2017 U.S. Winter Nationals: Final Team Scores


The 2017 Winter National Championships played host to the usual mix of a few college teams, some post-grad teams, and a long list of elite club teams from around the country. The meet also saw 2 American records broken by Zane Grothe, as well as nearly a dozen pool and meet records broken by Olympians such as Kelsi Worrell, Mallory Comerford, Nathan Adrian, Chase Kalisz, Cody Miller, and Ryan Murphy.

With that in mind, here is a quick breakdown of the final team scores from the meet:


  1. University of Louisville – 522.50
  2. Ohio State University – 211.50
  3. University of Nebraska – 57.50

Louisville ran away with the women’s college scoring, over doubling 2nd place finisher Ohio State’s score. The Cardinals brought a team of 21 women to the meet, 19 of whom scored individually, and 20 of whom scored when you add in relays. On top of that, 8 of the Louisville women scored more than 30 points individually (Mariia Astashkina, Rachael Bradford-Feldman, Sophie Cattermole, Mallory Comerford, Alina Kendzior, Grace Oglesby, Arina Openysheva, and Casey Fanz), with Mallory Comerford scoring 90 points off her individual races. That compares very favorably to Ohio State, which also had 21 women competing at the meet, but only 11 scored individually, and only 3 of those 11 scored over 30 points.


  1. Ohio State University – 434
  2. University of Louisville – 233
  3. Saint Louis University – 59

Ohio State’s men topped the college men’s standings by almost doubling Louisville’s score. The Buckeyes brought a huge roster to the meet, consisting of 34 men. That compares to Louisville, which only brought 19. The Buckeyes also scored nearly half their points off of relays.


  1. University of Louisville – 755.50
  2. Ohio State University – 645.50
  3. Xavier University – 106

The Louisville women’s massive lead in team scoring was able to carry them to victory in the combined team scoring, despite the men’s team losing to Ohio State by over 200 points. Louisville only had 5 more swimmers score than Ohio State did, but had many more high-scoring individuals, including the Louisville women mentioned above and Nicolas Albiero, Marcelo Acosta, and Andrej Barna on the men’s side, all 3 of whom scored over 40 points.


  1. Nation’s Capital Swim Club – 208.50
  2. Santa Clara Swim Clara – 134
  3. Cardinal Aquatics – 116

The NCAP women’s team controlled the club scores with their relay performances. They scored 74.5 of their points through individual races, and the remaining 134 through their relays. Leading the team in individual scoring was 15-year-old Phoebe Bacon, who made the B final in 3 races, and the A in 1.


  1. California Aquatics – 288
  2. Nation’s Capital Swim Club – 194
  3. Athens Bulldogs Swim Club – 105

Unsurprisingly, the team made up of 4 Olympians (Nathan Adrian, Jacob Pebley, Ryan Murphy, and Josh Prenot) won the men’s club scoring. Those 4 swimmers scored 208 points individually, and won the 2 relays they competed in: the 200 and 400 medleys. Leading their team in scoring was Josh Prenot, who picked up 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th place finishes.


  1. Nation’s Capital Swim Club – 402.50
  2. Ohio State Swim Club – 213
  3. Athens Bulldog Swim Club – 160

Nation’s Capital managed to top post-grad teams like Ohio State Swim Club and Athens Bulldog Swim Club with their strong scores on both the men’s and women’s teams. The men contributed 56 points with their individual races, where 5 of their 7 swimmers scored, and the rest of the 194 men’s points came in the relays. Nation’s Capital combined also had more scoring individual swims than any other club team, scoring in 19 races.

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