5 tips for restocking your swim bag

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1. Play to Your Strengths

Pick one product that indulges what do you best in a workout. Are you a killer kicker? Try the Alignment Kickboard to further build leg strength. Love long pull sets? Try the Pulling Ankle Strap and the Foam Pull Buoy to make those arms work. Not sure what your strengths are? During your next workout, take an inventory what you enjoy most in a workout, or what comes easily to you and go from there.

2. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

Pick one product that will improve at least one aspect of your technique. Typically, the best products for technical improvement are those that provide immediate feedback. For instance, the Agility Paddles reinforce an early catch, or the Freestyler Paddles help lengthen each freestyle pull. Whatever your goal is, use a training tool to help you stay focused and consistent.

3. Treat Yourself

New gear is one of the best ways to stay motivated; so treat yourself to a product that makes training more fun! Maybe it’s a Neptune Underwater MP3 Player or a Competitor Monofin – whatever that product may be, choose one product that will add an element of variety and entertainment to your workouts.

4. Try Something New

Break up old routines with a product or training method that’s completely new to you. We get it, trying a new product is often intimidating but you wont change yourself unless you challenge yourself! Be patient – when first using a new product, use it for only 5-10 minutes at a time. When the 5-10 minutes is up, set the product aside and resume your workout as usual. Continue the 5-10 minute rule for 1-2 months – or until you feel entirely comfortable with the new tool. This method will promote proper technique and prevent the common frustration of adapting to a new product too quickly.

5. Ask Nicely 🙂

Holiday shopping is upon us and a wish list doesn’t serve much of a purpose if no one knows about it! Send your friends and family a short list of the products you have your eye on – they’ll appreciate the ideas and you’ll be far more likely to get what you want AND need this holiday season.

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