WATCH: Leon Marchand Swims Nation-Leading Times In 200 IM/400 IM/200 Fly At NCSU Invite


One of the standout performers from last weekend’s midseason invites was Arizona State’s Leon Marchand, who continued his unbeaten streak this season in individual events when he won the 200 IM, 400 IM, and 200 fly at the 2022 NC State Invitational. In addition, the latter two of his races were also set with personal best times, and his 400 IM race made him the third-fastest performer of all-time in the event. Marchand now holds the top time in the nation for all of the events he swam at the NC State Invite.

Courtesy of Marchand’s YouTube channel, which you can check out here, you can view his races from the meet below down below in this article. For reference, we also provided his splits for every race.

Because the NC State Invite was not live-streamed and no other race videos from the meet have been put up, there is currently no way to view races from the rest of the competition.

Men’s 200 IM

  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:41.22
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time: 1:43.36

Top 3:

  1. Leon Marchand, Arizona State — 1:39.28
  2. Grant House, Arizona State — 1:42.27
  3. Arsenio Bustos, NC State — 1:44.45

Marchand’s Splits:

50 Fly 21.66
50 Back 24.64
50 Breast 28.71
50 Free 24.27
Total 1:39.28


Men’s 400 IM

  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut – 3:39.16
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time — 3:43.50

Top 3:

  1. Leon Marchand, Arizona State — 3:33.65
  2. David Schlicht, Arizona State — 3:43.16
  3. Owen McDonald, Arizona State — 3:44.27

Marchand’s Splits:

50 fly 22.88
100 fly 26.04
50 back 27.54
100 back 27.25
50 breast 30.06
100 breast 30.60
50 free 25.58
100 free 24.13
Total 3:34.08


Men’s 200 Fly

  • NCAA ‘A’ Standard – 1:40.20
  • 2022 NCAA Invite Time – 1:42.42

Top 3:

  1. Leon Marchand, Arizona State — 1:39.57
  2. Alex Colsom, Arizona State — 1:40.78
  3. Andrew Gray, Arizona State — 1:42.18

Marchand’s Splits:

50m 22.17
100m 25.47
150m 25.65
200m 26.28
Total 1:39.57


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2 months ago

ehh he’s ok

2 months ago

Not bad.

Last edited 2 months ago by Swammer12
2 months ago

thanks for the splits.

Last edited 2 months ago by Parker528
2 months ago

unbelieveble…not a pure talent as mp, definitely tough as mp and lochte combined. see him flyin on im under 4’/1.52.5 on home court in 2024…+ a few more

2 months ago

NCAAs prediction: 1:35.9/3:29.9 in the IMs, 1:46.5 in the 200 breast (or perhaps 1:37-low in the 2 fly if he swims that instead).

2 months ago

I’m sure I read this but Marchand isn’t going to short course worlds is he? He could definitely clean up the IMs there. Would be interesting to see how he would go against Honda in the 200 fly but you obviously need to give the edge to the new WR holder.

David Schlicht has the 3rd fastest SCM 400IM in the world this year (although a lot of 4IMers don’t have any times recorded this year) and Marchand still beat him by almost ten seconds!

Negative Nora
Reply to  Sub13
2 months ago

I wouldn’t say he could “definitely” clean up the IMs there. Casas in the 100 and 200 IM would be some great battles. Casas did just become the #2 performer ever in the 200 IM and is nearing Lochte’s WR.

Last edited 2 months ago by Negative Nora
Reply to  Negative Nora
2 months ago

Oh I should have clarified that I was meaning 200 and 400, not 100. He’s basically guaranteed the 400 but yes it could be close in the 200. Marchand and Casas basically have the same LCM PB (0.02 different) that they both swam this year, Marchand is the fastest ever in yards but doesn’t have a SCM time for 3 years so hard to compare that.

Alex Wilson
Reply to  Negative Nora
1 month ago

Remember that Casas and Marchand train together at ASU. Casas in the pro group and Marchand as a team member. So they know each others strengths and weaknesses.

Reply to  Yanyan Li
2 months ago

Thanks. It’s very hard for me to keep track of who’s going and who isn’t. Most of the big names are going but then there are a bunch basically guaranteed medals who aren’t.

Reply to  Sub13
2 months ago

I don’t know if Schlicht is heading homeward for the SCM Worlds in Australia or not, but I suspect he is going as he was named in the 9/2/22 SwimSwam article as being officially named to the Australian team.

2 months ago

Marchand is on another level this year

Reply to  Andrew
2 months ago

Agreed. I think a Dressel-level-senior-year type meet is in store for NCAAs.

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
2 months ago

Crazy that Grant House might go sub 1:40 at NCAAs and only be 2nd on his own team.

Was Marchand rested for this? If not… He may turn in the best EVER NCAAs performance this March.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jimbob
Reply to  Jimbob
2 months ago

Still think Coughlin had the best-ever NCAA performance in history, even 20 years later. He’s gonna have to put up some MONSTER swims to top what she did.

Reply to  USA
2 months ago

Her 49.9 back when 2nd was 53 was something else.

Dressel’s senior year was pretty impressive too.

Tom Dolan in 1995 where he swept the 500/1650 and 4 IM all in NCAA records was impressive as well. The 500 and 400 IM records stood for awhile.

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