Video: A Day at Olympic Camp w/ Calvyn Justus & the South African Team

Who ever said that training for the Olympics was all about work? In South African Olympic team member Calvyn Justus‘s latest video, the Olympic team members spend their time outside the pool bodysurfing, watching rocket launches at Cape Canaveral, hunting down Pokemon, and trying to win a MacBook in a high-tech claw machine.

Near the end of Justus’s vlog (7:10), he introduces viewers to the other members of the team (minus Matthew Meyer, who apparently is training at home), which include Dylan Bosch, Chad le Clos, Christopher Reid, Myles Brown, Sebastien Rousseau, Michelle Weber (who will compete in the open water 10k, but is training with the pool team), Jarred Crous, Michael Meyer, Cameron van der Burgh, Douglas Erasmus, and Brad Tandy.

Justus has amassed quite a following for his swimming adventures, with well over 37,000 YouTube subscribers.

Before coming to Cocoa Beach, the team traveled to Fort Lauderdale (a trip which Justus vloged here). Last week, he also posted a video documenting more of the trip and some of the South African team members’ Pokemon Go addiction (embedded below).


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7 years ago

Coco Beach, FL. Best christmas training place. I’m glad I got the share great experiences there. Even better twice as a swimmer and once as a Coach. Looking forward for more!! (Perks of swim/coach for Oklahoma Baptist). Looking forward to see the South Africans at the Olympics.

7 years ago

Hey Calvyn, I know that Myles Brown is your room mate, but for your next video installments, can we have less you and Myles and more Chad, please!!!

Reply to  NotSoFastSwimmer
7 years ago

That’s so ridiculously rude

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Quinn
7 years ago

Please explain why it’s ridiculously rude?

7 years ago

What’s Le Clos doing playing at the beach?
Shouldn’t he focus on his training and swimming!
I’m such a huge fan girl of his and I don’t want him to lose in Rio!!!

Reply to  NotSoFastSwimmer
7 years ago

That’s what he chose to do with his time in between training. Phelps chooses to do Facebook videos with his time in between training. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Reply to  SID
7 years ago

Thanks, I just don’t want him to lose focus. I want him to win 100-200 fly double!!!

Reply to  NotSoFastSwimmer
7 years ago

Working his butt off for hours and he can’t play ball? Lol, well I am rooting for Phelps 100-200 fly double. Chad is scary.

Lp Man
7 years ago

Fairly boring up until 7 min

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