USA Swimming Names 96 Swimmers to National Select Camp

USA Swimming has announced a lineup of 96 swimmers, 48 boys and 48 girls, who will attend the USA Swimming National Select Camp. The girls will camp from October 11th-14th while the boys will camp from October 25th-28th, both in Colorado Springs.

A description of the camp’s activities from USA Swimming:

“During the four-day camps, the 48 male and 48 female athletes attending their respective camp, will experience the day-to-day routine of a National Team athlete and swim in the United States Olympic Committee’s state-of-the-art training facilities. The

campers will learn from top aquatic professionals about post-race recovery, psychological training skills, nutrition and race strategy. In addition, campers will hear from speaker and confidence coach, Christen Shefchunas, author of Naked Confidence: Revealing Your Whole Truth and Finally Moving Forward.”

Christen Schefchunas is also the former head swim coach at the University of Miami. The girls’ camp will also include US National Team member Kendyl Stewart, who herself attended the 2008 National Select Camp.

Based on times in the 2018 qualifying period (September 1st, 2017 through August 31st, 2018), the top 3 swimmers, aged 14-16, of each gender in each of the 14 Olympic events earned an invite. Thereafter, the 6 swimmers with the best IMX scores, who weren’t already selected, were included to make 48-per-gender.

Of the 14 individuals making up the camp’s staff, 6 are women and 8 are men (with 4 of 10 coaches being women). Dan Jacobs of Machine Aquatics, a man, is leading the girls’ camp, while Megan Olson of the Dayton Raiders, a woman, is leading the boys’ camp.

Girls’ Roster

  • Mia Abruzzo (Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatics)
  • Elizabeth Andrews (Dublin Community Swim Team)
  • Gabriela Albiero (Cardinal Aquatics)
  • Ann Behm (Jersey Wahoos)
  • Lucerne Bell, (Fort Collins Area Swim Team)
  • Morgan Brophy (BlueFin Aquatics)
  • Hannah Bailey (Dublin Community Swim Team)
  • Casey Chung (Club Wolverine)
  • Kristin Cornish (Westchester Aquatic Club)
  • Katelyn Crom (Mission Viejo Nadadores)
  • Micayla Cronk (Daytona Beach Swimming)
  • Claire Curzan (TAC Titans)
  • Brynn Curtis (York Swim Club)
  • Chase Davison (University of Denver Hilltoppers)
  • Elizabeth Danforth (NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc)
  • Jessica Davis (Crow Canyon Country Club Sharks)
  • Zoe Dixon (NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc)
  • Pyper Doo (North Suburban Aquatic Club)
  • Abigail Doss (Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA)
  • Greta Fanta (North Coast Aquatics)
  • Elsa Fertz (Northridge Area Swimming Assoc)
  • Ella Flowers (Rice Aquatics)
  • Chloe Freeman (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
  • Abigail Gibbons (Blue Dolfins)
  • Laura Goettler (Lake Erie Silver Dolphins)
  • Maggie Graves (Barrington Swim Club)
  • Colby Hurt (757 Swim)
  • Victoria Huske (Arlington Aquatic Club)
  • Abigail Kapeller (Aquajets Swim Team)
  • Noelle Kaufmann (Badger Swim Club, Inc.)
  • Zephanie Koh (Brea Aquatics)
  • Kayleigh Lovell (Academy Bullets Swim Club)
  • Natalie Mannion (Commonwealth Swimming)
  • Abigail McCulloh (SwimAtlanta)
  • Paige McKenna (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
  • Grace Monahan (Kamehameha Swim Club)
  • Samantha Pearson (Brea Aquatics )
  • Felicia Pasadyn (SwimStrongsville)
  • Christiana Regenauer (Condors Swim Club of Clarkstown,Inc.)
  • Janelle Rudolph (PRO Swimming)
  • Quinn Schaedler (Unattached)
  • Caroline Sheble (NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc)
  • Emma Sticklen (Katy Aquatic Team For Youth)
  • Ashley Strouse (Scottsdale Aquatic Club)
  • Samantha Tadder (Tide Swimming)
  • Annika Wagner (NASA Wildcat Aquatics)
  • Emma Weber (University of Denver Hilltoppers)
  • Emma Wheal (Western Hills Athletic Club)

Girls’ Camp Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach – Dan Jacobs (Machine Aquatics)
  • Assistant Coach – Megan Oesting (Eastern Iowa Swim Federation)
  • Assistant Coach – Katie Callan-Wehrle (Magnolia Aquatic Club)
  • Assistant Coach – Andrew Nguyen (Bellevue Club Swim Team)
  • Assistant Coach – Paul Mueller (SOLO Aquatics)
  • Head Manager – Heather Thomas (Redmond Aquatic Club)
  • Assistant Manager –  Claire Mills (Bolles School Sharks)

