WATCH: Somerset Valley YMCA Tackles 2000 IM

Rachel Harvill
by Rachel Harvill 14

November 22nd, 2016 News

Coach Mike Pestorious and his swimmers of the Somerset Valley YMCA decided to take on the daunting task of completing a 2000 IM– that’s right, a 500 of each stroke.

In coach Pestorious’ words, “Coach Booj and I thought a good Saturday morning main set would be the 2000 IM. 500 meters of LEGAL fly, back, breast and free. We didn’t want to ask the kids to do anything that we wouldn’t do, so we took on the challenge during our normal Friday morning swim. We call our M/W/F morning swims “swim lab” because that is where we work on drills and sets to give the kids during workouts. As you can imagine, our intervals are slower and the sets are shorter than what our SVY Gold 2 group finishes, but we at least test the concepts.

The kids LOVED the challenge and all of them finished it — most of them legally (Matt S, Mark R). The ones who missed it wanted us to give them a lane on Sunday to complete it. Too bad Sunday was a broken 500 set. They can try the IM challenge later. Our top finisher, Nate, completed the 2000 meters in just under 30 minutes.

BTW, coach Booj and I swam a 600 free instead of a 500 free because we are not so good at counting.”

Check it out below!

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I thought this type of idiocy only happened down the street at Scarlet Aquatic Club.


I believe its a 10×1000 set. All race-pace training.

Old Man

But, why you mad Backstroke03?
They wanted to do something out of the ordinary, challenging, and that would encourage the swimmers to continuously think about their stroke and turns by not being illegal.
What’s the issue?


“Most” of them finished it legally…but how many shoulder injuries?


Your experience must be with pretty fragile swimmers if one 2000 yard swim is creating shoulder injuries. Maybe these kids have put in the work to handle it as their coaches expected.


Sounds like you have an old school ‘no pain no gain’ mentality.


We’re talking about one 2000 Im. Not sure how old school that is. Yes there will be some discomfort for about 6-8 minutes of butterfly but that is it depending on how hard the swimmer goes. 30 minutes of work tops. Is that grueling these days?


I’d like to see what constitutes a difficult workout for you if this is too intimidating or dangerous from your perspective.

Joshua Franco


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