2014 Pan Pacs – Day 3 Finals Recap – Ledecky Delivers Record Swim

2014 Pan Pacific Championships

Ryan Lochte scratched from the final heat of the men’s 200 backstroke after qualifying second this morning. He wanted to stay away from the 100 butterfly, 200 backstroke, 4×100 free relay  triple tonight, but also because on this day at worlds next year, it will be the 800 free relay instead of the 400 free relay.

For a full recap of day 3 prelims, click here. 

Women’s 100 fly

Meet record: 57.30, Jessica Schipper (AUS)
American record: 55.98, Dana Vollmer
Australian record: 56.23, Jessica Schipper
Canadian record: 57.27, Katerine Savard
Japanese record: 57.77, Yuka Kato
Australia All-comers record: 56.61, Inge de Bruijn (NED)

In a very close race, Alicia Coutts got her hands on the wall to earn the Gold medal with her time of 57.64. China’s Ying Lu was right behind her at 57.76 for silver, and Kendyl Stewart of the Untied States won the bronze medal with her time of 57.82.

Emma McKeon was fourth for Australia at 57.85, Katerine Savard was fifth for Canada at 57.95, and Claire Donahue finished 6th with her time of 58.31.

After that race, Kendyl Stewart and Claire Donahue will represent the United States in this event at the 2015 World Championships.

American Felicia Lee improved to a 58.37 to win the B-final of the women’s 100 butterfly. Madeline Groves was second for Australia at 58.88 and Natsumi Hoshi was third at 59.20 for Japan.

Men’s 100 fly

Meet record: 50.86, Michael Phelps (USA)
American record: 49.82, Michael Phelps
Australian record: 50.85, Andrew Lauterstein
Canadian record: 52.28, Joe Bartoch
Japanese record: 51.00, Kohei Kawamoto
Australia All-comers record: 50.77, Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps won the gold medal in the men’s 100 butterfly with his time of 51.29. This is his first individual gold medal at a championship meet since making his comeback. Ryan Lochte finished second with a 51.67. Even though Tom Shields did not swim the event tonight, his time from nationals will hold up. Phelps and Shields will represent the United States in this event at the 2015 World Championships next summer.

Hirofumi Ikebata finished third for the bronze medal with his time of 52.50 for Japan. Tommaso D’Orsogna was fourth for Australia and Brazil’s Thiago Pereira finished fifth at 52.71.

Tim Phillips won the B-final of the men’s 100 butterfly with his time of 51.52. He would have finished second had he been in the A-final with that time. Australian Jayden Hadler finished second at 53.07, and Masato Sakai was third at 53.38.

Women’s 400 free

Meet record: 4:04.53, Janet Evans (USA)
American record: 3:58.86, Katie Ledecky
Australian record: 4:03.40, Kylie Palmer
Canadian record: 4:05.06, Brittany MacLean
Japanese record: 4:05.19, Ai Shibata
Australia All-comers record: 4:02.61, Laure Manaudou (FRA)

Katie Ledecky has no limit! After breaking the World Record at US Nationals earlier this month with her time of 3:58.86, Ledecky took almost another half a second off her record to improve to a 3:58.37. Her teammte, Cierra Runge, finished second with a time of 4:04.55. That pair will represent the United States next year the 2015 World Championships. Lauren Boyle won the bronze medal for New Zealand with her time of 4:05.33. 

Canadian Brittany Maclean just missed the podium at 4:05.91 and Andreina Pinto from Venezuela was fifth at 4:07.51.

American Leah Smith dropped close to a second from her morning swim to improve to a time of 4:06.91 and win the B-final of the women’s 400 freestyle. Australian Jessica Ashwood finished second at 4:10.14 and Chihiro Igarashi from Japan was third at 4:13.72.

Men’s 400 free

Meet record: 3:41.83, Ian Thorpe (AUS)
American record: 3:42.78, Larsen Jensen
Australian record: 3:40.08, Ian Thorpe
Canadian record: 3:43.46, Ryan Cochrane
Japanese record: 3:43.90, Kosuke Hagino
Australia All-comers record: 3:40.54, Ian Thorpe (AUS)

Park Taehwan of Korea won the men’s 400 freestyle with a time of 3:43.15. Japan’s Kosuke Hagino finished second for the silver medal with his time of 3:44.56, followed by Connor Jaeger with the bronze at 3:45.31.

Ryan Cochrane was fourth at 3:45.99 and Mack Horton finished fifth with his time of 3:46.19. Sixth place went to David McKeon at 3:46.40.

