After Year of Delays, Brazil Elects Miguel Cagnoni CBDA President

Almost exactly one year after the originally-scheduled elections, the Brazilian Swimming Federation (CBDA) has elected Miguel Cagnoni as its president.

It’s been a year of turmoil for the federation. Former president Coaracy Nunes was arrested on allegations of corruption and embezzlement, the nation’s election system was questioned by international swimming organizers and the elections themselves kept getting pushed back for legal reasons. You can read our full coverage on the election timeline below:

Now, Brazilian media report that Cagnoni has been officially elected as president of the CBDA, a term he’ll hold until February of 2021. While last June, FINA announced it would not recognize the results of Brazil’s election until national statutes were brought into alignment with FINA rules, Brazilian news site reports that if Brazil’s election was delayed until March 1, the federation could be suspended. The CBDA, though, held its elections on February 28, electing Cagnoni, who was originally elected last June.

Cagnoni made clear that he and his staff stand as an “opposition group” to former president Nunes. Luis Fernando Coelho de Oliveira will serve as deputy.

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