2016 NCAA Division III Championships – Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

Division III Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships


Men’s 200-yard Freestyle Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 1:18.06 3/22/2012, Kenyon (Somers, Turk, Richardson, Ramsey)

Kenyon kicked off Day 2 with a leading swim in the men’s 200 free relay from Ryan Funk (20.18), Percy Gates (20.07), Joey Duronio (20.12), and Austin Pu (20.27) who combined for 1:20.64. Emory qualified second in 1:20.75, ahead of Denison (1:21.20), TCNY (1:21.29), Rowan (1:21.51, including a 19.97 morning leadoff from Jesse Novak), CMS and Wash U (1:21.66), and Keene State (1:22.10).

Top 8:

  1. Kenyon 1:20.64
  2. Emory 1:20.75
  3. Denison 1:21.20
  4. T C N J 1:21.29
  5. Rowan University 1:21.51
  6. T6 C M S 1:21.66
  7. T6 Wash U. MO 1:21.66
  8. Keene St. 1:22.10

Women’s 200-yard Freestyle Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 1:31.80 3/18/2010, Emory (Westby, Ciardelli, Wobler, Pavlak)

The Ladies of Kenyon were the top qualifiers in the women’s relay as well, coming in at 1:32.91. Senior Hannah Lobb (23.19), juniors Jenner McLeod (23.02) and Laura Duncan (23.52), and senior Katie Kaestner (23.18) contributed to that effort. Emory was 4/100 behind. Denison (1:33.11), Johns Hopkins (1:34.12), Wheaton (1:34.45), NYU (1:34.67), Calvin (1:34.67), and Eau Claire (1:34.69) will make up the rest of the championship final.

Top 8:

  1. Kenyon 1:32.91
  2. Emory 1:32.95
  3. Denison 1:33.11
  4. Johns Hopkins 1:34.12
  5. Wheaton IL 1:34.45
  6. T6 N Y U 1:34.67
  7. T6 Calvin 1:34.67
  8. U W-Eau Claire 1:34.69

Men’s 400-yard Individual Medley – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 3:46.62 3/19/2015 Harrison Curley, Kenyon

Denison junior Jackson Lindell, who broke the NCAA record in the 200 IM twice yesterday, led the qualifiers into tonight’s final of the 400 IM with 3:52.68. Lindell was third in this event last year with a personal-best 3:50.02. He appeared to cruise through the second half of his race this morning so we may see another record go down in finals tonight. Ian Reardon of Kenyon, fourth in last year’s final, qualified second in 3:55.97. Amherst senior Jeff Anderson was third in 3:56.21.

The rest of the A final will consist of Kenyon’s Mark Newell and Arthur Conover, NYU sophomore Austin Palmer, Brandon McKenzie from MIT, and Alan Pite of Connecticut.

Top 8:

  1. Jackson Lindell, Denison 3:52.68
  2. Ian Reardon, Kenyon 3:55.97
  3. Jeff Anderson, Amherst 3:56.21
  4. Mark Newell, Kenyon 3:56.70
  5. Arthur Conover, Kenyon 3:57.22
  6. Austin Palmer, N Y U 3:57.75
  7. Brandon McKenzie, M I T 3:58.66
  8. Alan Pite, Connecticut 3:59.15

Women’s 400-yard Individual Medley – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 4:13.14 3/22/2012 Caroline Wilson, Williams

2015 runner-up Megan Pierce of Williams posted a 4:20.93 to lead the morning’s qualifiers in the 400 IM. Kenyon freshman Marysol Arce was second with 4:21.99. Arce won the 500 free on Day One by going out strong and making a big push at the end. Pierce won the NESCAC title in this event with 4:17.47, so Arce will have to be significantly faster on the front end if she hopes to stay with Pierce tonight. Kenyon senior Mariah Williamson, who placed fourth last year, qualified third with 4:22.20, already a half-second ahead of her finals swim a year ago.

The rest of the A final will consist of Bates junior Sara Daher (sixth in 2015), Williams senior Katherine Bennett, Mount Holyoke senior Cathleen Pruden (eighth in 2015), Amherst freshman Bridgitte Kwong, and Emory sophomore Ming-fen Ong (third in 2015).

