World Record Holder Sun Yang Was Banned After Positive Doping Test

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang was banned for three months this summer, beginning on May 17th, 2014, after a positive test for the substance Trimetazidine, FINA announced this morning.

Sun tested positive for the specified stimulant at the Chinese National Championships and was quietly given a three-month suspension that was expired in time for him to compete and win gold in the 400 and 1500 meter individual freestyles, and the 400 free relay at the Asian Games in late September.

In addition, the Chinese Swimming Association suspended Sun’s doctor, Ba Zhen, for one year.

Trimetazidine is a prescription drug used to treat angina, or plaque buildup in the arteries; and in some countries to treat ringing in the ears and dizziness. It was only added to the WADA banned list in January of 2014.

As a World Anti-Doping Code “specified substance,” Sun was given the opportunity to establish how the substance entered his body and that it was not intended to enhance his sport performance. According to CHINADA deputy director Zhao Jia, Sun “proved with sufficient evidence that he did not intend to cheat…but his failure to inform the doping control official should be punished all the same.”’

Sun is the current World Record holder in the men’s 1500 meter freestyle and won four medals (including two golds) at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Updated with comment from CHINADA deputy director.

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7 years ago

Yang, u are a legend in your own mind ! then u say u are the king, yeah, king of ……………..
Was not that long ago, there was a female Chinese swimmer built like Arnold Schwarzenegger who won a Gold medal.
Came from no where and after the event disappeared into thin air, strange that…

Gui Pattison
7 years ago

Just like Russia, typical Communist cheating program and punishment is a scolding by a feather. BAN FOR LIFE these CHEATS

Sun yang is a cheating hog
7 years ago

He is also on human growth hormone. You can tell by the widening of his cheeks, which is a common symptom of hgh injections. He is a cheater and deserves to be banned permanently from the sport.

Jen denman
7 years ago

Nothing but a drug cheat world records mean nothing when you cheat to win

7 years ago

Trimetazidine is no longer banned in World Anti Doping Code 2015. So what Sun Yang encountered was INCONSISTENT ANTI DOPING RULE. Also means he did not cheat.

7 years ago

Trimetazidine was banned due to its chemical formula similar to certain specified substance. But it not enhance sports performance. That’s why it had been removed in 2015. Sun is the only athlete banned by Trimetazidine.

7 years ago

Trimetazidine is no longer banned in World Anti Doping Code 2015. So what Sun Yang encountered was INCONSISTENT ANTI DOPING RULE. Also means he did not cheat.

9 years ago

I find that the whole episode ridiculous and humorous!! In house (China) competition whereby he can win effortlessly and of he ended with a considerable slow time! and detected with recently banned stimulant-trimetazidine- which is prescribed for related heart problems. His team’s doctor (barefoot doctor who doctored banned substance aka ‘ninja’) should be banned from the swimming circle for such a ‘silly’ controversy for mismanaging the welfare of an athlete. Maybe his mentor in Australia should enlighten us why his raw talents and perfect coached techniques need extra stimulant-analogous to an addictive for engine oil for better fuel consumption and clean engine- for his outstanding feats which was painfully trained for years for the enjoyment of the world swimming fraternities… Read more »

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