Virginia Tech Holds 41 Point Lead After ACC Men’s Diving

Braden Keith
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February 19th, 2017 ACC, College, News


After the completion of the men’s diving events at the 2017 ACC Championships, the Virginia Tech Hokies once again hold a big lead on the rest of the field, scoring 194 points. While this is a familiar position for the men’s team, the margin isn’t nearly as big as its been in the past – last year, they were almost 100 points ahead before the swimming begins, while this year, they’ve only got a 41-point lead.

The Florida State men put up a big performance on the platform with 2 divers, Dylan Grisell and Aidan Faminoff, qualifying for the A-final, part of a 66-point run for the Seminoles in the final diving discipline. While Florida State is still unlikely to contend for the team title, their swimming group is expected to be better than last year, and will be boosted by the big diving output.

NC State wandered into unfamiliar territory when freshman James Brady finished 7th on the platform. Last year, NC State didn’t score a single diving point, and while that side of the program is still building, they don’t have nearly the same deficit to make up as they have in seasons past.

Miami’s David Dinsmore won the platform event in a new pool record of 517.65 at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. Miami will still (probably) finish in last place thanks to not entering a single relay, but their point total was 16 points higher this year than last year.

The men’s championship meet will be beginning on February 27th at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center.

The ACC (along with, notably, the Pac-12) have separate competitions for swimming, but combined competitions for diving. That is to say, while the ACC men won’t swim for 2 week still, their divers are in Atlanta this week competing in conjunction with the women’s meet. That means that early team scores are already available for the men’s competition.

The diving scores have to be taken with some perspective, in that some teams have 4 or more divers entered (UNC, Virginia Tech); some have 3 divers entered (Duke, Georgia Tech); and some have 2 (Virginia and NC State) (or even fewer). That’s important, because these diving spots count against the team’s roster total and for some teams reduce the number of scoring swimmers they can have on their roster. Each diver counts as 1/2 of a roster spot, regardless of how many events they compete in.

Virginia Tech 194 5 -53
Florida State 153 4 19
UNC 136 6 42
Duke 113 3 31
Miami 108 2 16
Pitt 107 2 6
Notre Dame 89 2 65
Georgia Tech 67 3 -82
Louisville 43 2 6
Virginia 42 2 -74
NC State 34 2 34
Boston College 0 2 -10

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3 years ago

It would be nice to see how the Women’s ACC meet would have ended without diving. How much did diving affect overall team scores?

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

I’m thinking that I was wondering what just the team scores would be with no diving in consideration? Just the swim scores?

Reply to  ACCFan
3 years ago


You can certainly do that on your own if you are curious… Here are the steps to do so:
1. Go to the official meet results
2. Take a look at diving results
3. Take away diving scores


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