Top 8:

  1. Megan Pierce, Williams 4:20.93
  2. Marysol Arce, Kenyon 4:21.99
  3. Mariah Williamson, Kenyon 4:22.20
  4. Sara Daher, Bates 4:22.32
  5. Katherine Bennett, Williams 4:24.05
  6. Cathleen Pruden, Mount Holyoke 4:25.24
  7. Bridgitte Kwong, Amherst 4:26.16
  8. Ong, Ming-fen Emory 4:26.45

Men’s 100-yard Butterfly – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 46.97 3/19/2015 Reed Dalton, Wash U

Wash U senior Reed Dalton, who set the NCAA DIII record when he won this event last year, qualified first with 47.30. 2015 consolation winner and Denison senior Andrew Rich was second in 48.05. Benjamin Lin of Williams, who placed 16th last year, posted the third-fastest time of the morning with 48.39.

Dallas Tarkenton of Mary Washington led the rest of the qualifiers for tonight’s A final, including Christian Josephson of Kenyon (seventh in 2015), DePauw senior Blake Lehmann (fifth in 2015), St. Thomas senior Mike Lanz (third in 2015), and Rose-Hulman senior Orion Martin (sixth in 2015).

Top 8:

  1. Reed Dalton, Wash U. MO 47.30
  2. Andrew Rich, Denison 48.05
  3. Benjamin Lin, Williams 48.39
  4. Dallas Tarkenton, Mary Washington 48.55
  5. Christian Josephson, Kenyon 48.59
  6. Blake Lehmann, DePauw 48.63
  7. Mike Lanz, St. Thomas 48.67
  8. Orion Martin, Rose-Hulman 48.72

Women’s 100-yard Butterfly – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 52.64 3/20/2014 Kirsten Nitz, Wheaton (IL)

Current NCAA record-holder Kirsten Nitz, a senior at Wheaton, led the field with a morning swim of 54.01. 2015 champion Emma Waddell of Williams went 54.06 to qualify second. Johns Hopkins sophomore Anna Wisniewski, who placed fourth last year, went 55.15 for third. Colorado College senior Olivia Dilorati led the next five qualifiers, all of whom were within .44 of each other: Marcela Sanchez-Aizcorbe of Emory, Amherst senior Sarah Conklin (runner-up in 2015), Denison junior Carolyn Kane (sixth in 2015), and Wash U senior Amanda Stadermann.

Top 8:

  1. Kirsten Nitz, Wheaton IL 54.01
  2. Emma Waddell, Williams 54.06
  3. Anna Wisniewski, Johns Hopkins 55.15
  4. Olivia Dilorati, Colorado College 55.30
  5. Marcela Sanchez-Aizcorbe Emory 55.32
  6. Sarah Conklin, Amherst 55.36
  7. Carolyn Kane, Denison 55.45
  8. Amanda Stadermann, Wash U. MO 55.74

Men’s 200-yard Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 1:36.63 4/8/1988 Dennis Mulvihill, Kenyon
  • Meet Record: 1:36.80 3/20/2015 Karl Mering, Whitman

Top-seeded Evan Holder of Johns Hopkins held onto his seeding with a field-leading 1:37.32 in prelims this morning. Holder was fourth in this event last year; last night he was runner-up in the 200 IM. Washington & Lee sophomore Thomas Thetford, runner-up in the 50 free last night, qualified second with 1:37.96. Denison senior Joe Brunk qualified third with 1:38.46; he finished sixth last year.

Sophomore Mark Hallman of Pomona-Pitzer (seventh in 2015) and freshman Michael Wohl of Johns Hopkins came to the wall together in 1:38.55 for the fourth-fastest time of the morning. They will be joined in finals by Keene State junior Ryan Boraski and Emory’s Thomas Gordon and Christian Baker (fifth in 2015).

Top 8:

  1. Evan Holder, JR Johns Hopkins 1:37.32
  2. Thomas Thetford, SO W&L 1:37.96
  3. Joe Brunk, SR Denison 1:38.46
  4. T4 Mark Hallman, SO Pomona-Pitzer 1:38.55
  5. T4 Michael Wohl, FR Johns Hopkins 1:38.55
  6. Boraski, Ryan JR Keene St. 1:38.63
  7. Thomas Gordon, FR Emory 1:38.65
  8. Christian Baker, JR Emory 1:39.03

Women’s 200-yard Freestyle – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 1:44.82 3/24/2011 Kendra Stern, Amherst

Emory had four of the top eight swimmers in this event last year, three of them freshmen. This year two of them are back in the A final, including top qualifier Cindy Cheng (1:49.27) and number three Julia Wawer (1:49.64). Kenyon freshman Abby Wilson qualified between the two Eagles with 1:49.50.

