Two Top-24 Swimmers Scratch Individuals on Day 1 of 2015 NCAA Championships

Two “seeded” swimmers have scratched out of their individual events on the first day of the 2015 Men’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships, according to the day 1 heat sheets that were just released.

There were no pre-session scratches from the top 24 of any event at the women’s meet (though 13th-seeded Maddie Tegner from Tennessee did declare a false start in the 1650).

The two big scratches were Florida’s Pawel Werner and North Carolina State’s Soren Dahl, who both have big relay roles for their respective teams on Thursday. Werner is scheduled to be on Florida’s 200 free relay, while Dahl is a part of the Wolfpack’s top 400 medley relay.

Also scratching an individual event for the Wolfpack is sophomore Andreas Schiellerup, who was seeded 33rd. With NC State entering the meet as the top seed in the 200 free relay, the Wolf Pack are putting full focus there. Schiellerup scratched the individual 50 free at NCAA’s last year as well.

The Ohio State men have four total individual scratches, which mirrors what they did last year – scratching out of a majority of their individual swims.

Also of significance, the Georgia men have scratched out of the 200 free relay. They were tied for the 17th-fastest time in the country this year.

500 free

  • Pawel Werner (21st – 4:16.54) – Florida – 200 free relay
  • Justin Glanda (33rd – 4:17.55) – Michigan
  • Rowan Williams (45th – 4:19.56) – Ohio State

200 IM

  • Soren Dahl (22nd – 1:44.06) – NC State – 400 medley relay
  • Owen Burns (32nd – 1:44.69) – Virginia Tech
  • Tristan Sanders (33rd – 1:44.71) – Michigan
  • Stephen Zimmerman (36th – 1:44.75) – Ohio State
  • Drew teDuits (41st – 1:45.26) – Wisconsin
  • Rokas Cepulis (51st – 1:45.61) – East Carolina
  • Richard Funk (56th – 1:46.49) – Michigan
  • Nils Wich-Glasen (57th – 1:46.58) – South Carolina
  • Peter Kropp (62nd – 1:47.01) – Duke
  • Kevin Leithold (63rd – 1:47.16) – South Carolina
  • Christopher Klein (64th – 1:47.25) – Michigan
  • John Manchester (65th – 1:47.46) – Harvard

50 free

  • Andreas Schielerrup (33rd – 19.55) – North Carolina State
  • Matt McHugh (37th – 19.69) – Ohio State
  • Michael DiSalle (39th – 19.72) – Ohio State
  • Lucas Kaliszak (52nd – 19.74) – Alabama
  • Sam Tierney (48th – 19.84) – Missouri
  • Taylor Dale (53rd – 20.01) – Georgia
  • Pedro Coutinho – (57th – 20.19) – Louisville


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6 years ago

No Georgia in the 200 Free Relay?

Reply to  AdaF
6 years ago

That’s really weird. They had an A cut…

Reply to  JP
6 years ago

Must’ve known they didn’t have a shot and are saving energy by not swimming unnecessary races. Pretty smart in my opinion

6 years ago

With fink in the IM and Koski in the 500 it makes sense to rest then instead of wearing them out for one point

Reply to  Fleezy
6 years ago

Good point. It is their weakest relay.

6 years ago

With fink in the IM and Koski in the 500 it makess sense

6 years ago

Kinda suprised that Georgia is thin enough to need Fink and Koski on the 200 free relay. They are so depending in some areas… but really thin in sprint free. Women have a solid group. Curious.

6 years ago

Yeah, it is kinda hard to believe but I guess it make sense given the relay is the first event.

Outside of Koski, Fink, Trice and Dale, they have the Litherlands (don’t really do less than 200), Powell (distance and 200 back), Kalisz and Bentz (could maybe sprint but also have IMs), Pace Clark (200 flyer) and I feel like I’m missing somebody else.

Reply to  JP
6 years ago

Oh, duh! I forgot about Markham and Stewart. Yeah, both not sprinters.

Grant J
6 years ago

Let’s go Wolfpack (not Wolf Pack)!

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