Video: The Real Reason Swimmers Never Can Hangout With You

by Robert Gibbs 0

January 09th, 2017 Video

A few days ago we shared this video by Felix Chiun, a 17 year-old high school swimmer from Cupertino, CA.  Felix is at it again, and this time he created something of a public service announcement on a topic that is near and dear to many swimmers’ lives.

It’s Friday night, and your non-swimming friends want to hang out, but you can’t — just like the past seven Friday nights.  You keep telling your friends that you don’t actually hate them, but it’s just that — well, actually your brain is so chlorine-infused and waterlogged that rather than being able to give them a coherent verbal treatise on why you can’t hang out, next thing you know it’s Saturday morning and you just spent the night on top of your bed covers, having failed to actually get underneath them due to your body’s desperate need for respite.

Sound familiar?  If so, just send your non-swimmer friends this link and let Felix do the talking for you, while you store up some energy for that all-weekend prelims/finals meet where you’re swimming the 200 stroke events, the 400 IM, and the mile.  Or eat.  Or, stop procrastinating on your IB extended essay.  Or eat.  Or, make YouTube videos about swimming.  Or eat.  Or, some combination all of the above.

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