Water Polo National League Week 2 Rosters Announced

Huntington Beach, CA – March 15 – For the first time the USA Water Polo Men’s National League leaves the state of California as Week 2 action heads to Henderson, Nevada and the Henderson Multigenerational Pool this Saturday and Sunday. The New York Athletic Club and USA Blue lead the standings tied for first place after Week 1 competition.

All the action starts on Saturday morning at 9am wrapping up Sunday afternoon with free admission to all matches. To review all the action from Week 1, click here. For Week 2 schedule information including links to live stats via The FOSH, click here. For more National League information including league stats, overall rosters, league leaders and more, click here.

2016 National League Week 2 Rosters

STAFF Steve Doten
STAFF Eric Sturgeon
STAFF Eric Black
1 Chay Lapin
2 Kevin Witt
Nikola Vavic
4 Nick Fadden
5 Griffin Lerman
6 Andrew Reego
7 Matthew Burton
8 Jacob Young
9 Gregory Enloe
10 Sean Grab
11 James Sarmento
12 Connor Virjee
13 Steve Barrington
14 Daniel Lenhart
15 Brandon Brooks

New York Athletic Club
STAFF Scott Schulte
STAFF Layne Beaubien
Merrill Moses
2 Anthony Daboub
3 Jeffrey Tyrrell
4 Alexander Obert
5 Christopher Wendt
6 Danny McClintick
Josh Samuels
Tony Azevedo
9 Alexander Bowen
10 Bret Bonanni
11 Jesse Smith
12 John Mann
13 Christopher Whitelegge
14 Griffin White
15 Thomas Nelson

Olympic Club
STAFF Brian Dudley
STAFF Colin Mulcahy
1 John Curley
2 Peter Sefton
3 Marin Balarin
4 Sage Wright
5 John Paul Macdonell
6 Conner Cleary
8 Brian Dudley
9 Colin Mulcahy
10 Peter Varellas
11 Brian Alexander
12 Paul Reynolds
13 Jonathan Sibley
14 Travis Bickham
15 Jacob Smith
16 Thomas Agramonte

STAFF Terry Schroeder
STAFF Jeremy Hare
STAFF Wesley Kading
STAFF Mike Tragitt
STAFF Peter Hudnut
1 Derek Wiebe-Bailey
2 Derek Shoemaker
3 Peter Hudnut
4 Daniel Seymour
5 Chase Cockerill
6 Wesley Kading
7 Eric Carnohan
8 Dan Matulis
9 Joshua Tice
10 Chase Mccoll
11 Taylor Clute
12 Tyler Mancuso
13 Pavo Ljepopio
14 Brandon Loveless
15 Edgarus Asajavicius

USA Blue
STAFF Jack Kocur
McQuin Baron
2 Nicholas Bisconti
Ben Hallock
Alex Roelse
Jackson Kimbell
6 Chancellor Ramirez
Thomas Dunstan, IV
8 Grant Stein
9 Nick Bell
10 Nicholas Carniglia
11 Luca Cupido
12 Bennett Williams
13 Drew Holland
14 Maxwell Irving

STAFF Daniel Leyson
1 Spencer Creed
2 Marco Stanchi
3 Luke Irwin
4 David Kessler
5 Blake Parrish
6 Robert Sutherland
7 Timothy Simenc
8 Shane Hauschild
9 Benjamin Stevenson
10 Cody Smith
11 Conor Neumann
12 Mitchell Hamilton
13 Austin Pyrch
14 Johnny Hooper
15 Connor Stapleton
16 Jovan Jeremic

STAFF Alexander Rodriguez
STAFF Bryan Lynton
1 Sam Murphy
2 Felix Brozyna-Vilim
3 Quinten Osborne
4 Matthew Maier
5 Jacob Ehrhardt
6 Ashworth Molthen
7 Tyler Abramson
8 Dylan Woodhead
9 Dennis Blyashov
10 Marko Vavic
11 Samuel Abbott
12 Michael Williams
13 Duncan Creed
14 Luis Araya
15 Jacob Cavano

STAFF Gavin Arroyo
STAFF Bryan Lynton
1 Alexander Wolf
2 Duncan Lynde
3 Christopher Dilworth
4 Austin Stevenson
5 Kyle Trush
6 Sean Thomas
7 Bryce Hoerman
8 Zachary D’Sa
9 Nicholas Alexander
10 James Walters
11 Nicholas Silvers
12 Joseph Colton
14 Jack Trush
15 Marko Asic

Swimming news courtesy of USA Water Polo.

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