What Does your Training Swimsuit say about you?

by SwimSwam 5

September 01st, 2015 Industry, Lifestyle, Press Releases

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Just when we thought the swimming pool was a safe haven for not caring about what you look like… SWIM Practice FASHION is a ‘thing’ these days. Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed… or simply walk into training and you’re more than likely to see a whole plethora of every color, and type of swimsuits that exists.

So what does yours say about you…

Classic Black

You mean business. Maybe its not your favorite session but you are going to make sure every second of it counts! You’ve been working towards that time and nothing is going to stop you today!

Twinning with the Bestie

You’re reliable. Dressing like your training buddy isn’t about wanting to be just like them, but it does create a certain bond. You guys are in this together. You’ve got each other’s backs and you’re each stronger for it.

Cheeky Bikini Set

You’re sassy. So what if your butt hangs out a little? It’s a damn cute butt!

The Risk Taker

You’re the most stylish girl in your squad. You’re also known as the alpha dog, all the other girls come to you when they need fashion advice because they know you can take any swimsuit from boring to bangin’ in no time.

All Neon Swimsuits

You’ve got no time for haters. Why should you act all meek and blend into the background? You are feeling bubbly and exhilarated to train hard! You’re a force to be reckoned with in and out of the pool. You wished summer was all year round!

No Black

You’re self-motivated. Colors and prints are inspiring, and you want all the inspiration you can get. Hey, swimming training isn’t that bad. Good thing you’re not afraid of a challenge.

About Slix Australia

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Swim Gear News is courtesy of Slix Australia, a SwimSwam partner.

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Alex Mashburn
5 years ago

Can y’all do one of these but for guys?
And yes, my “y’all” is from Georgia.

Coach Mike 1952
5 years ago

Just wrote them directly asking the same thing.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
5 years ago

This reply just came: We will be releasing the boy’s/men’s version in the coming week. Keep an eye out on the website. Kindest Regards, Rachel

5 years ago

Wornout Layered suits with knots tied so to tighten the slack and create the best drag – badass swimmer