Middlebury sophomore Isabel Wyer went 1:49.77, breaking 1:50 for the first time this season and qualifying fourth. Williams junior and 2015 consolation winner Lauren Jones qualified fifth in 1:49.91, ahead of Hannah Orbach-Mandel of Kenyon, Samantha Pierce of Connecticut, and Campbell Costley of Denison (10th in 2015).

Top 8:

  1. Cindy Cheng, Emory 1:49.27
  2. Abby Wilson, Kenyon 1:49.50
  3. Julia Wawer, Emory 1:49.64
  4. Isabel Wyer, Middlebury 1:49.77
  5. Lauren Jones, Williams 1:49.91
  6. Hannah Orbach-Mandel, Kenyon 1:50.10
  7. Samantha Pierce, Connecticut 1:50.17
  8. Campbell Costley, Denison 1:50.68

Men’s 400-yard Medley Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 3:13.49 3/19/2015, Williams (Lin, Tamposi, Ricotta, Nanda)

Williams junior Lin (47.54), senior Jake Tamposi (54.65), sophomore Timothy Kostolansky (49.71), and freshman Curtis Maher (44.54) won their heat with 3:16.44, which tied the 3:16.44 posted in the previous heat by Johns Hopkins sophomore Jan Hagemeister (49.56), junior Holder (53.72), sophomore Mark Wilson (48.37), and sophomore Michael Ashmead (44.79). Wash U (Kevin Van Cleave, Michael Lagieski, Dalton, and Ross Brown) were only 5/100 back at 3:16.49, setting up what is sure to be an exciting final tonight.

Denison and Kenyon qualified next in 3:17.22 and 3:17.25, respectively. Emory, NYU and MIT also made the championship final.

Top 8:

  1. T1 Williams 3:16.44
  2. T1 Johns Hopkins 3:16.44
  3. Wash U. MO 3:16.49
  4. Denison 3:17.22
  5. Kenyon 3:17.25
  6. Emory 3:18.65
  7. NYU 3:18.74
  8. MIT 3:18.93

Women’s 400-yard Medley Relay – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 3:40.13 3/21/2013, Kenyon (Oberholzer, Kaestner, Saiz, Townsend)

Emory led the way in prelims with a 3:43.85 swim from Ellie Thompson (55.71), Annelise Kowalsky (1:02.59), Sanchez-Aizcorbe (54.56), and Marissa Bergh (50.99). Denison (Ashley Yearwood, Marissa Bednarek, Carolyn Kane, and Mary Van Leuven) posted a 3:44.68 for second, while Williams (Olivia Jackson, Breanna Nguyen, Waddell, and Faye Sultan) qualified third in 3:45.81.

They will be joined by Kenyon (3:46.30), Amherst (3:46.78), MIT (3:47.15), Johns Hopkins (3:47.79), and NYU (3:48.30).

Top 8:

  1. Emory 3:43.85
  2. Denison 3:44.68
  3. Williams 3:45.81
  4. Kenyon 3:46.30
  5. Amherst 3:46.74
  6. MIT 3:47.15
  7. Johns Hopkins 3:47.79
  8. NYU 3:48.30

Women’s 1-meter Diving – Prelims

  • NCAA DIII Record: 515.90 3/25/2011 Danica Roskos, TCNJ

Defending champion Maria Zarka of Kenyon was the top qualifier on the 1-meter board with 445.50 points. Ithaca’s Anna Belson followed with 424.20, just ahead of 2015 bronze medalist Sarah Sheridan of Hope College (422.50).

RIT’s Natalie Snyder (421.10), Veronica Nikolaki of WPI (417.00), Meghann Kilgallon from SUNY Brockport (416.15), SUNY Fredonia’s Meghan Bartlett (411.80), and Sarah Hayhurst of Centre College (409.10) will also dive in finals tonight.

Top 8:

  1. Maria Zarka, Kenyon 445.5
  2. Anna Belson, Ithaca 424.2
  3. Sarah Sheridan, Hope 422.5
  4. Natalie Snyder, RIT 421.1
  5. Veronica Nikolaki, WPI 417
  6. Meghann Kilgallon, SUNY Brockport 416.15
  7. Meghan Bartlett, SUNY Fredonia 411.8
  8. Sarah Hayhurst, Centre College 409.1



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