Trans World Sport Goes Inside of Alia Atkinson’s World as a Swimmer in the Land of Runners

  0 Braden Keith | March 04th, 2015 | Brazil, Latin America & Caribbean, International, News, Video

Tip of the hat to Luke Gauci for sharing this video with us.

In the above video, Trans World Sport, the world’s longest-running weekly international television sports programme, took a look at Jamaican swimmer Alia Atkinson, and highlighted her success at the 2014 World Short Course Championships.

In a land where sprinters on land dominate the sporting culture, Atkinson stands out as one of the world’s best sprinters in the water. The piece makes a play on that in a manner to tie the country’s (and world’s) broader sporting interests, and does so quite successfully.

It’s also a peak into the world of Atkinson’s training at the South Florida Aquatic Club. Specifically, her coach Chris Anderson shares some insights – and he’s still a face that isn’t seen often on the national meet circuit, and doesn’t get a lot of air-time, though if Atkinson’s success continues through the 2016 Olympics, that should change.

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