Boys’ Roster

  • John Alexy (Somerset Hills YMCA)
  • Jack Armstrong (Houston Bridge Bats)
  • Dylan Becker (Sandpipers of Nevada)
  • Andrew Benson (SOLO Aquatics)
  • Matthew Bonnell (Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatics)
  • Garrett Boone (Aquatic Team Of Mecklenburg)
  • Matthew Brownstead (State College Area Y Aqualions)
  • Andrew Dai (Wheaton Swim Club, Inc.)
  • Connor Daniels (DART Swimming)
  • Paul Degrado (Bolles School Sharks)
  • Sean Faikish (North Penn Aquatic Club)
  • Matthew Fallon (Somerset Valley YMCA)
  • Preston Forst (Enfinity Aquatic Club)
  • Benjamin Forbes (Clovis Swim Club)
  • Alejandro Flores (West Coast Aquatics)
  • Ansel Froass (Mason Manta Rays)
  • Forrest Frazier (Eastern Iowa Swim Federation)
  • Kimani Gregory (Racer X Aquatics)
  • Nathaniel Hayes (Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club)
  • Ethan Hu (Peak Swimming)
  • Matthew Jensen (Upper Dublin Aquatic Club)
  • Jed Michael Jones (Metroplex Aquatics)
  • Conner Kang (Lakeside Swim Team)
  • Jean-pierre Khouzam (Dayton Raiders)
  • Matthew King (Bellevue Club Swim Team)
  • Hunter Kim (Badger Swim Club,Inc.)
  • Zachary Kohm (Germantown Academy Aquatic Club)
  • Tyler Lu (Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club)
  • Christopher Mikuta (Swim GSA)
  • Jacob Mitchell (Carmel Swim Club)
  • Jadan Nabor (YMCA Westside Silver Fins)
  • Samuel Oliver (Snow Swimming)
  • James Plage (Aquabears)
  • Aidan Reagan (Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics)
  • Maxwell Reich (Phoenix Swimming)
  • William Rose (Canton City Schools)
  • Kaden Smesko (Firestone Akron Swim Team)
  • Hugh Svendsen (SwimMAC Carolina)
  • Matthew Styczen (NYS Aquatics, Inc.)
  • Topher Stensby (Patriot Aquatic Club)
  • Daniel Syrkin (Rose Bowl Aquatics)
  • Matt Tannenberger (Swim Streamline at Northampton)
  • Nicholas Vance (West Chicago Sharks)
  • John Vandeusen (Bolles School Sharks)
  • Zach Van Zandt (CCAT Swimming)
  • Armando Vegas, (Crow Canyon Country Club Sharks)
  • Jude Williams (Riverside Aquatics Association)
  • Hayden Zheng (Aquajets Swim Team)

Boys’ Camp Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach – Meghan Olson (Dayton Raiders)
  • Assistant Coach – Emily Melina (Lake Oswego Swim Club)
  • Assistant Coach – Alec Haley (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers)
  • Assistant Coach – Brad Robbins (Tigard Tualatin Swim Club)
  • Assistant Coach – Ian Goss (Stingrays)
  • Head Manager – Bob Platt (Scottsdale Aquatic Club)
  • Assistant Manager – Blaine Nichols (Indiana University)
  • Team Doctor: Andrew Nelson

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4 years ago

Also good to see so many clubs are represented here. A quick count shows only 2 clubs, Bolles (no surprise) and Seattle Metropolitan, have 2 swimmers on the boys’ side. On the girls’ side, only three teams, Nova (3, no surprise here), Dublin(2) and U of Denver(2), have multiple swimmers.

4 years ago

Wow. NBAC has certainly fallen from their once illustrious position. Michael and Bob left and so did all the folks who move to Baltimore to be coached there.

Reply to  Swimparent
4 years ago

This article is about the top three 14-16 year olds so the fact that Bob and his post grad group left is irrelevant. NBAC still has many talented swimmers especially for a relatively small team (maybe 200 swimmers). In fact, their girls finished 3rd at summer jr nationals with just 4 girls (missed 2nd by just 1 point).

Reply to  Byefelicia
4 years ago

Double upvote for the good point and then the screen name. Yes I can double upvote, I have the power.

Brendan R
Reply to  Swimparent
4 years ago

I’m going to assume your a disgruntled “swimparent” of a Baltimore area club. You’re likely upset that NBAC kicks the crap out of its competition year after year. I agree with “byefeleicia’s” comments. Not relavant, stop trying to use swimswam as a place to recruit for your team.

Please, focus on the positives and honor these kids who have achieved so much and made this camp!

4 years ago

Indeed! Many of last year’s campers are already on the jr National team and national team.

4 years ago

Andrew Nelson is a coach at Indiana University?

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