Van Der Burgh, Sjostrom Points Leaders Headed Into Mare Nostrum Canet


After unrelenting speed thrown down during the first two stops of the 2017 Mare Nostrum Tour, the final competition in Canet-en-Roussilon, France has the line-up to keep the competitive fire burning in a big way. After both Monaco and Spain, South African Cameron van der Burgh and Swede Sarah Sjostrom lead their respective male and female fields among the point totals. However, there are several stars waiting to pounce on this final leg and move up in the standings en route to more podium cash and the €7000 tour winner bonus.

Most of the swimmers from the first two stops will also be present in Canet, with additional French talent now among the mix. Charlotte Bonnet will take on the women’s 100m/200m/400m freestyle, while speedster Mehdy Metella will try the 50m fly/100m fly/100m freestyle on for size.

The Japanese contingency remains in effect after several swimmers bypassed Barcelona. We’ll see the world’s fastest 200m butterflyer this season, Suzuka Hasegawa, compete along with teenage world-class sprinter Rikako Ikee. Whereas Ikee only contested the 50m butterfly in Monaco, the 16-year-old will add the 50m free/100m free and 100m fly events, giving us a glimpse into how she races against the Canadian Olympic gold medalist and now-17-year-old Penny Oleksiak.

Aussies James Magnussen, Cameron McEvoy, Emily Seebohm, Mack Horton, Mitch Larkin, Taylor McKeown, Emma McKeon and now Shayna Jack will be in attendance, with the Campbell sisters also ready to rival Sjostrom in the sprint freestyle events. Older sister Cate is slated to swim the 200m freestyle again, signaling once more that the Commercial Club swimmer may have 4x200m freestyle relay intentions in mind come the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

International swimming mainstay Katinka Hosszu has entered 15 events and she will be joined by countrymen Laszlo Cseh and Tamas Kenderesi, both of whom medaled in butterfly events at the 2016 Olympic Games, yet are separated in age by 11 years.

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5 years ago

Mare Nostrum has a cool way of deciding who wins the tournament. Encourages fast swims over more swims, so for swimmers like Hosszu this is less advantageous.

Reply to  kwabbit
5 years ago

The next step will be making awards proportional to the strength of the field. So it will be less advantageous for those who collects big money from junk meets.

5 years ago

Here are some of Sarah’s swims from Mare Nostrum if anyone’s interested:
100 fly 56.20 (Monaco)
50 free 23.96 (Barcelona)

5 years ago

Our Lady a close second.

Reply to  GOYULIA
5 years ago

Since you like my stories, there is one more. Enjoy.
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5 years ago

In addition to the sensational performance that should discourage any of her competitors Sarah Sjostrom will take home a great deal of money. Good earnings for one week.

5 years ago

The women’s 100 free at this circuit has been ridiculous….I think it takes 53 high to be seeded in the top 16…crazy.

Reply to  korn
5 years ago

Notionally so but so far the heats have tended to be pedestrian with only SS and maybe someone else breaking 54. 54.5ish has been suffiicient to get you into finals at the previous 2 Mare Nostrum meets.

Mind you, Worlds will be a completely different matter and and 53mid-high will probably be the requirement to make top 16

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