Video: You Can Pull On The Lane Line

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October 05th, 2017 News, Training, Video

Yes, you read that right! YOU can pull on the lane line. Not in the usual lazy way where you are trying to gain a few extra breaths during a difficult IM set, but a way to fix your backstroke. This is one of those common tune-up drills that we show where you are working on finding the optimal place to efficiently swim.

This drill is to be done during a set of 25s or 50s drill. You should focus all of your energy on where your hand is placed, how much power you are generating, and how it feels when you go back to normal backstroke. The drill is very easy. All you do is pull on the lane line with the side of your body that is facing that side of the lane. As you hold a solid kick, reach for the lane line at the point where you would usually enter the water during a backstroke stroke. Get a firm grasp and pull as hard as possible. That feeling, arm placement, and overall power output is exactly the optimal way you should be taking strokes during backstroke.

A few tune up points. Keep a solid 6-beat kick so that you are also working your legs during this drill. Make sure that you are recovering under the water, you are never actually taking a strong outside of the water. Lastly, make sure you are working that rotation of your hips and overall body position once you have initiated that pull.

Let us know what you think of this weeks drill! Recommendations for our next video topic? Let us know in the comments below!

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Just use paddles instead.

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