2015 South Africa World Championships Team: The Complete Twitter List

The 2015 World Championships are just two short weeks away, showcasing the best that the world has to offer in the pool. There will be big comebacks from former stars, a chance for low-key talents to make a name for themselves, world records (which we cannot guarantee, of course!), and much more. And one of the best ways to get your inside scoop on the rollercoaster that is the World Championships is through the Twitter feeds of the swimmers themselves.

Want to follow all of these swimmers at once, at the click of a button, without having to go through each and every swimmer and following individually? We’ve made a Twitter list that you can subscribe to here, giving you access to all of the South African World Champs swimmers in one feed.

Here’s the 2015 South Africa Worlds roster, complete with each athlete’s Twitter handle:



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5 years ago

So sad. Swimming South Africa is doing nothing for true development and support. These swimmers are attending world champs in spite of their federation. How good could swimming in South Africa be if they had a national body that supported them the way in which other top nations support their athletes. Every year Shawn Adrianse and Jayce Naidoo talk about expectations and medal counts. How they want more medals. When last did the federation fund anything? They have lost all of their major sponsors. Surely there should be a stop to this sinking ship!! These two individuals have done absolutely nothing to build and improve the federation. More and more swimmers will be leaving the country to swim for other… Read more »

Reply to  Concerned
5 years ago

Hard to believe three olympics ago they won gold in the 400 free relay. They have some great talent. But too few swimmers

Reply to  Markster
5 years ago

They DO have talent and a lot of SA swimmers would come up through the ranks if their country helped them. Read the post here above (from CONCERNED). The South African government have absolutely no interest in supporting South African swimming. The whole of South Africa (55 million population) has only ONE pool in which international competitions can be held, namely King’s Park Pool in Durban and that is so dated it’s a shame that a country so rich in minerals and with swimming tradition does nothing to support swimming. Bottom line: in South Africa you either fund yourself or you’re done with swimming.

Reply to  Concerned
5 years ago

because their Track & Field program has made huge improvements…

Reply to  rara
5 years ago

Not so much when Athletics South Africa’s improvements have happened after their former head ended up in jail after years of creative bookkeeping and effectively embezzling countless rand from the organization’s accounts.

Funny how ASA suddenly has large sums to spend of proper athlete development when it’s no longer buying Mercedes cars at full sticker price and then selling them as surplus to board members for only something like a hundred rand a short time later.

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Karl Ortegon

Karl Ortegon studied sociology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, graduating in May of 2018. He began swimming on a club team in first grade and swam four years for Wesleyan.

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