2015 DIII NCAA Live Updates From Night 4 Finals

Division III NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships

In Shenandoah, Texas and back in the giant sauna box that is the CISD Nat. Coming to you live are the results which will be updated as the meet progresses. The events contested tonight will be the 1650 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, 200 Breaststroke, Men’s 1 Meter diving and the 400 Freestyle Relay.

 For live results, click here! 

Women’s 1650 Freestyle

A Final: Danielle Wahl (Centre), Megan Pierce (Williams), Mariah Williamson (Kenyon), Campbell Costley (Denison), Taylor Johns (Denison), Sarah Thompson (Williams), McKenna Newsum-Schoenberg (Emory), Alexa Korsberg (Kenyon)

The defending national champion Thompson was stationed in lane 6 to begin the final heat, but such pedestrian matters hardly bother a swimmer with the will to win. Thompson was out just behind teammate Pierce at the 100 mark, but took control of the race from there and left everyone trailing in her wake. For the majority of the mile, it was the Thompson show with Pierce in second and Costley, Williamson and Johns battling for third. In the final 200 of the race, Johns began her final push and grabbed second away from Thompson’s teammate. The final results of the race were a new NCAA record for Thompson in 16:21.44, with Johns second (16:41.87) and Pierce third (16:42.29).

Men’s 1650 Freestyle

A Final: Austin Palmer (NYU), Christian Gronbeck (Williams), Shahar Resman (Keene St), Arthur Conover (Kenyon), Andrew Greenhalgh (Johns Hopkins), Alex Seaver (Kenyon), Christian Baker (Emory), Zane Turpin (Wash U)

Starting out the men’s mile, everyone involved understood that it would take a new national record to take the crown. What was up for debate was who was going to win. And through the first half of the race, the question remained on with Conover and Greenhalgh switching off leads by 50 and 100. At the 1300 mark, Conover really started to pour on the gas. He built up to a two second lead on Greenhalgh and didn’t look back. At the 1550 mark, Conover posted a 14:07. From there, the question wasn’t whether he’d be under, but how far under the NCAA record he would be. Conover’s final time was a 15:01.34. Greenhalgh was second in a 15:04.63 with Resman third in 15:04.63.

Women’s 100 Freestyle

B Final: Lydia Jones (Trinity U), Kristalyn McAfee (Wash U), Jenner McLeod (Kenyon), Julia Wawer (Emory), Ashley Yearwood (Denison), Rima Jurjus (Denison), Katie Olson (Gustavus), Kate Wright (Denison)

The B final of the women’s 100 freestyle was out quickly with McLeod leading the way in 24.2. Jurjus was second with Olson in third at the 50. Coming home, McLeod held on to grab the win from the B final, the only woman to go under 50 seconds, posting a time of 50.75 to win. Wawer was second in 51.01. Third was Yearwood in 51.14.

A Final: Mary Van Leuven (Denison), Marissa Bergh (Emory), Emma Waddell (Williams), Ana Bogdanovski (Johns Hopkins), Carolyn Kane (Denison), Nancy Larson (Emory), Hannah Lobb (Kenyon), Anna Wisniewski (Johns Hopkins)

At the 50 mark, Bogdanovski was well out in front in a 23.7. Second was Kane with Lobb in third. On the way home, Bogdanovski had a clear lead, almost by a bodylength. At the wall, she posted a 49.31 to claim the win. Second was Kane in 50.1.  50.56 earned Waddell third.


Men’s 100 Freestyle

B Final: Conrad Wuorinen (Denison), Austin Caldwell (Kenyon), Brett Pedersen (TCNJ), Justin Morrell (Wash U), Blake Lehmann (DePauw), Jeremiah Crowley (NYU), Ryan Fleming (Denison), Joe Dunn (TCNJ)

At the 50, it was Lehmann in the lead out in a 21.35. Crowley was in second with Wuorinen in third. At the final touch, Crowley grabbed the victory with a 44.53. Teammates Wuorinen in lane 1 and Fleming in lane 7  tied for second with a 44.77.

A Final:  Ian Gaynor (Widener), Jason Potter (Gettysburg), Karl Mering (Whitman), Alex Poltash (CMS), Jesse Novak (Rown), Stephen Culberson (Trinity), Tommy Thetford (W&L), Connor Sholtis (Amherst)

In the A final of the men’s 100 reestyle, Novak was out faster than anyone with a 20.8. Second was Potter with Gaynor in lane one in third. Coming to the final wall, Novak held on to grab the win with a 43.68. Second went to Culberson in 44.18 with Poltash third in a 44.22.

