predictable. Jan Switkowski was picked in the top 4 by only 7% of entries and picked higher than 3rd by no one. 4th place Joseph Schooling was picked lower than 2nd by only 5%. Vini Lanza at 19% picked for 3rd was a relative favorite. Ryan Held, who was 5th, was the 3rd place favorite at 60%.

The 200 free was the first event where the predicted top 2 panned out. Townley Haas was picked by 59% to win and Blake Pieroni was picked by 47% for 2nd. Zach Apple and Mohamed Samy were surprises at 3rd and 4th, picked by only 4% and 5% in the top 4.

The 100 breast also was relatively to form. Heavy favorite Ian Finnerty (88%) won the 100 breast, and relatively popular second place pick Connor Hoppe (13%) was 2nd. More favored Brock Levi and Connor McHugh were 4th and 5th. The biggest surprise was Alex Evdokimov who appeared in only 8% of top 4’s.

Despite his 7th seed out of prelims, 100 back champion Coleman Stewart was the favorite (61%). 2nd place John Shebat was a popular pick for 2nd (20%) but because of doubts due to his nagging injury, only 56% of entries had him anywhere in their top 4.

In perhaps the upset of the meet USC won the 200 medley relay after being picked in 1 person’s top 4. BD JP had them 4th. Cal was a popular pick for 2nd with 41%.


There was a tie atop the daily standings between MacMachine and DSMSWIMMER. SwimSwam’s Lauren Neidigh was tied for 3rd with jdsmitty with 59 points.

After day 3 Dan G is leading the overall competition with 119 points. aceiknow is 2nd with 116. Neptunian Merman, Deekay, and SwimSwam’s Lauren Neidigh are tied for 3rd with 112.

Entry Total Day ½ Day 3
1 Dan G 119 67 52
2 aceiknow 116 68 48
3 Neptunian Merman 112 63 49
3 Deekay 112 59 53
3 LAUREN NEIDIGH 112 53 59
6 Cathyb123 109 56 53
7 KeepItUnder50 108 68 40
7 Jgiraudeau623 108 53 55
9 FlawlessLawless 107 56 51
9 ImTheWinner 107 53 54
9 Seagull101 107 51 56

Daily Points

Entry Day 3 Points
1 MacMachine 60
3 jdsmitty1 59
5 Andrew5466 57
6 Seagull101 56
6 BlueMan42 56
6 0SU39 56
8 Jgiraudeau623 55
8 brendanblood 55
8 Daniel Carr 55
8 MaxN96 55
8 the goat 55
8 Ashley_Maloon 55

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Dang Lauren killing it this year

Steve Nolan

In retrospect, Devine and Apple should have been easier picks given how they swam last summer. Ugh I need to think more when I do these.




I am totally honored to get an actual mention from SwimSwam! Devine had that monster drop last year plus he is from Seattle area. Outside of Dressel that might be my only winner if the meet

Daniel Carr

Jeah, I got into the daily points table…and 22nd overall thought I was doing terribly…

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