Video: Underwater Kick Like A Dolphin

Underwater kicking is the absolute best way to cut huge amounts of time off of your swims with very minimal effort and an improvement in overall efficiency. In our very first Phlex video, we were met with huge applause as we debuted some killer swimming power in our explanation of underwater fish kicks. Now, we are expanding on that a bit more.

Enter, the Monofin. Basically, a swimmers fin that resembles something that a dolphin or an eel is working with. The name says it all. It’s a singular fin. Once strapped into this thing, you are capable of really being forced into a perfect underwater undulation. Like normal fins, it forces you to exert power in both the up AND the down motion. The only difference being that to do so, you have to be really snappy in your full body involvement and undulate like a whip.

It is exactly this point where we recommend using a mono fin and all of these benefits to improve your underwater kicking. Just wearing it and working some breakouts or underwater laps can certainly add a major improvement to your current form. We recommend a set of 8x25s working both long undulating underwaters along with powerful breakouts.

The Monofin We Use:

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