2015 ACC Men’s Championships: Day 4 Prelims Real Time Recap

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February 28th, 2015 ACC, College, News



NC State cemented their lead last night, finishing with a total of 896 points. If they continue to swim like they have been over the course of the meet, they will win the meet tonight. The team race is going to be a three way battle for second between Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and Louisville.

Virginia Tech is in second with 850 points, North Carolina is in third with 821 points, and Louisville is fourth at 771 points. The Hokies will need a big day to hold onto second place, but a strong morning for Louisville or North Carolina could bump them into into a second place finish.

200 Backstroke

  • 2014 ACC Champion – Luke Papendcik, UVA – 1:40.99
  • NCAA “A” Standard – 1:40.88
  • ACC Record – 1:40.53 – Stephen Coetzer, NC State, 2014

NC State’s Hennessey Stuart opened the morning session with a new ACC record in the 200 backstroke and the fourth fastest time in the country this year of 1:39.73. Stuart broke his teammate Stephen Coetzer‘s record from last year of 1:40.53. Coetzer also made it in the final with at fourth with a time of 1:42.25.  Virginia Tech’s Robert Owen qualified second at 1:41.45.

The 200 backstroke is going to be a good event for Louisville. Aaron Greene led a group of three Cardinals into the A final with his time of 1:41.89 for third. Nolan Tesone qualified fifth at 1:42.48 and Grigory Tarasevich was 6th at 1:42.71.

Patrick Myers from UNC qualfifed seventh at 1:42.96 and UVA’s Austin Quinn rounded out the A final with a 1:43.29.

It took a 1:43.29 to make the A final, a 1:44.75 to make the B final, and a 1:47.50 to make the C final.

100 Freestyle

  • 2014 ACC Champion – Simonas Bilis, NC State – 42.26
  • NCAA “A” Standard – 42.51
  • ACC Record – 42.19 – Simonas Bilis, NC State, 2014

Georgia Tech’s Andrew Kosic claims the top seed in the men’s 100 freestyle with his time of 42.30 in his home pool. His teammate, Youssef Hammoud, also qualified for the A final in 6th with his time of 43.19. NCSU’s Simonas Bilis will be going for his third individual win of the meet after winning the 50 and 200. He is seeded second at 42.45. His teammate, Ryan Held, is third at 42.53, David Williams is fourth at 42.82, and Soeren Dahl is the fourth swimmer for NC State to make the A final with his 43.27 in seventh place.

Owen Burns from Virginia Tech qualified 5th with his time of 42.86, and Louisville’s Trevor Carroll was the final swimmer to make the A final at 43.29.

It took a 43.29 to make the A final, a 44.08 to make the B final, and a 44.29 to make the B final.

200 Breaststroke

  • 2014 ACC Champion – Zach Stephens, ND, 1:53.34
  • NCAA “A” Standard – 1:53.68
  • ACC Record – 1:53.13 – Rob Holderness, Florida State, 2011

Louisville’s Thomas Dhalia claimed the top seed in the 200 breaststroke with his time of 1:54.74. Louisville also put three other swimmers into the A final. Addison Bray is second at 1:55.29, Carlos Claverie is fourth at 1:55.51, and Todd Owen finished tied for 7th at 1:56.70.

Duke’s Peter Kropp qualified third at 1:55.34. He will be looking for redemption in this event after being disqualified in the 100 last night. Virginia Tech put one swimmer in the final with a 1:56.31 from Brandon Fiala in fifth.

Florida State’s Jason Coombs qualified 6th at 1:56.51, and UNC’s Kurt Wohlrab tied for 7th with his time of 1:56.70.

It took a 1:56.70 to make the A final, a 1:58.12 to make the B final, and a 2:00.45 to make the C final.

200 Butterfy

  • 2014 ACC Champion – Christian McCurdy, NC State
  • NCAA “A” Standard – 1:42.85
  • ACC Record – 1:41.72 – Christian McCurdy, NC State

Defending ACC champion Christian McCurdy posted an NCAA “A” cut time of  1:42.51 to earn the top seed in the 200 butterfly. His teammate, John Newell, also earned a spot in the A final with his 7th place time of 1:44.70.

Florida State put two swimmers in the big final. Connor Knight qualified in second at 1:42.92 and Cole Hensley was 6th at 1:44.68.

Virginia Tech’s Morgan Latimer finished 3rd at 1:43.28, and UNC’s Ben Colley was fourth at 1:44.25.

Notre Dame’s Jon Williamson posetd a time of 1:44.53 to qualify fifth, and Josh Quallen from Louisville earned the final spot in the final with his time of 1:44.91.

It took a 1:44.91 to make the A final, a 1:46.47 to make the B final, and a 1:48.96 to make the C final.

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Stuart Hennessey – 1:39.73 in 200 back – nobody saw that coming; NCSU just keeps on amazing.

CT Swim Fan

FYI his last name is Stuart, first name Hennessey.

NCAA Swim Watch

I think anybody associated with NCSU, formers swimmers, current swimmers, parents, general fans… they will tell you, they saw it coming.


He won scy winter jrs as a senior in high school and went 159 long course last summer…not a shocker


Great to see Colorado Swimmers thriving on the big stage. Congrats to Hennessey and Nolan. Keep it up and good luck at NCAA’s.


I’m a Wahoo (UVA grad) but now a Wolfpack fan. 🙂

I hope UVA men can get their crap together. It’s disgusting to see them place 8th out of 11 teams. This was once one of the proudest teams in the land. Nobody worked harder. Nobody was prouder. Nobody was more passionate about swimming.

I’d like to see that back. Kids leaving left and right, whatever the reason, isn’t the way. Get your crap together Augie or Wahoo fans won’t tolerate you much longer. 8th at the conference meet isn’t going to cut it under any circumstance.

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