Watch Eirik Ravnan Swim his 400 IM Backward. Not Reverse, Backward

Eirik Ravnan is a Norwegian open water swimmer who was previously a member of the Stanford varsity swim team. A time back, he posted a video on his Facebook of swimming the IM backward, but it wasn’t of great quality.

Now, Eirik has upped the production value, and posted a new version of the video.

The value of this exercise: showing off? Demonstrating will-power? Improving body awareness? Just to prove he can? Because it’s a more fun way to swim a 400 IM? Did I just say a 400 IM could be fun?

I’m sure we could all come up with a justification if we tried hard enough, but ultimately, we enjoyed watching it, and thought you might too. there’s a short 60-second clip above, and you can watch the full video on Eirik’s Facebook page below.

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His Facebook page isn’t linked in the article, but this looks hilarious

Bobby Bollier

You would, Eirik. You would. Glad to see that you’re putting your fluid mechanics expertise to good use in the pool as well. Proud to have been your roommate in college!

Eirik Ravnan

Haha, yeah I’m still in the pool about 5 times a week, so I need to have some fun 😉 Proud to have been your roomie as well.


To me it looks like 100m IM.
Great coordination and awareness

Eirik Ravnan

Great catch, also I am a triathlete not an open water swimmer, but the story is better this way I guess 😉

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