Video: Slam Dunk Kicking Drill

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March 03rd, 2017 Industry, News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum / Phlex Swim Channel

As our partner drills week continues, we decided to show off another incredible drill for two swimmers to get competitive and improve their kicking to a new level. We like to call this the Wrestling drill.

This one is very simple. Lock arms with your partner and begin kicking all out horizontally. This drill is great because if you are losing ground, you can immediately feel it. It is a dynamic drill as you can train butterfly, freestyle, and breaststroke kicks in the same manner. We would recommend a set of a minute on and 30-seconds off so that the swimmers continue to give it their maximum effort.

The purpose of our partner drills week is to highlight drills for swimmers that can be both entertaining, but also highly difficult. The addition of a teammate in this drill often motivates the weaker swimmer to compete and excel at this drill, along with keeping both participants honest in their training.

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