Australian Jordan Harrison won the B-final of the men’s 400 freestyle with his time of 3:47.45. Matt McLean of the United States finished second, just behind Harrison at 3:47.70. Matthew Stanley from New Zealand was third with his time of 3:50.75.

Women’s 200 back

Meet record: 2:07.48, Elizabeth Pelton (USA)
American record: 2:04.06 Missy Franklin
Australian record: 2:06.06 Belinda Hocking
Canadian record: 2:06.80, Hilary Caldwell
Japanese record: 2:07.13, Reiko Nakamura
Australia All-comers record: 2:06.68, Belinda Hocking (AUS)

Australian Belinda Hocking missed the meet record by .01 seconds to touch the wall at 2:07.49 for the gold medal in the women’s 200 backstroke. Her teammate and 100 backstroke Pan Pacs champion, Emily Seebohm, grabbed the silver with her time of 2:07.61. Elizabeth Beisel improved to a 2:08.33 to win the bronze medal. Her time is also fast enough to bump Kathleen Baker from the World Championship’s roster in this event. Missy Franklin and Beisel will represent team USA in this event next year at the 2015 World Championships.

Missy Franklin finished fourth at 2:08.82 and Canadian Hilary Caldwell was fifth at 2:09.02.

Liz Pelton won the B-final of the women’s 200 backstroke with her time of 2:09.36. Brooklynn Snodgrass finished second at 2:09.76, and Genevieve Cantin was third at 2:10.76.

Men’s 200 back

Meet record: 1:54.12, Ryan Lochte (USA)
American record: 1:51.92, Aaron Peirsol
Australian record: 1:55.26, Mitch Larkin
Canadian record: 1:57.34, Matthew Hawes
Japanese record: 1:52.51, Ryosuke Irie
Australia All-comers record: 1:54.06, Ryosuke Irie (JPN)

In the men’s 200 backstroke, Tyler Clary fought to the wall to win the gold medal with his time of 1:54.91. Ryosuke Irie finished second for the silver medal at 1:55.14, and Mitchell Larkin of Australia was third for bronze ar 1:55.27.

Ryan Murphy finished fourth at 1:56.17. Although he was a little off his time form nationals, he and Tyler Clary will represent the United States next summer at the 2014 World Championships.

Josh Beaver finished fifth with his time of 1:57.70.

Hayate Matsubara won the B-final for Japan with his time of 1:57.94, followed by Fabio Santi in second at 2:00.17.

Women’s 4×100 free relay

Meet record: 3:35.11 USA (Coughlin, Hardy, Weir, Vollmer) 2010
American record: 3:32.31 (Franklin, Coughlin, Vreeland, Romano), 2013
Australian record: 3:30.98 (Campbell, Schlanger, McKeon, Campbell) 2014
Canadian record: 3:37.09 (Poon, Mainville, Van Landeghem, Cheverton) 2013
Japanese record: 3:37.96 (Ueda, Matsumoto, Uchida, Ito) 2012
Australia All-comers record: 3:35.48 Australia (Lenton, Schlanger, Reese, Henry) 2007

The relay team of Cate Cambell, Brittany Elmslie, Melanie Schlanger, and Bronte Campbell from Australia won the Gold medal in the women’s 4×100 freestyle, breaking the meet and Australian All-comer record with their time of 3:32.46. If you look at all of their spltis, every swimmer except one was under 53 seconds.

The United States women finished second at 3:24.23 and Japan won the bronze at 3:39.06.

Men’s 4×100 free relay

Meet record: 3:11.74, USA (Phelps, Lochte, Lezak, Adrian) 2010
American record: 3:08.24 (Phelps, Berens, Walters, Lochte) 2009
Australian record: 2:09.91 (Sullivan, Lauterstein, Callus, Targett) 2008
Canadian record: 3:12.26 (Hayden, Greenshields, Russell, Say) 2008
Japanese record: 3:14.73 (Fujii, Okumura, Yamamoto, Uchida) 2009
Australia All-comers record: 3:12.72 USA (Phelps, Walker, Jones, Lezak) 2007

The Australian men followed suit, winning the final relay of the day. They touched at 3:12.80, followed by the united states at 3:13.36.cBrazil finished third with their time of 3:13.59.

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Where is the live stream at?


There is/has been no live stream for finals as it is on TV live in Australia


No live stream


Coutts 57.64
Lu 57.76
Stewart 57.82
100 fly


Stewart’s success has really been a gift this season! She never broke 59 before, never mind 58!


First individual title in his comeback for phelps in his favorite event in 51.29. Lochte distant second but couldn’t displace shields time from the nationals

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