Van den Hoogenband: A disturbing look at pollution in the waters of the Rio Olympics site

Legendary Dutch Olympic champion Pieter van den Hoogenband tweeted a picture this morning that might make some waves among fans of Olympic watersports.

The three-time Olympic champ posted a GoPro selfie taken by someone standing on a board in the middle of a heavily-polluted Brazilian waterway. You can view the picture above.

In the text of the tweet alongside the photo, van den Hoogenband references the open water swimming event, though replies to the tweet seem to indicate the picture was actually taken in Guanabara Bay, which will host the sailing events at the 2016 Olympic Games.

There has already been some concern about water pollution for the 2016 Olympics. Just over a year ago, the Associated Press raised some concerns about pollution that caused FINA and several other sport federations to start testing the waters independently and making backup plans in case certain Olympic events needed to be cancelled.

Guanabara Bay, where this picture was likely taken, has been dealing with an influx of trash and garbage pollution from a nearby closed landfill. Meanwhile Copacabana, where open water swimming and triathlon will take place, has its own issue – runoff of sewage water driving up the levels of fecal bacteria in the waters.

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5 years ago

Disgusting and very sad for the environment. Hope they get a conscious and clean it up in time.

5 years ago

That’s clearly not Hoogie in the selfie….

wave rider
5 years ago

During the World Cup, tourist were warned not to go into the water because they pump raw sewage into it. Here is an article about it

It says that Brazil plans to clean it up before the Olympics because of the water events.