U.S. Stands Alone With Seven Golds Headed Into Final Day In Kazan

Yesterday’s 2015 FINA World Championships’ medal table saw a three-way tie for total golds between Australia, the United States and Great Britain.  But, after the seventh day of competition, the U.S. bumped itself up to become the sole owner of the top spot in terms of number of golds.

Katie Ledecky came up big for the stars and stripes yet again, earning the 800m freestyle event in a brand new world record.  In her incredible feat, Ledecky became the first woman ever to clock a sub-8:10 time (8:07.39) in the race. Ledecky has now been a part of 5 monstrous golds for the United States in Kazan, earning the top prize in the 200-400-800-1500m individual freestyle events, as well as part of the 4x200m freestyle relay.  She became the first woman to ever win four freestyle gold medals at one single edition of the world championships.

The second American gold on the day came from the mixed 400 free relay, where the combination of Ryan Lochte, Nathan Adrian, Simone Manuel and Missy Franklin proved potent enough to hold off a charging Dutch team who was firing on all cylinders the last leg.  The U.S. touched in 3:23.05 to register a new world record.

While Great Britain’s total golds of 5 remained untouched on day 7, Australia added one to their tally in the form of Emily Seebohm, who cranked out her second backstroke win.  After having already won the 100m backstroke title, Seebohm overtook American Missy Franklin in the final 50m of the 200m distance to earn the gold in a new Australian record of 2:05.81.

Swimming Medal Table

 Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States 7 7 4 18
2  Australia 6 2 4 12
3  Great Britain 5 1 3 9
4  China 4 1 7 12
5  France 3 1 0 4
6  Hungary 2 1 4 7
7  Japan 2 1 0 3
 Sweden 2 1 0 3
9  South Africa 1 3 0 4
10  Russia* 1 1 1 3


Total Medal Table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  China 14 10 10 34
2  United States 12 11 5 28
3  Russia 9 4 3 16
4  Great Britain 7 1 6 14
5  Australia 6 2 6 14
6  France 4 1 0 5
7  Italy 2 3 8 13
8  South Africa 2 3 0 5
9  Hungary 2 2 4 8
10  Germany 2 1 4 7
 Japan 2 1 4

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Lane Four

I remember when this would have been viewed as a complete and utter disaster. But, the times have changed and everyone is on a level playing field – which is a good thing. The times are faster, the swimmers are better and the excitement is at an all time high. Putting nationalities aside, the races have been spectacular.


not trying to be a downer which my comment below could easily interpreted that way by some. Good job team USA in getting more medals of all colors!!! If the medal table is read based on number of gold (instead of overall medal count), then we should take hard that the same symptom described at the beginning of the meet has not changed. Overall, a lot more non-US swimmers are doing best time and winning medals while the US swimmers are doing “okay” or not much breakthrough (except a few like Murry’s back, Ledecky’s free, etc.). The same thing that some readers saying the amount of gold won by Phelps or Lochte or Franklin (in 2013) masked the overall level… Read more »


*take heart (not take hard)


I hope Team USA can keep the momentum leading to Rio. Who is going to be named as head coaches for the USA men’s and women’s 2016 Olympic swimming teams?? These coaches will be key factors in prepping our swimmers for Rio!

bobo gigi

That was the goal of the US coaches. Winning the medals table is the most important thing. Of course the mixed relay helps. If Australia had swum the 2 mixed relays, they would have won both of them and would have won the medals table. But it’s not the problem of USA. Every nation does as it wishes. Australian priorities are the olympic events. US top priority is the medals table even to the detriment for example of the women’s medley relay final (Missy’s fatigue). Having said that, and if everything is logical on the last day, the US team should finish the meet with 8 or 9 gold medals. EVen if we are not fool with the addition of… Read more »


So your on the inside and know all the priorities of the United States and Australian national teams. I would like to know where you get all this information.


I am pretty sure everybody’s priority is to just touch the wall first, no matter what they are swimming.

bobo gigi

Yes. But there are better ways to do it than others. Do you not believe that Missy’s schedule has been a total non sense these last few days? What was the use of wasting so much energy in the 100 free with 0% of medal chances? Do you not believe the gold was possible in the 200 back with a better schedule? We know she’s not at her best so why so many events? What was the use of putting her in the mixed relay? That event is not olympic. Take the opportunity to put young talents or swimmers who need international experience like Weizeil or Geer. You will not cry tomorrow if your women’s medley relay is not even… Read more »

Steve-O Nolan

I don’t think Vlad lost too much having to swim a 50 backstroke in the morning, no. If it was a 200 back? Sure, maybe.

And even the whole Missy-swimming-on-mixed-relay thing – it’s not like the women’s medley is in the same final. It’s the next day. It’s not going to fatigue her too much.


Bobo is right on Australia . They calculate funding on Olympic events only & this means the difference between an expensive overseas competion eg in June or townsville camp with. crocodiles.

No americans ‘ stayed at home’ . They missed selection or became criminals on suspension .


bobo i partially agree. if australia had competed in the mixed relays they might have been DQed or under performed like in the men’s 4 x1. as we know NONE of these events are slammed dunks. another point is the selection process for the us team and we have been beating that drum all week. if the us had not left home worrell, phelps, meili, conger, dressel they would have had more too. looking back into my predictions about missy before the meet i had predicted that she would not win any individual gold medals and she didn’t. i am expecing her to be back close to her london and barca level next summer. i think that some of the… Read more »


Australian media slammed Australia’s head coach in the papers today about the mixed relays


Because they didn’t enter? I’d have loved to see AUS swimming them. Especially the mixed 4x100m free was a thriller and very competitive relay. And as Bobo stated above, had AUS swum the mixed relays, they would have had good prospects of topping the medal table. Especially both Campbells are quite rested and haven’t swim too much in Kazan. Swimming yesterday in the mixed free relay wouldn’t have comprimised their chances too much in the 50m free today. When it comes to funding I believe topping the medal table surely helps AUS swimming in broader sense (public support etc.), even if it doesn’t help individual athletes. It would be very good for them in the longer run. But it seems… Read more »

About Retta Race

Retta Race

After 16 years at a Fortune 1000 financial company, long-time swimmer Retta Race decided to change lanes and pursue her sporting passion. She currently is Coach for the Northern KY Swordfish Masters, a team she started up in December 2013, while also offering private coaching. Retta is also an MBA …

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