WATCH: Smith, Magahey Go 4:06 In 500 Free (SEC Day 2 Race Videos)


Wednesday night’s finals from the 2021 Men’s SEC Championships were highlighted by the 500 freestyle, where Florida’s Kieran Smith tied his NCAA and American Records in 4:06.32, and Georgia’s Jake Magahey became the #2 performer of all-time in 4:06.71.

Below, check out that race video, along with the 200 IM, where Shaine Casas recorded the fourth-fastest swim of all-time, the 50 free, where Adam Chaney became the second-fastest freshman ever, and the 200 free relay, where Chaney led the Gators to a new SEC Meet Record of 1:15.21.

For a full recap of Day 2 action, click here.


  1. Kieran Smith (Florida), 4:06.32
  2. Jake Magahey (Georgia), 4:06.71
  3. Trey Freeman (Florida), 4:12.76

200 IM ‘A’ FINAL

  1. Shaine Casas (Texas A&M), 1:39.26
  2. Danny Kovac (Missouri), 1:41.35
  3. Javier Acevedo (Georgia), 1:42.17


  1. Adam Chaney (Florida), 18.77
  2. Matt King (Alabama), 18.96
  3. Dillon Downing (Georgia) / Brooks Curry (LSU), 19.16


  1. Florida, 1:15.21 * SEC Meet Record
  2. Georgia, 1:16.20
  3. Alabama, 1:16.32



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7 months ago

Magahey has at least a 4:03 in him after fixing his stroke & more years at UGA, if not faster

Reply to  25Backstroke
7 months ago

Great underwaters off the walls, terrible first stroke and breath. In particular comparing him to Kieren. He practically stops. Agree, he has a lot of room to be faster!

Let it go
Reply to  25Backstroke
7 months ago

2nd fastest in history, fastest freshman ever, not tapered, only getting faster. Change something probably isn’t a great idea. He is doing just fine. Let the technique discussion go. Clearly, it isn’t hindering him. If you don’t like how it looks, that’s your problem, not his.

Not attacking you, but the ugly technique point is getting old.

Last edited 7 months ago by Let it go
Mr Piano
Reply to  Let it go
7 months ago

Lol he’s fully tapered bud

7 months ago

What imbecile was handling the camera on that 500? That was really embarrassing. Sounded like a great race, though!

High school swimmer
Reply to  Caleb
7 months ago

They should’ve linked the UGA swimming youtube account. It gets the full race

Reply to  Caleb
7 months ago

It’s the Texas A&M channel, so they frame their swimmers

Edit: nvm I’m wrong

Last edited 7 months ago by Hmmmm
7 months ago

I’m sorry but whoever filmed that 500 should be ashamed. Don’t care if they were filming for a different school, still shoulda gotten that finish.

Reply to  Leo
7 months ago

How about you go look at the UGA YouTube page for the video of the finish.

A Texas a&m YouTube account is going to show the full races of a&m swimmers not zero in on a UF and UGA swimmer

7 months ago

Kudos to both Smith and Magahey. Looked like Magahey had a LOT left in the tank. Will be an interesting to see them in NCAAs. I’d give it to Magahey if he’d started his kick at 350 v 400.

I AM going to complain about the camera on that heat 3 500. What appears to have happened was an epic race where Smith almost caught by Magahey in the last 100. But we didn’t see the underwaters on the last 100, and didn’t see the finish. Anyone have an alternative video as it looked exciting.

Reply to  swimmingly
7 months ago

Go to uga you tube channel, great video

Mr Piano
Reply to  swimmingly
7 months ago

If he started his big kick earlier, he would have ran out earlier, he started to decelerate the last 50 as you can see in the splits.

7 months ago

I’m sorry, but wtf camera operator?? Way to miss the greatest 500 free race in history. Why on earth would you take the leaders out of frame to focus on last place?? Come on, man! Basic.

Misha Fan
7 months ago

terrible camera man

7 months ago

Yo how does Magahey swim that fast with that technique????

Reply to  sqimmer
7 months ago

I’ve been watching him swim for years and on top of the water it’s not very pretty but under the water he’s grabbing a whole lot of water. I thought he’s stop dropping time when he was around 16 due to his stroke but he keeps on improving. He’s one of a kind!

7 months ago

I’m still gushing over Adam Chaney’s 50 free. His start and his first 15m are light years ahead of where they were last year. For anyone who is interested go watch Dressel’s 50free from his freshmen year and just look how similar it looks to Chaneys 50 from last night it’s wild.

Reply to  Swammer
7 months ago

Worth pointing out that 1st and 2nd place finishers were Freshman. Great swim from Matt King – Wild considering he was only 19.8 at state champs last year. Hopefully they both get their shot at NCAAs

Last edited 7 months ago by Foggi

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