Video: Jack Conger Meets Jeff Kostoff After Breaking 30-Year Old Record

  2 SwimSwam | February 10th, 2013 | Featured

Watch the video below, as Jack Conger and Jeff Kostoff meet after the former broke the latter’s 30-year old National High School Record in the 500 yard freestyle.

See more about Conger’s incredible swim here.

Thanks again to Matt Rees for all of his hard work at this weekend’s Metro Championships, including making this once-in-a-lifetime meeting happen.

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  1. cynthia curran says:

    Gee, it took 30 years to brak the record, I guess not a enough swimmers put in the yardage. In 1983 it put you in the very elite of siwmmming.

    • coacherik says:

      Not sure if its necessarily the yardage that determined the record breaker. I am pretty sure there were plenty of boys who came awful close to this that did as much if not more volume then Mr. Conger from 83-13..

      Could be advances in training techniques, dry-land, nutrition, turning technique (pressing his chest into the turn) or underwater kicking (although there wasn’t ton in his race)?

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