FINIS Set Of The Week: Arms & Abs

This pull set is a strength building and core workout. We start with a standard pulling position, then work down to improving your aquatic signature in the water by engaging and stabilizing your core.

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My Swimmer Taught Me An Important Lesson

Swimming is a life skill but I found out swimmers, and parents, can learn much more during swimming lessons than just how to swim!

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The Ever Evolving Vision of The Race Club

The original vision of The Race Club was to develop Olympic medalists. Since that time their vision has evolved. Now they are focused on teaching athletes and coaches how enhance their training programs…

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SwimmersBest Method Ensures Chest Connection For Underwater Undulation

Science shows that underwater undulations are best when swimmers imitate eels and engage each undulation from the chest area to create a propulsive wave with the body.


Eddie Reese Shares Winter Training Workouts (Video)

Eddie Reese was kind enough to share one or two of his holiday workouts with SwimSwam.


5 Ways to Relax Before Your Next Big Race

#3 – Search your history of awesome swims for what worked.


Teaching Mom To Swim

The way that most people learned to swim was the “sink or swim” method. So, like many people in that generation, my mom never learned to swim.

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14 Swim Camps You Will Love This Summer

See 14 “Summer Swim Camps” you will love to attend this summer. These swim camps are headed by some of the best coaches in swimming.

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Goggles Or No Goggles

It is not mandatory to wear goggles while swimming, but for the next few paragraphs, I am going to explain some benefits of wearing them.

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Practice + Pancakes: Mizzou Tigers Tackle 25-50-75 Lactate Set (Video)

The main set was 10 rounds of 25 fast, 25 EZ, 50 fast, 25 EZ, 75 fast, 100 EZ, with a goal of maintaining 25 speed through the 50 and 75


Swimming Body Positions: The Eternal Quest For Easy Speed

The best way to go fast and not use a lot of energy is to adjust your body position for easy speed.


570 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1257 Swim Jobs listed.

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Aimee Willmott Publishes Dissertation on Swimming Performance

Aimee Willmott used science to prove wearing shoes and warm clothes on the pool deck really does make you faster.


Swimming with Siblings: Rivalry vs. Camaraderie

From Elizabeth Wickham: “4 Tips For Parents About Sibling Rivalry” As the oldest in my family, I have seen and…


Smoliga Thinks Move to Georgia Will be Good for Missy Franklin (Video)

Olympic Medalist Olivia Smoliga is not only excited to have a new training partner in Missy Franklin, but also thinks the Athens lifestyle will have a positive impact on the World Record Holder