USA Swimming Announces 2019 Athlete Select Camp Roster

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September 26th, 2019 Club, National, News

USA Swimming has announced its National Select Camp roster for 2019. In all, 96 male and female age-group swimmers have been invited to participate in the camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The trip is all-expenses paid for the invited participants and they will have the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches from around the country as well as other high-level sports consultants.

Swimmers are chosen for the program based on their top time during the 2018-2019 season qualifying period (September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019). The three fastest athletes aged 14-16 in each event, ranging from age 14 to 16, are invited. Additionally, the 6 highest-scoring IMX athletes aged 14-15 for females and 15-16 for males are also invited.

Monique Shelton of Beach Cities Swimming will lead the coaching staff of the girls’ camp, while Mike DeBoor of Lakeside Swim Team will serve as the head coach for the boys camp.

The girls’ camp will run from October 10th-13th and the boys’ camp will run from October 24th-27th.

US National Teamer Zane Grothe, who attended the National Select Camp in 2008, will also be working with participants in the boys’ camp.

In addition to the coaching staff, Dr. Tiffany Jones of X-Factor Performance Consulting will speak to the girls’ camp. James Leath of Changing the Game Project will work with the boys’ camp. National Team member Zane Grothe will also be working with the boys’ camp. Grothe was also a participant in the camp in 2008.

Exactly half of the camp staff (7 out of 14) are women. Last year, 6 of 14 staffers were women.

The camp is a big stepping stone to the elite level swimmers. Last year’s camp participants included world-class junior swimmers and top recruits like Claire Curzan, Mia Abruzzo, Gabby Albiero, Jack Armstrong, Tyler Lu, and Ethan Hu.

Coaching Staffs

Girls’ Camp Staff

  • Monique Shelton, Beach Cities Swimming, Head Coach
  • Matt Davis (Hudson Explorer Aquatics)
  • Nick Rice (Bluefish Swim Club)
  • Mary Dowling (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
  • Jennifer Beech (Temecula Swim Club)
  • Laura Pitman (Baylor Swim Club)
  • Amy Faulk (SwimMAC Carolina)

Boys’ Camp Staff

  • Mike DeBoor, Lakeside Swim Team, Head Coach
  • Avery Adams (South Carolina Swim Club)
  • Laurel Hill (Scottsdale Aquatic Club)
  • Tyler Kerns (City of Mobile Swim Association)
  • Kathryn Violette (North Baltimore Aquatic Club)
  • Tim Hochradel
  • Chris Pierson (Dynamo Swim Club)


Girls’ Roster

Athlete Club Event Time
Flynn, Lindsay Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg 50 FR 25.65
Coe, Angela Champaign Cnty YMCA 50 FR 25.75
Stone, Mckenna Fox Valley Swim Team 50 FR 25.81
Novelline, Carly NASA Wildcat Aquatics 100 FR 55.76
Spink, Camille Nation’s Capital Swim Club 100 FR 56.01
Skirboll, Zoe Racer X Aquatics 100 FR 56.58
Francis, Riley Lakeside Aquatic Club 200 FR 2:00.75
Bathurst, Ella Tampa Elite Aquatics 200 FR 2:01.24
Wilson, Kayla Tide Swimming 200 FR 2:01.34
Cox, Jillian Austin Trinity Aquatic Club 400 FR 4:13.24
Mattes, Michaela Sarasota Sharks 400 FR 4:14.35
Eaker, Summer SwimMAC Carolina 400 FR 4:18.87
Sims, Arabella Sandpipers of Nevada 800 FR 8:47.67
Morgan, Michelle Pipeline Swimming 800 FR 8:48.50
Miller, Hayden Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club 800 FR 8:48.93
Kuwata, Paige Sandpipers of Nevada 1500 FR 16:46.63
Roghair, Aurora Iowa Flyers Swim Club 1500 FR 16:55.49
Pennington, Caroline Badger Swim Club,Inc. 1500 FR 16:56.08
Noble, Kennedy YMCA Westside Silver Fins 100 BK 1:01.25
Bentz, Caroline Nation’s Capital Swim Club 100 BK 1:01.68
Waldrep, Ellie Baylor Swim Club 100 BK 1:02.01
Murdock, Justine Atlantis Swimming 200 BK 2:12.90
Rauch, Katie Aquatic Team of Mecklenburg 200 BK 2:13.67
Brison, Sophie Dynamo Swim Club 200 BK 2:13.79
Brouwer, Aubree Springfield Aquatics 100 BR 1:09.33
Rainey, Grace SwimMAC Carolina 100 BR 1:09.42
Sim, Letitia TNT Swimming 100 BR 1:09.55
Johnson, Garlynd SwimAtlanta 200 BR 2:30.69
McEnroe, Annika Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club 200 BR 2:31.53
Malloy, Morganne Irvine Novaquatics 200 BR 2:32.89
Pulley, Megan NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc 100 FL 1:00.23
Tiltmann, Reilly Elmbrook Swim Club 100 FL 1:00.30
Belbot, Margaret North Baltimore Aquatic Club 100 FL 1:00.90
Bellard, Hannah Club Wolverine 200 FL 2:12.50
Deuel, Megan PACK Swim Team of Pittsford 200 FL 2:12.57
Wright, Brynn Bluefish Swim Club 200 FL 2:13.17
Chang, Mia Bellevue Club Swim Team 200 IM 2:18.59
J-Cheng, Audrey Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics 200 IM 2:18.85
Lenihan, Emily Lakeside Swim Team 200 IM 2:18.97
Sun, Eleanor Nation’s Capital Swim Club 400 IM 4:49.81
Podkoscielny, Julia Pine Crest Swimming 400 IM 4:50.42
Black, Laci Rockwall Aquatic Center of Excellence 400 IM 4:53.06
Farris, Aislin Bluefish Swim Club IMX 5,117
Shimizu-Bowers, Hana Long Island Aquatic Club IMX 5,109
Adams, Katherine Tualatin Hills Swim Club IMX 4,976
Cardwell, Summer Tampa Bay Aquatic Club IMX 4,891
Brown, Eliza Commonwealth Swimming IMX 4,881
Bricker, Caroline Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics IMX 4,875

