USA Swimming Plans to Change Model for Pro Swim Series Hosting

The USA Swimming Pro Swim Series, dating back to its prior live as the Grand Prix Series, has employed a relatively-stable cast of the crowned-jewels of American pools on a rotating hosting schedule for the country’s biggest non-championship meets of the year. That could change, according to an email sent by USA Swimming CEO Tim Hinchey in May.

Previously, USA Swimming has paid meet hosts a $20,000 management fee. Moving forward, they will instead send out a Request for Proposals (RFP), wherein they will be hoping that cities will pay a “rights fee” to host the events.

“The RFP will explain the technical requirements required in hosting but will also extoll the value of the USA Swimming brand and detail the benefits and potential income opportunities in hosting these events,” the email reads.

The change wouldn’t happen until the 2019-2020 season, which presumably means that next year’s series will continue as planned, and the intent is to distribute the RFPs this summer and award the sites by September’s United States Aquatic Sports Convention.

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By the Numbers

I could be wrong, but I don’t see too many pools being willing to pay much at all to host these meets.

Becky D

From now on, rather than pay the going rate, I’ll ask potential baby sitters to submit a proposal outlining what they plan to do for me and my kids — for free. Just think how it will round out their college applications!


so USA Swimming is now a for profit entity? Ironman triathlon is a for profit company and it cost $700 to enter. Just sayin this is a slippery slope and dont lose track of why you are in existence.

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