2018 Irish Open: American Teen Claire Tuggle Rocks 8:37 800 Free


Racing on day 2 of the Irish Open, her first overseas elite meet, American teen Claire Tuggle wreaked havoc on the women’s 800m freestyle field. Entering the Dublin-hosted meet, Tuggle’s personal best in the grueling free event sat at the 8:43.57 clocked at 2017’s NCSA Summer Championships.

However, Tuggle took things into her own hands last night to split 1:01.36/1:05.05/1:05.30/1:05.31/1:05.46/1:05.52/1:05.73/1:03.54 to produce a solid outing of 8:37.27. With that time, Tuggle beat the rest of the field by over 25 seconds and also slides into the top American 13-14 performers of all-time at #9.

In yesterday’s prelims, Shane Ryan of Ireland became the fastest man of his nation ever to swim the 100m freestyle, clocking 48.68 to take the top seed. His time marked the first occasion an Irish man had ever dipped under the 49 second threshold in the event.

Although he wasn’t able to match or lower that time in last night’s final, Ryan still secured the gold in a time of 49.04 for the 2nd fastest time of his career.

Additional Winners on Day 2:

  • Bath’s Georgia Coates took the women’s 200m breast in 2:26.59.
  • Day 1’s 100m breast winner, Darragh Greene, doubled up with a victory in the 200m breast in 2:10.53.
  • Caitlin Brooks took the women’s 50 back in 28.23, while Rory McEvoy was the men’s winner in 25.80.
  • The women’s 400m IM title winner was Orla Adams in a time of 4:50.61.

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Impressive swim for Shane Ryan. That’s the first time he’s posted a time in an Olympic event that would be in contention to make a major USA team (but I guess that ship has sailed)

Tea rex

I wonder how many people regret not competing for USA. Sure, it’s easier for Condorelli, Morozov, or Ryan to qualify for the Olympics under a different flag, but if you CAN make the US relay squad, you’re almost guaranteed a medal.

Im going to catch tomorrow now

why is she in Ireland? Considering representing Ireland in 2020?

She’s part of the NCSA Junior National Team that heads over there every year. The team is chosen based on results from the recent NCSA Junior National Championships.


At this meet Claire Tuggle improved her personal best at 400 by 4sec, at 800 by 6sec . Following this logic we have to expect her to be under 2min at 200. That will make her 1:59-4:11-8:37 swimmer. This is her first international meet and there are no doubts that she wanted to be as fast as she could at the moment. But real test will happen at US Nationals in three and a half months. It will be her major meet of the season where she will be specially prepared and tapered. She will be 14 then. That will be the point to make more or less realistic prognosis of what can be expected at her peak. Right now… Read more »


Your posts are a really good example of the Dunning-Krueger effect. Lack of knowledge tends to go along with way too much confidence.


Is it good or bad? 😀 You are confidently making a statement having zero knowledge about me. So how does it different? Welcome to the Dunning-Krueger club.


We’ve seen enough of your posts to have some knowledge about you


That is a fairer position than Mr/Mrs o_o ones. The usage of undetermined in size and shape “some” makes a huge difference. If my posts hurt your feelings I will ask for your apology, if it is clear what I should apologize for. Whenever you are expressing your dissatisfaction, please use word “I” and don’t hide behind faceless “we” so my response on your critics will be more appropriate and accurate, because I know your personal preferences. If you read my posts – thank you, but in this case you must notice that they have facts and my opinion about swimming and swimmers and are never personal attacks toward people who are entering this forum. I wish you follow same… Read more »


I’m comfortable saying “we” due to the downvotes in every single one of your posts


“Following this logic we have to expect her to be under 2min at 200.” Nope, that’s not how logic or swimming works. “She will be 14 then. That will be the point to make more or less realistic prognosis of what can be expected at her peak.” Also not how swimming works. We don’t look at 14 year olds and make realistic prognosis about their peak performance. It’s practically impossible “Right now I think her rapid improvement has to be attributed mostly to her early physical development, that is very impressing by the way.” I don’t even want to respond to this, but it’s a really weird thing to say and totally factually inaccurate. You have to remember for a… Read more »

bobo gigi

Her main goal for next summer is probably to make the US junior pan pacs team.
However I don’t understand why they pick the team at US nationals and not at US juniors the week later. I prefer watching the best US juniors swim against each other in a final.

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Retta Race

After 16 years at a Fortune 1000 financial company, long-time swimmer Retta Race decided to change lanes and pursue her sporting passion. She currently is Coach for the Northern KY Swordfish Masters, a team she started up in December 2013, while also offering private coaching. Retta is also an MBA …

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