11 Swimmers Who Went Hard on Halloween

The overflowing competitive spirit and the extra burst of creativity that comes from spending most of your life underwater means that swimmers don’t mess around when it comes to holidays. Though most of us don’t end up getting the night off practice, and our coaches sure don’t want us to go into a candy coma, these 10 swimmers (or swim teams) still found a way to go hard this Halloween.

1. Lilly King as David Bowie

David Bowie changed the music world forever. Lilly King has made her mark as the fastest women’s breaststroker in history. Both can rock a blazer. Apt comparison.

2. Angry Birdie Meyers

As Paralympic gold medalist Becca Meyers‘s service dog, Birdie Meyers is the honorary canine swimmer we need but don’t deserve. Especially as an Angry Bird.

3. Georgetown Taking On Costumed Dryland

I mean, dryland is difficult enough in gym shorts.

4. Molly Hannis in the Hundred Acre Wood

See #3.

5. Team TYR with the More Minimalist Approach

Happy Halloween ??? What’s the scariest set you’ve ever done? @michaelchadwick95 @leahsmith19 @beefytshields @tyrsport #teamtyr #tyrtuesday

A post shared by lia m. neal (@lia_neal) on

Michael Chadwick and Lia Neal rock bowties-on-a-stick, Leah Smith is an adorable cat, and Tom Shields is a leaf… face?

6. Emmanuel College Athlete Loses Their Head

Happy Halloween from EC Swimming team ? #goeclions @sanaduga ?? @mat.dnj ?? @ecswimming …. ? @orregoc1

A post shared by EC Swimming (@ecswimming) on

Ahh… the old chop off your teammate’s head for a photo op. #doitforthegram

7. Southwestern University Basically Invents a New Event

Introducing the #SwimCostumeChallenge ! Our team came up with these 4 AWESOME costumes made up of only items from their gear bags in 5 mins!!! Be sure to vote for your favorite in their separate posts and we challenge all you swimmers out there to see what you got! @swimswamnews #swimming #halloween #besouthwestern #collegeswimming #scacswim #scac #ncaaswimdive #crushedit #herewegobucs

A post shared by Southwestern Swim & Dive (@supiratesswim) on

There is a whole game here. You lose points for putting someone else’s snorkel in your mouth.

8. Coast Guard Blue Dolphins Show Depth Is Key in Team-Building and Jack-o-Lanterns

Image via @cgbdswimming

The Coast Guard Blue Dolphins are clearly skilled in pumpkin carving, but I’m even more impressed that none of their ten pumpkins are triangle-eyed smiley faces. It’s strength all the way down the roster.

9. Caeleb Dressel as Khal Drogo

Bend Da Knee #khal #khaleesi

A post shared by Caeleb Dressel (@caelebdressel) on

Since the Dothraki are supposed to be terrified of water, Caeleb-Dressel-Khal-Drogo would automatically overcome many of the Game of Thrones character’s biggest weaknesses, thus allowing him to take over all of Essos and the Seven Kingdoms. It is known.

10. Basically Caeleb Dressel as Caeleb Dressel

It’s @caelebdressel! #halloween #swimcostume #swimming @gatorsswimdv ?: @patrickfurbay

A post shared by SwimSwam (@swimswamnews) on

And while Caeleb Dressel is busy leading the Dothraki into combat, Patrick Furbay can grab his spot at the University of Florida.

(Update) 11. Michael Andrew Is So Intense We Change the List from 10 to 11 Swimmers

Spider-Man can do it all! #HappyHalloween #DontTryThisAtHome #Spiderman #Halloween #NotFake @swimswamnews

A post shared by Michael Andrew (@swimmermichael) on

The moment we hit “publish” on this article, Michael Andrew posted this absolute masterpiece. Though Molly Hannis won Halloweekend, Michael Andrew is the hero of Halloween 2k17.

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Steve Nolan

I know he’s generally pretty polarizing, but I hope we can all at least come together and agree that Michael Andrew’s dog running around on deck while wearing a cone is fantastic.


It really was lol


Why is he polarizing?


oh, my sweet summer child.

Steve Nolan

aw, you must be new here.

Just visit the comments under any post that mentions him. Doesn’t matter if he set a new PR or pulled a Pickrem and got out of the pool after swimming half a race, people will have OPINIONS.


Pickrem situation was different…

Steve Nolan

Sure, every situation is different. It was just what I could think of as a worst-possible race for him.


I totally understand, but we’ve known about him forever and he’s 18. He’s been a kid for the whole time we’ve known of him, and he still kind of is a kid. He’s not the next Michael Phelps, but he wasn’t self proclaimed. He is a phenomenal swimmer and he probably will make the next Olympics in some capacity now that he’ll be a little older. I just don’t understand why this community hates the kid


I don’t think he will make it IMO. It’s because he doesn’t train with a team and his dad is his coach


Didn’t stop lezak! The kid is 18. Most male Olympians are a few years older when they start to really progress to elite


Wow Michael Andrew has a nice personal pool


How is Michael Andrew swimming in a costume race specific training?


it’s not training it’s a Halloween celebration


..oh boy…

Tea rex

I get that was a joke

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