Women’s 200 Backstroke

B Final: Maddie Lovrensky (La Verne), Katie Anderson (Wash U), Hannah Cooper (Kenon), Cindy Cheng (Emory), Khia Kurtenbach (Chicago), Sara Daher (Bates), Molly Willingham (Denison), Maria Wetzel (Carleton)

In the women’s 200 back B final, Lovrensky was out swiftly from lane 1 in 27.7 with Cheng in second and Kurtenbach in third. At the 100 mark, Lovrensky built a 2 second lead, posting a 57.23. Kurtenbach took over the second place spot. With just a 50 to go, Lovrensky posted a 1:28.04, en route to going under 2 with Cooper coming into third and Cheng taking over third. Driving to the wall with a strong final 50, Lovrensky posted a 1:59.68 from lane 1 to claim the win. Cheng was second in 2:00.89. Cooper took third with a 2:01.08.

A Final: Ellie Thompson (Emory), Alison wall (Chicago), Clare Slagel (Luther), Olivia Jackson (Williams), Katherine Bennett (Williams), Emma Paulson (St Thomas), Eleanore Hong (Rose-Hulman), Veronika Jedryka (MIT)

In the women’s A final, Thompson in lane 1 was out to the early lead in 27.4. Slagel was second. Thompson led through the 100 with a 57.1. Jackson was second a tenth behind with Bennett in third .01 seconds behind her. With just a 50 to go, Bennett pulled ahead with Jackson on her tail. Paulson took over third. Powering down the backstretch, it went to Jackson with a 1:57.24. Second went to teammate Bennett 2:57.25. Third went to Slagel in 1:57.33.

Men’s 200 Backstroke

B Final: Dan Simon (Behrend), Wes Walton (Witworth), Steven Brooks (Westminster), Alex McCarter (Williams), Adam Betts (NYU), Matthew Cooper (Kenyon), Andrew Welch (Union), Michael Rochford (Amherst)

In the men’s B final, the trend of lane 1 continued with Simon out to the early lead in 24.7. Second was Brooks with Welch in third. Simon held the lead with a 52.44. Betts moved into second. At the 150, with just a 50 to go, Betts grabbed the lead, with Simon in second. Brooks in third. AT the wall, Betts wins with a 1:47.23. Second is Brooks in 1:47.78. Third went to Simon in lane 1 in 1:48.17.

A Final: Ravi Sun (Stevens), Jack Lindell (Denison), Ben Lin (Williams), Harrison Curley (Kenyon), Kevin Lindgren (USMMA), Jared Scheuer (Emory), Loring Bowen (Conn), Michael Winget (Tufts)

You can’t go wrong walking out to AC-DC. And walking out to it just heralded big things for the men’s 200 backstroke to come. Curley took it out in a 24.3 with Lin right on his tail in 24.4 and Lindgren a few tenths behind them. With strong underwaters from both competitors, Curley maintained his edge at the 100 mark, posting a 50.4. With just a 50 to go, Curley built up about a bodylength lead over Lin, with Lindgren just a tenth behind him on his hip. At the 175, Lindgren and Curley flipped together. But at the wall, it was all Curley. He grabbed the win in a 1:43.49, chopping almost another 1.5 seconds off the NCAA record he set this morning in prelims. Lindgren was second in 1:44.08, also under the old standard, with Lindell third at 1:45.66.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke

B Final: Breanna Nguyen (Williams), Jenny Hill (Chicago), Jenny Strom (Gustavus), Gwynnie Lamastra (Johns Hopkins), Julia Wilson (Kenyon), Megan Campbell (Emory), Emily Medeiros (Springfield), Erin Bagley (Wheaton)

In the B final of the women’s 200 breast, Strom got out to a good start with a 30.3 first 50. Lamastra was two tenths behind with Hill in third. At the halfway mark, Strom held the lead with a 1:05.1. Lamastra was still on her hip and Wilson moved up into third. With a 50 to go, Lamastra still held strong, posting a 1:41.2. Strom was second with Nguyen in lane 1 moving into third. Well ahead of the pack at the 175, Strom charged home, but not fast enough to hold off Lamastra who finished first with a 2:16.97 and a swift final 50 of 35.6. Second went to Strom in 2:18.44 with Nguyen in lane 1 grabing third in a 2:19.24.

A Final: Annelise Kowalsky (Emory), Katie Kaestner (Kenyon), Megan Beach (Emory), Brittany Geyer (Stevens), Emily Hyde (Amherst), Elizabeth Aronoff (Emory), Marissa Bednarek (Denison), Ellie Crawford (Kenyon)

Aronoff, the defending champion was out well in the first 50 of the breast in 30.39 Geyer second. At the 100 mark, Aronoff extended her lead with a 1:04.44 while Geyer was two tenths behind. Driving to the third wall, Aronoff was three tenths ahead of Geyer with Kowalsky out in lane 1 in third. AT the 175, Aronoff and Geyer turned together. Powering down the final 25, Geyer drove home with a 35.1 split to post a 2:14.66 for the win. Aronoff was second in 2:15.71. Third went to Hyde in 2:15.96.

