Yelyzaveta Yakhno Steals the Show in LA, Jiang sisters Win Duet

Courtesy: FINA

Ukraine’s Yelyzaveta Yakhno pocketed both gold up for grabs in the Solo Technical and Solo Free this weekend in Los Angeles, USA, at the 8th leg of of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series.

Yakhno collected 89.4811 points for the Technical routine, while she earned an impressive 91.3667 for her Free performance. Canada’s Jacqueline Simoneau ranked second in both event (88.0345 and 91.2000 respectively), while Japan’s Minami Kono secured the last spot on the podium (85.5096 and 89.1667).

Yakhno did not stop there as she added another two silver medals to her tally in the Duet events. With partner Anastasiya Savchuk, the Ukrainians got 89.8886 in the Duet Technical and 91.8333 in the Free.

Chinese sisters Jiang Ting Ting and Wen Wen were the best in both the duet events. The twins earned 90.0649 points for their Technical routine, while they bagged 92.4667 for the Free. Minami Kono and Yuriko Osawa of Japan completed the podium.

Ukraine continued to ensure the show this weekend by clinching gold in every single team events (Team Technical 89.5333, Team Free 91.6667, Free Combination 92.0000, Highlight 92.6333).

Italian pair Giorgio Minisini and Manila Flamini took gold in the mixed events, with 89.1667 points for their Free routine and 87.2572 for the technical performance.

Colombia and the U.S. were the other nations winning a medal this weekend.

You can read detailed reports about the Los Angeles meet on FINA website.

The ten-leg circuit next stops in Syros Island, Greece, from June 15-17.

The provisional ranking is available here.

Medallists in Los Angeles (USA)

Solo Technical
1. Yelyzaveta Yakhno (UKR) 89.4811; 2. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) 88.0345; 3. Minami Kono (JPN) 85.5096

Solo Free
1.  Yelyzaveta Yakhno (UKR) 91.3667; 2. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) 91.2000; 3. Minami Kono (JPN) 89.1667

Duet Technical
1. Jiang Ting Ting and Jiang Wen Wen (CHN) 90.0649; 2. Yelyzaveta Yakhno and Anastasiya Savchuk (UKR) 89.8886; 3. Minami Kono and Yuriko Osawa (JPN) 86.3859

Duet Free
1. Jiang Ting Ting and Jiang Wen Wen (CHN) 92.4667; 2. Yelyzaveta Yakhno and Anastasiya Savchuk (UKR) 91.8333; 3. Minami Kono and Yuriko Osawa (JPN) 90.2000

Mixed Duet Technical
1. Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini (ITA) 87.2572; 2. Ingrid Usuga and Jhair Galeano (COL) 76.4896

Mixed Duet Free
1. Giorgio Minisini and Manila Flamini (ITA) 89.1667; 2. Jhair Galeano and Ingrid Usuga (COL) 78.1000

Team Technical
1. Ukraine (UKR) 89.5333; 2. Japan (JPN) 87.6724; 3. Canada (CAN) 85.9062

Team Free
1. Ukraine (UKR) 91.6667; 2. Canada (CAN) 86.9667; 3. United States (USA) 84.333

Free Combination
1. Ukraine (UKR) 92.0000; 2. Japan (JPN) 89.3000; 3. United States (USA) 83.5667

1. Ukraine (UKR) 92.6333; 2. Japan (JPN) 89.3333

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