Michael Andrew Re-Breaks 100 Breast NAG With 1:00.37


  • June 17th-18th, 2916
  • CenturyLink Center, Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Official Olympic Trials test event
  • 50m course (LCM)
  • Results on Meet Mobile search “Omaha Cup”

17-year-old Michael Andrew broke the 100 breast National Age Group (NAG) record for the second time in a day, going 1:00.37 in finals at the Omaha Cup.

His finals swim came after a 1:00.46 in prelims snuck under the old NAG by just .01 seconds. The record was previously held by short course American record-holder Kevin Cordes at 1:00.47.

Andrew is starting to heat up after a relatively quiet season, at least in terms of NAG records. Previously in 2016, the only NAG record Andrew had broken was the 15-16 50 freestyle.

Today’s record is his first in the 17-18 age group, and sets him up to challenge for an Olympic bid in the event at Olympic Trials in a few weeks. Currently, only 4 active American men have broken a minute in the 100 breast in their careers.

The World Junior Record still stands a ways off after China’s Wang Lizhuo lowered it to 59.64 earlier this year.

Here’s a look at Andrew’s splits compared to his morning race and Cordes’ old record:

Andrew Finals Andrew Prelims Cordes 2012
28.27 28.12 28.33
32.10 32.34 32.14
1:00.37 1:00.46 1:00.47

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Not too shabby. Looks to be a touch more controlled on the front half than this morning, although I still think the optimal splitting for a 59.9 is 28.4/31.5 or thereabouts. I imagine Michael and Peter will start his rest this week and have him ready to go, so maybe the back half will come along. I don’t know about the WJR, but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t crack a minute at Trials.

Irish Ringer

I don’t know if he can swim the back that close, 3 seconds instead of 4. He’s not a good back half swimmer in any of his races. I think he’ll need to split the difference and try to take off two tenths on each 50.


I agree that he’s not a back-half swimmer, that’s why I say he needs to go out slower. Instead of building his strategy around accepting that he isn’t one, I think he should change it to become one. Simply put, I think he would be a back half swimmer if he just eased off a bit in the first 25. I’ve noticed it in many of my swimmers, and I was the same way as a swimmer. They have so much easy speed, and they always feel so good the first 50, that they overdo it and pay on the way home. He takes out his 200 IM almost as fast as Phelps and Lochte, even though his fly, back,… Read more »

Irish Ringer

Could very well be. The IM example is spot on. Takes it out very hard in fly in back and slow down considerably on breast and free even though he’s strong in those individual events.

Victor P

That’s like saying Adam Peaty isn’t a good back half swimmer. Peaty split 27.04 and 30.88 in his WR. Notice that Andrew’s splits, 28.27 and 32.10 are 3.83 seconds apart while Peaty’s are 3.84 seconds apart. The difference is 4.5 years in age. Michael will get there, it just won’t be this go around at 17.


Jared, Wang Lizhuo tested positive for clenbuterol last August and has been competing (and lowering that WJR) while he awaits his punishment from Chinese Swimming. I think if you’re going to credit him for the record, that fact needs to be explained.


My apologies, it appears that Wang was only issued a warning for testing positive for clenbuterol. A warning. Clenbuterol. Let that stern message sink in for all the would be dopers.


Isn’t clenbuteral in all Chinese meat? One could say that it is quite impressive that any athletes don’t test positive for it.


He is getting closer to the minute mark. Maybe next weekend !

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