Yoga for Swimmers – Developing Body Awareness (Video)

The yoga for swimmers video above provides both coaches and swimmers with a tool to develop greater body awareness.

There are three main ways that swimmers can to improve their body awareness through this yoga for swimmers practice:

  1. Balance – When doing any balancing pose you need have a keen sense of awareness and understand how your body reacts to the balance to be able to make adjustments to stay in the pose
  2. Comparison – When going through a yoga session consistently bring your attention to how a pose feels on one side of the body compared to the other. Another way to develop body awareness is to go back to the same pose more than once in a session and compare how you felt in the pose the first time to how you feel in the pose thereafter
  3. Mindfulness – Having your attention and focus on the present moment will allow you to have greater awareness of how you hold and move your body

This Yoga for Swimmers video focuses on using comparison to develop body awareness.


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