18YO WJR Holder Miron Lifintsev Has Dropped Nearly 4 Seconds in the 100m Back in Under 2 Years

18-Year-Old Miron Lifintsev just broke the World Jr Record in the 100m back, swimming a 52.34. But that’s not the crazy part.

Lifintsev has dropped nearly 4 SECONDS in under 2 years from his 100 back time. in July of 2022, his best time was 56.12.

Lifintsev’s Progression In The 100m Backstroke:

56.12 July 2022
55.12 July 2022
54.74 April 2023
53.52 April 2023
53.27 July 2023
53.14 July 2023
52.96 July 2023

Lifintsev’s Top 5 100m Backstroke Performances:

  1. *52.34 — April 2024, Russian Championships
  2. 52.66 — April 2024, Russian Championships
  3. 52.96 — July 2023, Russian Swimming Cup
  4. 53.14 — July 2023, Russian Swimming Cup
  5. 53.27 — July 2023, Russian Swimming Cup

…And yes, I pronounced his name wrong the whole video. I apologize.

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Aussie Crawl
1 month ago

What’s he on ??

1 month ago

I don’t think he will go to Paris 2024, maybe Los Angeles 2028, if things change

1 month ago

Rounded up a bit!?!?

cant kick cant pull
1 month ago

i hope he did it in swedes ala rylov

1 month ago

It’s similar to what Armstrong did to ultimately make the Tokyo Olympic team.

56.40 July 2019
52.48 June 2021

A drop of 3.92 seconds.

Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

Armstrong also didn’t start training year-round until his Senior year of high school. Before that he was a multi (seasonal) sport athlete.

Sacre Bleu!
Reply to  SwimCoach
1 month ago

Funny there’s always explanation for American swimmers when they did amazing improvements, but when swimmers from other countries do it, they must be cheating.

cant kick cant pull
Reply to  Sacre Bleu!
1 month ago

now you’ve done it. gone and got the yanks all fired up

IU Kicker
Reply to  Sacre Bleu!
1 month ago

It appears that you have not swam at a high level in the US. American swimmers are drug tested a lot.

Sacre Bleu!
Reply to  IU Kicker
1 month ago

I mean, Lance Armstrong was drug tested a lot more than any American swimmer.

Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

similar to Jacoby too, PB of 1:09.62 in August 2019 -> 1:04.95 in July 2021 is a 4.67 drop

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