WATCH Michael Andrew Swim 1:00.37 in 100 Breast (Race Video)


  • June 17th-18th, 2916
  • CenturyLink Center, Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Official Olympic Trials test event
  • 50m course (LCM)
  • Results on Meet Mobile search “Omaha Cup”

17-year old professional swimmer Michael Andrew broke the National Age Group Record in the 100 long course meter breaststroke twice on Saturday in Omaha, Nebraska, both in prelims and in finals.

First, in the morning, he swam a 1:00.46 to slide just .01 under Kevin Cordes’ old record from 2012; then in finals, he lowered it again to 1:00.37.

Above, watch Andrew’s record-setting finals swim in the pool that, one week from Sunday, will play host to the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

Andrew has until the end of 2017 to chase the Junior World Record of 59.64 done by China’s Wan Lizhuo.

Andrew also swam a 22.65 in the 50 free on Sunday, which is three-tenths slower than his best time in the event.




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Years of Plain Suck

Disappointed in US Swimming for the lane line configuration they’ve chosen for US Olympic Trials.

Looks like they’ve opted to go with their traditional scheme (color buoy, white buoy, color buoy, white bouy, etc) instead the the multi-color solid lane line configuration that is used in major championships such as the Olympics. The latter is significantly easier to “read.”

Their one concession was to make the center three lane lines blue-buoy, white-buoy, blue-buoy, etc. That helps a bit, but it is still very difficult to “read” quickly, that is, figure out which lane is which lane, especially when the TV director shifts from overhead shots to underwater shots and back again.


Take it as it is , stop seing things as you wanted to see them aka taking your joy away before Trials . Is that serving you ?

Years of Plain Suck

@Erv Thanks for the good wishes and also the “how to have a happy life” pearl of wisdom.

Seriously, though, I plan to enjoy the trials as they unfold. I’m assuming, though, that I’ll be seeing these races in the future (they’ll be archived on YouTube, NBC, Vimeo, and others). The races are much easier to “read” using the solid multi-colored lines — that’s why they’re used in the Olys and Worlds. For example, recently I went back and watched some of the Aussie 2000 Trials and the multi-color format was helpful in lane differentiation (especially since I had forgotten the stroke quirks of the various swimmers).

Enjoy your Fathers’ Day everyone!

Attila the Hunt

I agree with you. Different solid colors lane lines used by major swimming countries and international competitions are very helpful for screen viewers.


Although I wish the swimmers wouldn’t all look identical! White hat, black swimwear, goggles. No wonder non-swimming fans see 8 identical swimmers. There was more variety in the 70s!

OK world

Um, while strange, the lanes are not all the same color, the center lanes 4-5 being blue, the rest being red. Different from the configuration at the Olympics or world, but the lane colors have been changed.

Swimmer Thieroff

Anyone else notice that that time ties MA with Cody Miller for the number 4 time amongst US swimmers going to trials? He’ll prob need to have a few more tricks up his sleeve if he wants to make the team, but it also certainly isn’t an impossibility either based on that stat…


No that’s not what I noticed at all according to this list on swim swam after his prelims time:
The top 8 American qualifiers heading into Trials:
Cody Miller, 59.51
Nic Fink, 59.52
Andrew Wilson, 59.65
Kevin Cordes, 59.70
Sam Tierney, 1:00.15
Brendan McHugh, 1:00.31
Michael Andrew, 1:00.46
DJ Macdonald, 1:00.5

His position stays at 7th

ice age swimmer

maybe “swimmer thieroff” is referring to 2016, not before. Don’t know if Miller has gone under a minute this year.


I think that’s during the Trials qualifying period, and not just 2016

Swimmer Thieroff

My apologies, I was looking at the 2016 period and excluding any times which were registered by foreigners (thereby bumping MA from 7th to 4th) since they presumably won’t be swimming at trials, but rather on behalf of their home country. Hope that clears things up!

Jack Baker

Anything can happen over the next week. Someone could get sick or injured up until trials. This kid will not be frightened by the stage or the competition. I look for him to break 1:00.


Don’t jinx anyone!!!

bobo gigi

Right now to qualify MA needs among the favorites 1 guy who breaks his wrist while playing Playstation the day before the meet, 1 poisoned guy, 1 guy who oversleeps, 1 guy who rips his suit on the starting blocks, 1 guy who loses his goggles and of course (the most likely) Cody Miller disqualified. But who knows? It can happen! MA can make a Bradbury! Not the fastest on paper but winner at the end! Short track speed skating 2002 Salt Lake City olympic games Men’s 1000m Quarterfinals. The first 2 skaters in each quarterfinal qualify for semifinals. Bradbury finishes 3rd but Canadian Gagnon is disqualified. Bradbury qualifies. Semifinals. The first 2 skaters in each semifinal qualify for the… Read more »

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