WR for Phoenix Swim Club in the Lane Line Change

  17 Garrett McCaffrey | August 08th, 2012 | Club, Lifestyle

Many of our long course seasons have come to a close and it’s time to start thinking about the short pool again. 5:28 is the time to beat to turn your pool from long course to short course. Video tape it with some kind of clock for proof of time, upload it to youtube and put the link on the comments under this video. Maybe we’ll throw in a prize for the winning team. Let the competition begin!

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how about having 2 sets of lane lines. one set, set up LCM, and the other set ready to be pulled in SCY. this would take about 30 seconds haha.

But do be careful if you ever try it. The angular momentum of a reel end of a lane line coming out of the water will cause serious injury if it hit someone.

Prove it.


How many people are involved in this? it takes our staff 30+ minutes to do with 6 people. I’d really like to see it drop to 5 min though.

Staff… thats your problem right there. It’s a swimmers job

WCAB time is the fastest I have seen LCM to SCY. Carmel Sr1 group routinely changes 23 SCY lanes to 10 LCM lanes in under 5 minutes sometimes with a bulkhead move added in. However, to compare apples to apples, there would need to be consensus on lots of variables. Fins being only one of them. Does the clock start with lane lines tight or when they are un-hooked and start to move (looks like they are loose already in WCAB video). As mentioned above there should be at least two different “classes” depending on the length of lane lines (SCY w/extensions v. LCM & SCY with full removal v. SCM in a 50m x 25m pool). WCAB set the… Read more »

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