Men’s 200 Breaststroke

B Final: Stephen Koenigsberger (Middlebury), Joe Brunk (Denison), Mark Newell (Kenyon), Trevor Manz (Kenyon), Gus Evans (Denison), Cooper Tollen (Emory), Eric Ruggieri (Emory), Chandler Lichtefeld (Emory)

Koenigsberger was out in 26.6 for the men from heat  1 of the200 breaststroke. At the halfway marker he still led in 57.1 with Manz and Newel just a smidge behind. Moving into the 150, Manz took over the lead with a 30.5 split. Koenigsberger moved to second with Newell in third. AT the 175, Manz was clearly out in front, and off a great pullout just built down the homestretch to a 1:59.88 win. Second was Newell with a strong final 50 to post a 2:01.22. Third went to Evans with a 2:01.74.

A Final: Matt Kendall (NYU), Michael Lagieski (Wash U), Steven Van Deventer (Occidental), Andrew Wilson (Emory), Kyle Walthall (York), Ian Reardon (Kenyon), Johnson Cochran (Calvin), Tim Lattimer (Williams)

With Wilson in the pool, anything is possible. He was out and up, first at the 25, then first to the 50 in a 25.7. Lagieski was second, Van Deventer third, but the race belonged just to Wilson from the start. At the 100, Wilson posted a 54.43. With a 50 to go, he was four body lengths ahead of the field, and split a 29.0. Van Deventer was three seconds behind with Lagieski a second behind him. At the final wall, Wilson posted a 1:52.97 to claim the national title. Second was Van Deventer six seconds behind in 1:58.84. Third was Lagieski in 1:59.80.

Men’s 3 Meter Diving

Jeffrey Matter (Fredonia), Asher Lichtig (Amherst), Matthew Rohrer (Tufts), Austin Howlett (Colorado), Will Guendes (Kalamazoo), Connor Dignan (Denison), Matt Morrison (Ithaca), Max Levy (Dension)

With his final dive, Levy snatched the top spot of men’s 3 meter diving. His final score placed him at the top of the standings with a 580.85, ten points ahead of teammate Connor Dignan who was the defending champion. Dignan’s score was a 570.60. Morrison of Ithaca came in third with 561.00 points.

 Women’s 400 Freestyle Relay

B Final: CMS, Middlebury, Bates, NYU, Gustavus, Chicago, Rochester, DePauw

In the B final of the women’s 400 freestyle relay, CMS grabbed the early lead with a 51.2 from lane 1. NYU was second with Bates in third beside them. At the halfway point, CMS held the lead still at 1:43.3. Middlebury moved up into second with Chicago taking over third. Going into the final leg of the relay, Gustavus secures the lead with a 2:35.3. With a 50 to go, it’s Gustavus with DePauw second and NYU third. Gustavus won the B final with a 3:25.84. NYU claimed seconds with a 3:26.96 and third went to Bates in 3:27.10.

A Final: MIT, Johns Hopkins, Denison, Kenyon, Williams, Wash U, Emory, Amherst

In the A final of the women’s 400 freestyle relay, MIT was out fast in the first 50 to the lead. At the 100, Kenyon was in the lead with a 50.7. Second was Emory with MIT sitting in third.. Coming through the first half of the second leg, Kenyon held the lead, just a tenth ahead of Denison with JHU moving into third. At the halfway point of the race, Denison snagged the lead with a 1:41.22. Kenyon was third with JHU in third. Going into the final leg of the relay, Denison held the lead in 2:31.2 with Williams moving into second and Kenyon third. Driving home with a final 50, Denison had the lead by over a second. Kenyon was second with Williams in third. A body length ahead at the wall, Denison grabbed the victory with a 3:21.49. Kenyon was second in 3:22.47. Third went to Williams with a 3:22.90.

 Men’s 400 Freestyle Relay

B Final: Keene St, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Amherst, Williams, Whitman, Trinity U, Albion

In the men’s B final of the 400 freestyle relay, Whitman got off to a good start with a 44.5 opening leg. JHU was second with Trinity in third. On the second leg, Trinity got into a bodylength lead on the field to post a 1:30.05. JHU was second with Williams in third. Trhough the first half of the third leg, Trinity held the lead with Williams moving into second and JHU in third. With a 100 to go, Williams is in the lead with a 2:15.4. JHU is second with Trinity in third. With a 50 to go, Williams held the lead, JHU second and Trinity still in third. Williams destroyed the final length, grabbing the victory with a 2:59.81. Second went to JHU in 3:01.40. Third went to Amherst in 3:01.47.

