16-Year-Old Alexa McDevitt Picks up Trials Cut with 4:48.62 400 IM (Mission Viejo PSS)


This post is dedicated to highlighting some of the swims that may have flown under the radar on day three of the 2023 Pro Swim Series in Mission Viejo. The purpose of our “Swims You Might Have Missed” installments is to provide coverage to some of the big lifetime bests and new cuts achieved that take place further down on the results and don’t receive coverage in our live recaps.

Day three of the meet was an exciting one. Let’s start with Bellevue Club Swim Team 16-year-old Alexa McDevitt, who won the ‘B’ final of the women’s 400 IM in a massive new personal best of 4:48.62. Coming into the meet, McDevitt’s lifetime best in the LCM 400 IM was a 4:56.98, which she swam at the Futures Championship in Santa Clara last summer. Not only did McDevitt post the third-fastest time overall in the event last night, she picked up the Olympic Trials cut for the women’s 400 IM as well. The Trials cut stands at 4:49.89, which means McDevitt cleared it by more than a second.

Also in the women’s 400 IM last night, Sammie Segerson and Sophie Segerson, who I can only assume are twin sisters because they are both 15 and swim for Bellevue Club Swim Team, both swam big lifetime bests in the event. Sammie had her swim in prelims, where she roared to a 4:53.76, which took more than five seconds off her previous best in the event. Additionally, Sammie qualified for the ‘A’ final with her prelims performance. She ended up finishing eighth in the ‘A’ final with a 5:00.90. Sophie, on the other hand, swam a personal best of 4:56.11 in prelims, qualifying for the ‘B’ final, where she then lowered her time again, finishing in 4:54.64. Both Segerson girls picked up Summer Junior Nationals cuts with their swims, as well as US Open cuts.

Sticking with the 400 IM, Noah Cakir, a 16-year-old out of Team Suffolk Swim Club, threw down a new personal best of 4:27.22 in the men’s 400 IM. With the performance, Cakir took a little more than two seconds off his previous best of 4:29.34, which he just swam at the end of March at the ISCA International Senior Cup. Cakir picked up a US Open cut with the swim, and is inching closer and closer to the Olympic Trials cut, which stands at 4:25.19.

Another Bellevue Club Swim Team product, 16-year-old Andrew Jin, popped a big new lifetime best in prelims of the men’s 200 free, swimming a 1:52.09. With the performance, Jin took 1.57 seconds off his previous best of 1:53.66, which he swam last July. His swim marks a new US Open cut in the event.

Pikes Peak Athletics 15-year-old Madi Mintenko continues dropping time. She’s chipping away at her 200 free, swimming a 2:00.47 to win the ‘B’ final of the women’s 200 free last night. That swim comes in 0.12 seconds under her previous best of 2:00.59, which she swam at the Westmont Pro Swim Series in April. Mintenko already had the Olympic Trials cut in the event and is now inching ever closer to breaking the 2:00 barrier.

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15 days ago

Alexa had such a great reaction to her swim last night. So fun to see!

15 days ago

Bellevue Club’s Coach Abi Liu legacy continues. 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏

Reply to  Anonymous
13 days ago

Abi is a skilled coach, but these swimmers are not a complete product of her coaching. She came onto a team that was already filled with talent, and a group of swimmers who were already extremely fast before even joining bellevue club. So yes, due to Bellevue’s facilities and the inevitable time drops that come with age group swimming, you could say Abi has coached these swimmers to success at this meet. But to say that she’s continuing her coaching legacy is a little far fetched when these swimmers were coached by a completely different club, and coach (for those vet bellevue swimmers) up until a little less than a year ago. If anything, she has a great legacy of… Read more »

Reply to  Anonymous
12 days ago

So I’m curious how long does she have to coach the swimmers for you to give her credit as an effective coach? She has been coaching at BCST since Sept 2021 Alexa and the Segersons have been training with her for a year now? It’s like saying a college coach deserves no credit for a swimmers performance after a full year with them. Due to Bellevue Club’s facilities is also a curious comment: just because you have a weight room and stable pool time doesn’t necessarily mean that athletes will be successful. People can keep doubting her but Abi will continue to produce exceptional swimmers.