USA Swimming Announces 2017-2018 National Team

It’s been a dominant year for American swimmers on the collegiate and national stage.

Today, USA Swimming announced which athletes were dominant enough to make the National Team.

To be selected, a swimmer must rank as one of the top six Americans in an individual Olympic event, with a time recorded at either the 2017 Phillips 66 National Championships, 2017 FINA World Championships, 2017 World University Games, or the 2017 U.S. Open.

The team consists of 59 men and 56 women, hailing from 29 states and 60 USA Swimming teams. Eighteen of the 115 total swimmers qualified for the team in three or more events, with Katie Ledecky and Leah Smith as the only swimmers to qualify in five. Mallory Comerford and Caeleb Dressel were next with four events apiece.

The team includes 12 open water swimmers, headlined by Worlds 5K gold medalist Ashley Twichell.

Being named to the National Team gets members much more than bragging rights — a portion of the top athletes will receive monthly monetary stipends that vary based on professional status, as well as travel reimbursement, Olympic Training Center access, and even health insurance in some cases.

Here’s the full team:

Women Men
Bridgette Alexander Andrew Abruzzo
Haley Anderson Nathan Adrian
Kathleen Baker Michael Andrew
Cassidy Bayer Zach Apple
Elizabeth Beisel Gunnar Bentz
Lisa Bratton Michael Brinegar
Kayla Brumbaum Brendan Casey
Katy Campbell Michael Chadwick
Mallory Comerford Pace Clark
Andrea Cottrell Jack Conger
Madisyn Cox Kevin Cordes
Ali DeLoof Mitch D’Arrigo
Katie Drabot Taylor Dale
Ella Eastin Abrahm DeVine
Emily Escobedo Caeleb Dressel
Joy Field Conor Dwyer
Hali Flickinger Anthony Ervin
Brooke Forde Nic Fink
Bethany Galat Robert Finke
Sarah Gibson Ian Finnerty
Elise Haan Andrew Gemmell
Molly Hannis Matt Grevers
Amanda Kendall Sean Grieshop
Lilly King Zane Grothe
Vanessa Krause Townley Haas
Breeja Larson Zach Harting
Katie Ledecky Ryan Held
Dakota Luther David Heron
Becca Mann Logan Houck
Simone Manuel Cullen Jones
Melanie Margalis Matt Josa
Katie Meili Chase Kalisz
Allyson McHugh Austin Katz
Katie McLaughlin Simon Lamar
Kaersten Meitz Sean Lehane
Hellen Moffitt Will Licon
Hannah Moore Jay Litherland
Lia Neal Kevin Litherland
Vanessa Pearl Justin Lynch
Meaghan Raab Cody Miller
Isabella Rongione Ryan Murphy
Cierra Runge Jacob Pebley
Cathryn Salladin Chip Peterson
Sierra Schmidt Tim Phillips
Asia Seidt Blake Pieroni
Leah Smith Josh Prenot
Regan Smith PJ Ransford
Olivia Smoliga Justin Ress
Hannah Stevens Jonathan Roberts
Kylie Stewart Tom Shields
Erica Sullivan Grant Shoults
Miranda Tucker Clark Smith
Ashley Twichell Charlie Swanson
Alexandra Walsh True Sweetser
Abbey Weitzeil Jonathan Tybur
Kelsi Worrell Arkady Vyatchanin
Jordan Wilimovsky
Andrew Wilson
Justin Wright

You can view the event-by-event breakdown along with more information here.

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3 years ago

How many have never been part of the National team before? So many new names on the list.

3 years ago

Arkady made it!

Sir Swimsalot
3 years ago

Hunnar Bentz?

Reply to  Sir Swimsalot
3 years ago

ethony ervin

Reply to  Name
3 years ago

What ?? ?

Reply to  Sir Swimsalot
3 years ago

And Enthony Ervin!

Reply to  PVSFree
3 years ago

There’s an A in enthony

Reply to  Brownie
3 years ago

and in “Dakato” and “Salldin”

Reply to  PerpetualAutumn
3 years ago

Or sardines

3 years ago

Awww man where’s the 7 footer from westlake HS Matthew Willembring??? Drops a 49.16 100 free and isn’t on here???

Reply to  Straightswimmer
3 years ago

While 49.17 is quite fast for a 17-year old, it’s still about 8 spots away from making the National Team. This is not a subjective list.

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

also it looks like junior worlds isn’t part of the equation for the national team?

crooked donald
Reply to  korn
3 years ago

Isn’t that how MA made the team? His 50 free that was #2 behind Dressel?

Speed Racer
Reply to  crooked donald
3 years ago

Remember he went to the Open and then scratched out of events to get his National Team ranking up. Time should be from the Open and not WJC.

Reply to  Speed Racer
3 years ago

I don’t care what sanctioned meet he makes it at, and I can’t fathom why you would. Time is time.

ct swim fan
Reply to  sven
3 years ago

Mainly because they announce way ahead of time which meets are qualifiers for the national team. the rules can’t be changed after the fact.

Reply to  Straightswimmer
3 years ago

He might be up there in one year time ……lets wait . 7 foot tall is huge for a sprinter ( or oriented so ) . Cant wait to see what he can do in the near future .

3 years ago

Enthony Ervin? Any relation to Anthony Ervin? LOL. It’s only his name.

Reply to  Floater
3 years ago

Hahaha! Same thing I was thinking.

Years of Plain Suck
3 years ago

Could someone kindly refresh my memory as to the amount of financial and insurance benefits a USNT member can receive if he or she is a currently full-time NCAA student-athlete. I believe there’s been some loosening up of the amount of money these swimmers can receive in recent years.

Reply to  Years of Plain Suck
3 years ago

You have to be world ranked to get it. It’s something like $1750 in the summer and $1000 a month during the school year. You have to prove you spend that much (rent, food, gas etc) to accept it so it’s more like a reimbursement

Reply to  Nah
3 years ago

top 8 world ranking gets one amount and 9-16th ranking gets less….being ranked top 8 in the world is tough….if ncaa eligible, you get less until the summer.

3 years ago

funny that the article right above this one is Bob Bowman and the ASU camps….yet Coach Bowman did not coach one of the 115 swimmers on the National Team. The Head Olympic coach isn’t even on the National Coaching list this year?!

Reply to  korn
3 years ago

i think your statement is a little misleading (unless you mean swam under bowman this past year)… kalisz and dwyer have certainly spent time under bowman

i think we have to remember that since bowman has taken over ASU, his main focus has been on college swimming, and he’s really broken out some good talent out there (re: cameron craig). with phelps and schmitt now retired, and i could be wrong, it’s probably not as built out of a pro program as it used to be

3 years ago

When will the junior national team roster be released?

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