A Final: Wash U, DePauw, TCNJ, Gettysburg, Denison, Chicago, Kenyon, CMS

In the men’s 400 freestyle relay A final, TCNJ got out to a good start with a 20.7 from the first 50 of their leadoff. He had a body length lead coming into the 100 and posted a 44.03 for first with Denison in second. TCNJ was third. Gettysburg grabbed the lead at the 150 mark of the race. Coming into the halfway mark, it was Denison in 1:28.7 with TCNJ second and Gettysburg second. Denison held the lead through the first half of the third leg. Gettysburg jogged up to second with TCNJ in third. With a 100 to go, Denison held the lead at 2:13.5 with TCNJ second and Gettysburg third. Chicago grabs third going into the final 50. TCNJ is in the lead and at the wall, it goes to… Chicago and TCNJ with a 2:57.85 tie for first place! In third is Gettysburg with a 2:57.93.

Final Team Scores

 Place  Men’s Team  Final Score  Place  Women’s Team  Final Score
 1  Kenyon  468  1  Emory  603
 2  Denison  383  2  Denison  457.5
 3  Williams  292  3  Williams  434
 4  Emory  233  4  Kenyon  404
 5  CMS  204  5  Johns Hopkins  250
 6  Wash U  167  6  Amherst 173
 7  TCNJ  164  7  MIT 142
 8  Johns Hopkins  162  8  Wash U  120.5
 9  NYU  153  9  NYU 116
 10  MIT  151.5  10  Gustavus 99.5
 11  DePauw  125  11  Bates 91
 12  Gettysburg  123  12  Wheaton IL 84
 13  Amherst  107  13  Chicago 82
 14  Chicago  94  14  DePauw 63
 15  Whitman  76  15  St Thomas  61
 16  Keene St  66  16  CMS 60.5
 17  Trinity U  57  17  Stevens  41
 18  Mary Washington  54  18 UWEC 40
 19  Conn  52  18 Middlebury 40
 20  USMMA  47  20 Wellesley 37
 21  Redlands  46  21  Whitewater 36
 22  Rowan  45  21  Luther  36
 23  BSC  41  23  Fredonia  34
 23  Tufts  41  24  Hope 33
 25  St Thomas  37  25  Trinity U 31
 26  Ithaca  33  26  Centre 27
 26  Fredonia  33  27  La Verne  26
 28  Occidental  31  28  Rochester  24.5
 28  Calvin  31  29  Geneseo  24
 30  W&L  29  30  Lake Forest  23
 31  Kalamazoo  28  30  Springfield  23
 32  York  26  32  Ithaca  18
 33  Whitworth  22  33  Keene St  16
 34  Behrend  20  34  Rensselaer  15
 35  Widener  19.5  34  IWU  15
 36  Pomona-Pitzer  17 36  Rose-Hulman  14
 37  Bates  16  37  VASSAR  12
 38  Union  14  38  Mount Holyoke 11
 38  Middlebury  14 39  Conn  10
 40  Westminster  13  39  Kalamazoo  10
 40  Stevens  13 41 CMU  9
 40  UWL  13  42  Pomona-Pitzer  8
 40  Rose-Hulman  13 43  Westfield State  6.5
 44  Coast Guard  12 44 Grove City  6
 45  Colorado  11 45  Ursinus  1
 46  Hartwick  10 45  Carleton  1
 47  Springfield  9
 47  Geneseo  9
 49 Case Western  8
 49  CMU  8
 51  Stevens Point  5
 52  Albion  2
 52  WPI  2
 52  Lake Forest  2

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Andrew Wilson. STUNNING race. He’s had the best meet in D3 history. Congratulations, Andrew! Go Eagles!


Your live update on the Women’s 1650 seems “not live” but reproduced from the announcer and camera team. Unfortunately they didn’t capture the second place finish which Pierce clearly won making for a mistake in your reporting of the race. Sorry to bring this bad news to you as I really like the job you have done covering this meet!

By the way, the announcer and camera crew also blew the coverage of Thompson’s amazing anchor and Williams win in the 800 free relay on Friday night. Do they have something against Williams?

Andrew Majeske

Wow–every stroke and both IM records were broken!! Plus the 500/mile in freestyle. Only Zach Turk’s sprints and the 200 free didn’t get broken. And most of these record breaks were measured in seconds, not tenths.

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