WATCH: Torri Huske Break National HS Record in 100 Fly (Race Video)

On Friday at the 2019 Virginia Class 6 State Championship meet, Yorktown High School sophomore Torri Huske broke the public school and overall National High School Records in the 100 yard butterfly.

Below, watch Huske’s swim, courtesy Kay Jones. Huske is in the 4th lane from the bottom of  the pool, in the blue cap without the black logo on it. Next to her is Centreville’s Lexi Cuomo, a senior, who took 2nd in 52.01 – which moves her to 10th-place all-time in the 17-18 age group rankings.

Huske’s stroke count in the race, by 25, was 6-7-8-9. In contrast to what we see in most elite yards swims these days, Cuomo, in 2nd place, was going way further than Huske, the winner, was off the walls. Whereas Cuomo was pushing 12 or 13 meters off each wall, by the end, Huske was coming up barely past 7 meters. Cuomo’s stroke counts were 4-5-6-6, and in spite of having taken 6 more strokes by the time they came up for the final 25, Huske was able to power away over the last 10 yards.


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big chungus
2 years ago

cuomo’s underwaters are for real

Reply to  big chungus
2 years ago

They’re learning from Donahue and Dahlia

2 years ago

I appreciate video, always. Here’s a tip for swimming videographers: keep your focus on the swimmers, not the clock. Never ever turn from the action to film a split or a final time. We’ve already seen the times if we’re watching a video. The times will ALWAYS be available later, but those moments that are missed will not.

Reply to  Fluidg
2 years ago

Hey, at least it’s in a horizontal orientation. Baby steps!

Reply to  Fluidg
2 years ago

I never thought this video would be seen by anyone other than my immediate household swim geeks. I showed up late to the meet and whipped out the iphone at the last second. I will keep that in mind for my future productions!

2 years ago

Congrats to both Torri and Lexi on their great swims. It looks like the difference, at least a good portion of it, is Torri’s quickness getting around on her turns. They hit the first wall virtually tied, but Huske comes off the turn with a lead. It looks like she hits the walls with more arm momentum, while Lexi’s long stroke causes her to glide slightly and hesitate a few milliseconds before getting her body turned. Those slight hesitations add up to a half body length.

2 years ago

A little DeSorbo magic and they’ll both be faster!

Reply to  Nonrevhoofan
2 years ago

It would be interesting to see if Huske stays in-state (and if Cuomo and Huske become teammates and training partners). Given her event specialties, UVA would be a great fit. But she’ll have her choice of any school in the country…

Fly girl
2 years ago

SwimSwam should cover all the State VHSL meets in Virginia – not just 6A. There were other records and great swims for all State Meets even though they do not hold the 6A name – kids can not help if they are in a smaller school division. Report one – Report All

Reply to  Fly girl
2 years ago

Fly girl – We totally agree, and every year we year we do a separate recap for each Virginia championship meet. Lots of swimming to cover this time of year, but stay tuned over the next couple of days!

tea rex
2 years ago

That speed above water bodes well for LCM…

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