Vlad Morozov Explains Risk that paid off Big in Skins Races (Video)


Reported by Anne Lepesant/Jared Anderson.



  1. Nathan Adrian (LAC) – 21.02
  2. Cameron McEvoy (LON) – 21.17
  3. Vladimir Morozov (IRO) – 21.27
  4. Michael Andrew (NYB) – 21.31
  5. Kyle Chalmers (LON) – 21.36
  6. Ryan Held (LAC) – 21.41
  7. Szebasztian Szabo (IRO) – 21.59
  8. Marcelo Chierighini (NYB) – 21.85

One swimmer from each team moves on in what was a brutally close field. There’s a lot of intrigue among the four: Andrew is usually fast through doubles, and so is Morozov. Adrian is one of the most consistent sprinters in the business and a good 100 guy, and McEvoy is also more of a 100 type who should have endurance on his side.

Note: there’s a several minute delay here, as something seems to be wrong with the bulkhead. The swimmers are probably welcoming the extra rest, but also raring to go again.


  1. Vladimir Morozov (IRO) – 21.24
  2. Nathan Adrian (LAC) – 21.58
  3. Michael Andrew (NYB) – 21.61
  4. Cameron McEvoy (LON) – 21.68

Some lane lines came loose in between rounds, which provided the four men a fair amount of extra rest – it might have wound up being double the amount of rest usually provided between rounds. Morozov had an outstanding start, much less Dressel and Manaudou did in the Group A skins. Bumping out the London swimmers is pretty key for LA, though the meet is probably already set.

A note from last round: Adrian’s 21.02 was the fastest round 1 swim we’ve seen this ISL season.


  1. Vladimir Morozov (IRO) – 22.21
  2. Nathan Adrian (LAC) – 23.33

Morozov was great – his start basically held up better than anyone else’s, and he had the final round won from the moment he and Adrian hit the pool. Iron will sweep both skins races for a total of 58 overall points, a great haul. LA gets 24 in the men’s skins, outscoring London (14), but not by enough to steal the meet. The win for Morozov is going to clinch MVP status for him, though.

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