Welcome To Our Jungle-SCSU Swimming & Diving 2014-15 (Video)

by SwimSwam 1

March 18th, 2015 College, News, Video

Courtesy of Katherine Krajcik, Southern Connecticut State University.

Our coach Tim Quill gives us dozens of speeches every season, but there was one particular one that he gave this year that stuck with me and ended up being the main theme of this highlight video.

He has asked us more than once to think back to the best performances of our lives and see if we can remember anything from the actual races themselves.

Granted it was 6 a.m. when this speech was given, but my teammates and I really could not remember a thing.

Sure, it is easy to remember something that went wrong in a bad race, but when it comes to the best races of our lives, he was absolutely right.

As soon as someone steps onto a block, a switch can easily go on. This muscle memory switch can put your body on auto pilot and all of that training that you completed leading up to the race, can easily take control and execute the race for you.

As soon as I heard “Into The Jungle” by the X Ambassadors & Jay Z last summer during the world cup, I knew I wanted to make a video to this song.

The song and the footage go perfectly together because my teammates are acting wild in some of the shots I got.

They really look like they are about to enter a jungle full of competition.

I really enjoyed making this video and I am glad that I got some of my teammates’ races on camera because they are most likely not going to remember swimming them.

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Holly Lavery

Great job Katie your best yet keep them coming!