Boys’ Roster

Athlete Club Event Time
Boyle, Connor Fox Valley Swim Team 50 FR 23.11
Perez, Emilio Elmbrook Swim Club 50 FR 23.25
Nolan, Parker Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club 50 FR 23.46
Hoover, Samuel North Carolina Aquatic Club 100 FR 50.72
Sabovic, Adell Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics 100 FR 51.52
Branzell, Reese Lake Lytal Lightning 100 FR 51.59
Luo, Jaden Austin Swim Club 200 FR 1:52.78
Furrer, Corby Nitro Swimming 200 FR 1:52.87
Hayes, John Cardinal Aquatics 200 FR 1:53.38
Haughey, Braeden TAC Titans 400 FR 3:56.42
Jordan, Andrew City of Mobile Swim Association 400 FR 3:59.91
Wylie, Ryan Athens Bulldog Swim Club 400 FR 4:00.41
Reynolds, Parker Santa Maria Swim Club 800 FR 8:11.86
Narvid, Jacob Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club 800 FR 8:14.04
Lucas, Cooper Lakeside Aquatic Club 800 FR 8:17.05
Thompson, Peter Billings Aquatic Club 1500 FR 15:35.51
Nagy, Christopher Team Elite San Diego 1500 FR 15:45.83
Zucker, Logan SwimMAC Carolina 1500 FR 15:47.63
Grimm, Anthony Mason Makos Swim Team 100 BK 56.06
Aikins, Jack SwimAtlanta 100 BK 56.21
Stoffle, Nathaniel Summit Swimming 100 BK 56.67
Jones, Keaton Swim Neptune 200 BK 2:01.20
Rutberg, Noah Nation’s Capital Swim Club 200 BK 2:03.00
O’Leary, Griffin Barrington Swim Club 200 BK 2:03.35
Bethel, Henry Carpet Capital Aquatics Club 100 BR 1:03.48
Helmuth, Karl Unattached 100 BR 1:03.66
Yep, Jassen Peak Swimming 100 BR 1:03.87
Fusti-Molnar, Adam Austin Swim Club 200 BR 2:16.93
Macy, Parker Mission Viejo Nadadores 200 BR 2:17.55
Luarde, Cameron Summit City Aquatics 200 BR 2:17.79
Hayes, Aiden Sooner Swim Club 100 FL 53.92
Keough, Patrick University Place Aquatic Club 100 FL 55.05
Smith, Essias Mesa Aquatics Club 100 FL 55.44
Laur, Mason T2 Aquatics 200 FL 1:59.25
Bloebaum, Carl Mason Manta Rays 200 FL 1:59.94
Jones, Stephen Savannah Swim Team 200 FL 2:01.66
Bustos, Arsenio Woodbridge Aquatic Club 200 IM 2:03.99
Nelson, Baylor SwimMAC Carolina 200 IM 2:04.00
Hong, Tyler Firestone Akron Swim Team 200 IM 2:06.07
Norris, Lance TAC Titans 400 IM 4:27.23
Hogan, Ryan SOLO Aquatics 400 IM 4:27.89
Nelson, Tanner Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc 400 IM 4:27.97
House, Thomas Dayton Raiders IMX 5,236
Chung, Matthew Santa Clara Swim Club IMX 5,191
Zinn, Tonahuac SOCAL Aquatics Association IMX 5,128
Miller, Brandon Unattached IMX 5,001
Ponsler, Kyle Fishers Area Swimming Tigers IMX 4,976
Matheson, Daniel Scottsdale Aquatic Club IMX 4,943

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1 year ago

I saw Zoie Boyle Swim at the Elite Showcase and I was Speechless, She was on fire, her times where incredible! Boyle is one of the toughest swimmers out there. Can’t wait to see Boyle in the Olympics.

Lower Moreland Swimming
Reply to  Swimfast-RACE
1 year ago

Totally Agree Zoie Boyle has made so much progress over the years.

Swimming Com.
Reply to  Swimfast-RACE
11 months ago

Yes, Zoie Boyle and Aron Baxley in the 200 IM were flying.

Reply to  Swimfast-RACE
11 months ago

Congrats to Zoie Boyle, Aron Baxley, Anna David, Gracie Doyal, and Max Aylonge for participating in The 2021 Florida Elite Showcase!!!!!!!

Common Conner Swimming
Reply to  Swimfast-RACE
6 months ago

I was also a spectator and that whole heat was flying, everyone did so well.

Tonie Reynolds
2 years ago

This is going to be a “Great Experience” for these young men and ladies. Every parent and family members are so proud of these Future Olympian Swimmers. Good Luck to All of You !

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